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  1. tbucket added a post in a topic Avidfoxflyers.com On Facebook   

    I enjoy reading all of the post on here I have not been posting a lot but I would like to make a comment I look on  youtube for videos on Avids and kitfox it does me good to see the videos there.It helps me get back to working on mine this site is has a lot of good people on it and good advice. Are there any way to post videos to help promote this site? maybe some fly-ins, videos of the people that has their airplanes built. As a Builder I sometimes need something to get me motivated I work by myself  and it can get over whelming so we all need some encouragement to get our projects in the air.Are there anyone building or flying around Brooksville Florida?
    thanks Bob 
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  2. tbucket added a post in a topic Status of Airdale   

    I don't know Bret but sometimes when a personal tragedy comes it will affect you for a long time I know because of experience.It took me a couple of years to recover from it. so give him some space to get his feet back on the ground  I am not asking for pity for me... just give him some space and help him to get back on track
    thanks Bob
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  3. tbucket added a post in a topic rotory valve   

    by the way ak how is your adapter coming along I still interested in the arctic cat engines.....
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  4. tbucket added a post in a topic rotory valve   

    me thinks your kinda screwed....
    not a problem..... I have always enjoyed building hot rods.... some of my builds was 23 tbucket with a small block chevy,tunnel ram with 2 4's then I changed the small block out to a 91 tpi motor I used the ecm and reprogrammed the chip had a lot of fun with the tbucket built camaros and a vega with a 350 small block and a 4 speed built some custom bikes, so don't care to jump in and ck the water out ,,,,

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  5. tbucket added a post in a topic rotory valve   

    can you post some pictures of the engine
    yes I can I have some pictures from the web but my engine is the same the engine will los some weight by changing the exh and intake all comments are appreciated good or bad
    thanks Bob 

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  6. tbucket added a post in a topic rotory valve   

    If I remember, that motor doesn't have a water pump, but uses water pressure from
    the jet unit???
    that is true it does not have a water pump it looks like the rotary valve shalt on the 587 does not have the extra length to mount the impeller on I am thinking that a 582,583. shaft will fit...... 
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  7. tbucket added a post in a topic rotory valve   

    I was looking at maybe using it on the avid I know that the engine crank is threaded I am thinking that all of the parts from a 582,583, will interchange I got the complete motor for $150.00 it is a prov 8 case with a starter and flywheel on it which makes it attractive for me using a c box the engine is built with low compression [app 6 to 1] to run on regular gas I will change the head and pistons/cylinders  to bring the compression up n stock form with 1 carb the engine is 56 hp at 5,750 rpm and with the dual carb setup 61 hp the carb that is on the engine [stock] is a BN-38-24 [series 38-24mm] so I don't think I am to far off the mark for the 65 hp that the 582 is at.any info and comments is greatly appreciated
    thanks Bob
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  8. tbucket added a topic in Two Strokes   

    rotory valve
    Can someone point  me in the right direction? I have a 1989 rotax 587 engine that I want to do some changes on I am wanting to change the rotary valve cover out and use a the dual carb setup like the 582 I am pretty sure that this will work but I need someone to verify this or tell me no it won't work 
    Thanks Bob
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  9. tbucket added a post in a topic machining a prov 8 case   

    <Ask the question on www.rotaryforum.com they specialize in alternative motors>
    I looked at the snowmobile motors and did a lot of research on the Arctic cat engines I liked what i seen on them the engines are produced by Suzuki the engine that I was looking at was the zr600  with the efi setup I know that they had problems with the stator on the engine that I was looking at 98 and 99 model the problem that with that motor was there was no battery in the sled every thing was ran off the stator  so I did more research and got the wiring diagram for the 99 sled and saw how they got the power from the stator I am sure that I could probley change the wiring around and power the efi and everything from a battery  and just use the  lighting part of the stator to charge the battery I am a member of the arctic forum and have ask about the ecms I  know that the efi setup that is on the 2 strokes are a speed density setup meaning they work off a preset fuel table  I like this setup the problem that I seen was the high cost of the ecms I can not believe what the dealer wants for the ecms it is almost a throw away sled if it is very old because of the price of the ecm I have not given up on the arctic cat setup I could probley convert this engine to efi by using the setup from the arctic cat it would not be that hard to do my background has been in aviation until I was 45 years old then changed professions and worked in electronic repair for 10 years and then self employed 8 years .boy I am getting old quick.....lol by the way thinks for the reply I will go over to the rotory forum and ask there
    thanks Bob
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  10. tbucket added a post in a topic Yahoo Group   

