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    Ok, so I guess I coat my current tank with the VER and use av gas only in it, and put a 100ll only sticker on it. The new tank I am making out of the last a foam I will use the auto gas in. I really don't care about the difference in price. It is 90 miles to the nearest av gas and that is in the Las Vegas tca, not the most experimental friendly place on the planet. I always keep a drum of av gas in the hangar for the Cherokee when I am low but don't want to use it unless I have to. Burn half a day to fill the drum up so try to keep to a minimum. My engine builder asked me to keep my av gas burn to a minimum, said it increased maintenance schedule significantly.
    Just can't seem to catch a break. Oh well every shortcut I take has always been a mistake.
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  2. rlmankins added a post in a topic Gas tank   

    Should I make a liner out of the last a foam for the tank? It would not be difficult.
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    Chris, I was informed by the tech people that the VER was completely impervious to alchohol. Might be wrong, I frequently am. Because of how I have to close the tank I pretty much have to go in from the top. My tank is all fiberglass
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    Some problem with carbon fiber wicking petroleum if not sealed properly, that said it is being done. I don't feel that confident in my abilities. I loked over a carbon cub and it seemed everything was carbon fiber. Guess that is how you get $180,000 in one, nice but a few pay grades above me.
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    My friend did roll 2 coats of VER over the the inside of the last a foam after building the tank. I am going to coat the VER with the novalk epoxy after it dries. Kind of nervous about the epoxy by it self, the VER bonds to the glass well. The epoxy will have a fresh surface to bond to that way. The VER grabs the last a foam unbelievably well. We made some floor boards for my 180 and they were light tough and completely resistant to everything.
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  7. rlmankins added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Gas tank
    I have finally figured out a course of action for my gas tank. Looked inside it is very clean. I am going to cut the top of the tank out, within 3 inches of the edge. Will be covering entire tank with vinyl ester resin. I will then put top back in place after covering with same compound. Manufacturer guarantees it is completely alchohol resistant. The prep is ver important to the success of the job. Not complicated, just takes time. We are all used to that.

    I only have 1 tank. This is what i am proposing for other wing. Removed stitts for recovering and am looking at wing. There is bracing in the bays that I would install a tank in. Can that be safely removed if after installation of tank I cover top and bottom of gas tank bay with .040 aluminum, riveted and epoxied in place. Will have to remove Rib to match other side. I would think the shear strength would be far greater than the bracing. If this will work will make new tank.

    New tank will be made with last a foam and vinyl ester resin. Very straight forward to work with and completely alcohol resistant. One of my friends just made one. Very light, stiff as hell and easy to fab in complex shapes. Wall thickness is 1/4 inch so will cut down on volume some but finished product is great.

    Comments and suggestions, please
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  8. rlmankins added a post in a topic F7-a update   

    I will definitely try them. He is in Oshkosh, lucky dog. I would like to make alternate plans if I run into the supply situation I have read so much about. Hopefully not an issue.
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    F7-a update
    I am late to the game on this. Where can I get the f7a bell cranks. Can I modify my bell cranks to f7a's if so what are the measurements. I saw the install instructions but without the parts kind of difficult to understand. I think that you cut out the old mixer when you install the morse cables. Could someone take some pics of the morse cable mounts and what replaces the mixer. I looked at the pics posted but did not see this info. Is there a comprehensive install guide somewhere.

    Sorry for all the question but I get more confused every time I look at this.

    I have a mk4

    Thanks. Roy
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    Am specifically looking for footprint, inside of tire to inside of tire.

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  11. rlmankins added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Width of gear
    How wide is your bush gear and how much does it raise the front of your plane. How much does it shorten your take off roll.

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  12. rlmankins added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Cord line
    What angle is your cord line and how long is your average takeoff roll. Will be building new gear and am looking to do it right first time. Since all our planes are the same but different I thought pooling the info might give me some direction in the construction of the gear. Thanks for all your advice, it has clarified and simplified my rebuild.
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    I actually thought that I ordered the double fork. The perils of on line ordering. I think it will be ok, eventually I hope to go to the 25 inch tires and the taller gear.
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  14. rlmankins added a post in a topic New tailwheel   

    What would be a recommended distance for the tailwheel. I am going to put the 21" tall tires on. Currently have the 8:00x6 waffles on it. I think that should raise front by about 3 inches. I am a little worried about it.
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  15. rlmankins added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    New tailwheel
    New tail wheel. Looks twice as big as old one. Hopefully will make life easier.
    Edit...fixed your post

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  16. rlmankins added a post in a topic Floor board   

    Good thought, I think I will cut out some rubber floor mats and lay on top of them for wear.
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  17. rlmankins added a post in a topic Floor board   

    I am thinking about installing a single piece of aluminum from the firewall to behind the seat with the cut outs for the bungee cords. This would seem to solve the jigsaw floor board at the same time as giving some support for my feet.

    Any thoughts. Do not think I need inside floor boards. Can cover with something waterproof.
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  18. rlmankins added a post in a topic Questions about gear axle placement   

    This is mostly for fun and info. I do like new ideas, looks a bit heavy for my application.
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  19. rlmankins added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Questions about gear axle placement
    I was just looking at the just superstol landing gear. Looks very simple but the axle placement is probably 12 inches ahead of the placement on the avid. I am sure that axle placement is predicated on a lot of factors, probably raising the tail one of the most important.
    Please tell your uneducated builder the penalties for moving the axle ahead to allow for air shock placement in a landing system. Not doing this incarnation but who knows about the future.
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  20. rlmankins added a post in a topic Tire size   

    Thanks for the advice on the tailwheel. Will be sure to order dual fork 8 inch, not that much more. I will look at the aero classics also. Best place to buy aero classics? Spruce seems to be ok for tailwheel. I am assuming I will need to make new cables for the tailwheel. Are you running the dual spring rear tailwheel mount?
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  21. rlmankins added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Tire size
    Have any of you tried the 21 inch dresser tire for the 6 inch rim. Will be installing the Matco pneumatic tailwheel so I will probably need the extra height on the mains. Since the strip at our airport is blacktop I will probably be using a 20 acre graded gravel area beside the strip for landing ant take off. Pretty smooth but some flotation can't hurt.
    Suggestions appreciated.
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  22. rlmankins added a post in a topic Floor board   


    I guess it is 1/8 marine ply. Thanks for the pics, that is not what I had in my head, looks easier and better. Always learn from others,saves lots of work.
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    Floor board
    What is the best material for floorboard for cabin. Only need 34x15 (oversize). Aluminum or wood.

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    My trailer has a torsion axle so it is very smooth. The mains are loaded by 2 small ramps, mine are attached to trailer when not in use. Tires roll up ramp to a small tire sized box with a tire stop. Throw a tie down over each front axle. Winch holds tailwheel in place. Fold wings, you are done. Trailer is so long that it tows great. Have to be careful turning because of the turning radius of the trailer. I am planing on mounting a rack for gas cans and my spare tire. When I tow it with my jeep I need all airplane stuff on trailer, no room in jeep.
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  25. rlmankins added a post in a topic Naked Avid   

    Could you give him my email address and have him contact me. Part of the reason I am doing this is for our local EAA young eagles program. We are trying to have a demonstration aircraft for shows, parades and education. Thought that actually seeing how an airplane's control works might attract some interest. Wow factor is important for this kind of thing.
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