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  1. Wild Bill added a post in a topic rotax radiator flush   

    Hey Mike,
        I found a web site that might help answer your question on cooling your engine.
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  2. Wild Bill added a post in a topic Cant open Avid Manual series...Can Someone give strut attach measurements?   

    My manual shows 80" as well on the HH Wing and 80" on the Aerobatic Wing too. This is on an Avid.
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  3. Wild Bill added a post in a topic LED Mini-spotlights   

    I'm tinkering with using some 12 volt strobes that I've removed from some police cars. I believe they are whelen strobes. The cars had bulbs in the head lights and the tail lights. I just need to figure out how to put a lens cover over the bulbs. I've removed at least 8 complete units, maybe more than that. I even have a new set of aircraft directional strobes from whelen that i could use. It seems after looking at them they are interchangeable with the car units as well. Since my Avid was needing the wings covered, I ran the wires in the left wing and have not deceided if I'm going to use the directionals or the just put the cars strobe bulbs in it. I just need to find some sort of lens cap for them. They are super bright and you can vary the flash program on them from the number of flashes to flashing together or separately. The plus to all this is, I could add up to a total of 4 flashers to my plane.

    Wild Bill
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  4. Wild Bill added a post in a topic Wing Trailing Edge Replacement   

    I must be using the wrong covering cause I think I used $1 Bills.  
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  5. Wild Bill added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Wing Trailing Edge Replacement
        I wanted to Thank You for your help on an old thread that you did to your bird.
    Back Story !! 
       I purchased an Avid C Model MK IV, Serial # 1001. Thats what the paper work says anyway ! ?  The Avid looks to be
    a B Model with MK IV upgrades. Anyway it was built with the cable in the trailing edge and after some looking over
    your mods on your wing, I decided to convert my Bat Wing to a Straight trailing edge. Instead of using the standard
    trailing edge from Spruce, I bought some 6061 T6 seamless .375 od .035 wall and used it to make the trailing edge.
    I used the existing holes that the cable ran thru on the flaperon ribs and put in some all thread and ground some nuts 
    down so I could slip the tubing over it. I channeled the short rib to accept the tubbing there as well. I hysoled the nuts
    and all thread, inside the tubing and where the tube contacted the short rib and worked my way to the wing tip. After it was all on the wing, I went back and Hysoled all the joints again and made everything smooth. I have since covered that wing,
    and everything looks great. I'm going to start on the 2nd wing shortly and hope to have everything done including the paint
    in a couple of months. My flying buddy and I are working on covering his Kitfox 5 wings at the same time as covering mine.
    Here are a few pics of the mod to the wing and the last picture was from the For Sale Ad. It was taken in 08.  
    Thanks Leni for your help !!!

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  6. Wild Bill added a post in a topic AILERON TRAVEL   

    My Book says to limit the flap deflection to 15 degrees. If the flapperons are deflected more than 15 degrees, they begin to lose their effect as ailerons.
    If the flaperons are allowed to deflect over 20 degrees, control reversal can result where left input could cause the plane to roll right. 
       By the way I have the Avid Mark IV Book with a Revision Date of 11/01/91 
      Wild Bill
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  7. Wild Bill added a post in a topic Add to this and keep it going with 7-15 words   

    quit laughing, cause this concrete is  
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  8. Wild Bill added a post in a topic Because I can...   

    Its almost like a music video that me and my son were in.
    My son was the Bullfighter and I opened the Gate to let the Bull out.
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  9. Wild Bill added a post in a topic Shipping an Avid on a Flatbed Trailer   

    I just trailered mine from Georgia to Oklahoma, 1150 miles.  It was loaded on an 18' car trailer ( Flat Bed ). Plane was facing forward with prop loosely tied to trailer to keep from rotating. I didnt want the wind and debris going thru the back hatch area. I used heavy straps for the mains and a a cheap strap between the mains to keep the old bungees from breaking while in transit and both wheels were chocked with 2 x 4's.  Wings had the wing braces on them front and back and I also snugly strapped a ratchet from wing tie downs to the trailer to keep it from rocking side to side. I elevated the tail with a saw horse and used foam between the fuselage and wood.  I wrapped foam around the flapperons on each side of vertical Stab and taped the end of foam at each end to hold in place. I placed straps around tail wheel and strapped to trailer and straps across saw horse to the trailer. Oh make sure you seal the wing rib area if you haul it forward otherwise the wind will fill the wing full of air and you will be recovering both wings. 
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  10. Wild Bill added a post in a topic Wanted B Model Parts   

         We really do appreciate all the help from this forum.  My friend and I have been working his Kitfox 5 and I guess since it has pulleys he thought the Avid might too.
    We don't have a build Manual for the Avid it so I'll download it off the site and hopefully it will show us what we might be missing. We have to cover parts on the KF and
    were going to cover some of the Avid parts while were at it. Hence needing the Elevator !!
          I've made a deal with C. Stauffer on his C Model Avid and when we get it home, that will give us a complete one to compare too as well.
         The B Model he bought has Speed Wings and we are definitley gonna have some questions on those suckers, so stay tuned in.
        Wild Bill
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  11. Wild Bill added a post in a topic Wanted B Model Parts   

    Thanks, Robert !!  
    He's for sure going to need the Elevator. It was all rusted out cause it had been stored on the ground. Need Rudder cables, and all the cable
    pulleys for it too. Not sure on the rest. He has a 503 he intends to hang on it but that could change. I'll get a list together as soon as I can.
    But with your list of items and the ones from Mr. Chuk he should be able to to get a good start on this project.
    Wild Bill
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  12. Wild Bill added a post in a topic Wanted B Model Parts   

    I'm in Guthrie, Oklahoma ( Its just 25 miles north of Oklahoma City ) off of I-35
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  13. Wild Bill added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Wanted B Model Parts
    My name is Bill and I'm looking for an elevator for a Avid B model. My friend purchased the plane from a Barnstormers ad and he has asked
    me to start looking for some parts. He will probably need some more stuff, so if you have some B parts laying around let me know and I'll give him your number. Thanks for any and all help.
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