     I have heard about these horror story's before it is not only where you live but it is all over I don't have my private but threw the years I have flown with other pilots and took lessons from an instructor  I have not flown at the controls for a few years I have a nesmith cougar [tailwind] that is ready to fly and  I can't find anyone that can fly it..It has  40 hours on it and from the logbooks it flew very well I am rebuilding an avid so I can fly I am sure that I can find someone in the chapter that can get me through the pilot part with this airplane I have heard that some of the instructors around here will take their time before they will sign you off but sometimes I think that they are a little too picky. years ago when I was taking lessons I was with this one instructor,he was a good instructor and flew acrobatics and was quiet good at it but one day after a few hours of training we were turning on a point I though that I was doing good but he got after me pretty good because the tree I was lined up on was not the tree he wanted me to line up and then when we would come in for a landing he would always want me to land on the numbers and I had enough and said to him I am not interested in landing on the numbers all I want to do is know that I can land this airplane I can always crash on the numbers.....at that time in my life I wanted to be sure I could get the plane on the ground without crashing. The landing on the numbers would come later when I had the confidence I could land.......
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  11. tbucket added a post in a topic machining a prov 8 case   

    [i used a spare mod 90 case]
    I don't think I am going to have much trouble or too much cost involved with this engine I did not find anybody that is using the engine that I picked I have done a lot searching about this engine and comparing parts for different rotax engines the engine that I bought was a 1989 sea doo [rotax] 587 engine it is a provision 8 case it has the starter on the engine with a flywheel it is the yellow motor that is in the sea doo jetskis I have cked the horse power of the engine is  56 horsepower@ 5,750 rpm in stock form [1 carb and 5.9 compression] the mads that I have researched is a different rotary valve shaft from a 582,583,617 rotax because the the 587 has no impeller for the water pump a different head to bring the compresion up and for the water outlet ad different rotor valve cover for the 2 carbs and maybe the crank from a 582 or a 583 I know this sounds like a lot of work but I think it will be worth it I will have a new engine with a electric starter that is mounted to the block and the coils and everything is mounted inside the cover I bought this engine from an individual that his son wrecked the sea doo  for $150.00 it is a complete motor nothing missing..... so I think I can spend a little money and come out ahead..... what do you think?
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  12. tbucket added a post in a topic machining a prov 8 case   

    Thanks akflyerbob for the reply did you have to do anything to the case like milling the front surface so the gearbox fits flat? I have never owned a c box before so i don't know what it looks like on the mounting end. you mention that you have done this  on a   original type 90 case did you have any drawings for this that I could look at? by the way I just saw where you are located is it cold and snow  there today?
    thanks Bob
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  13. tbucket added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    machining a prov 8 case
    I know that someone has done this so I won't ask if someone has done this so I will ask this question
    about what is involved in this. The case is a prov 8 case the holes is already drilled but not taped are there any more to do to the case other than drill the holes for the correct size and tap them to fit a rotax c box to it? do you have to do anything to the crank [a standard 582 crank]
    thanks Bob
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  14. tbucket added a post in a topic AK 670 Powered Kitfox on Barnstormers   

    lol..... great since of humor.... can't love with out it.....
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  15. tbucket added a post in a topic AK 670 Powered Kitfox on Barnstormers   

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