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  1. Mendlerr added a post in a topic Kitfox Model IV - 1200   

    Thanks to avidfoxflyers! I did not post this ad anywhere else
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  2. Mendlerr added a post in a topic Kitfox Model IV - 1200   

    Haha it's all good.

    N94JE is SOLD!

    It now resides in the state of Colorado, arrived today on trailer
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  3. Mendlerr added a post in a topic Kitfox Model IV - 1200   

    Sale Pending
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  4. Mendlerr added a post in a topic Kitfox Model IV - 1200   

    I have not but I have not had any time to clean up the airplane and picture it up.  I may have found a place about an hour from here with hangar space next to an Avid.  I think in all honestly I'll probably still sell it though.
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  5. Mendlerr added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Kitfox Model IV - 1200
    Hey all, I hate to say it but I think it has to go, my 1994 Model-IV I purchased last February.
    I recently had to make a drastic lifestyle change, pack up and move to Charlotte, NC for my job; and I only had 2 weeks notice.  After checking with all the local airports I have come to realize I cannot afford this airplane at the moment, hangar rent in CLT and Rock Hill is triple what it is in TN.  It is in a corporate hangar 4 hours away from CLT in Mountain City, TN.
    Johnson County Airport, Mountain City, TN    6A4
    I purchased the airplane for $23,000 in February, since then I have installed a new 72"  IVO UL IFA prop with less then 3 hours on it.  I also installed a new AirTek Clutch and inspected the gearbox with the help of our local IA.  The panel was removed and I built a new one with an iPad mount and better instrument package.  Pedal modifications, fuel system modifications, ect..were all done under the supervision of my local IA.  The IA also completed a very thorough conditional inspection in August or September, I don't remember which.
    So here is a description of the airplane, I'll look around for pictures a little later when I have time.
    1994 Model IV - 1200 (All logs present and current)
    Rotax 582 Grey Head with ~130 hours since factory overhaul
    3:1 Gearbox with Airtec Clutch Kit (prop does not turn on startup, idle around 1,600 RPM's)
    New Ultralight In-Flight Adjustable Carbon prop w/ Spinner
    New Instrument Panel with iPad hardmount
    Grove Landing Gear w/ Dual Grove Brakes and Good Tires
    Updated 3-Leaf Tailspring currently running just 2 springs
    Fabric and Paint is OK, not new by any means but it is original and shows well.
    She flies well, but I have only put about 7 hours on her since I bought her, I have not had any time to fly with the crazy weather we had in NC last year, along with a turbulent moment in my career.  I'm sure the bing carbs need new mains for this time of year, also, the rotary shaft leaks a little oil, but it goes into the lower crankcase, its not a head problem.  I try to think of it as extra lubrication.  I started the engine the other day but did not run it up all the way, just taxied around for a minute.
    Please feel free to email me at with any questions, I can also except TXT but NOT phone calls during the day at 828-260-3985.
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  6. Mendlerr added a post in a topic Moving to the east coast   

    Here's one, a little bit of a hop for you though in Western NC.  There are several Kitfox's & Avid's in my immediate area but they choose not to be online.
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  7. Mendlerr added a post in a topic V8 Miata   

    A few pics of the new V8 LS1 Drivetrain and Suspension Assemblies.  Unfortunately I forgot pictures of the tubular control arms, sway bars and end links.  Oh well.  I'm hoping the Miata sheet metal can handle to torque.  V8 Roadsters recently had a chassis failure which concerns me a little

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  8. Mendlerr added a post in a topic V8 Miata   

    It's strictly a road race car, mostly plan on running at VIR, CMP and Road Atlanta.  I thought I had the weight distribution figured out but I got it wrong, it's hard to determine on paper.
    The Miata is going to have to suffice, no budget for the "Exocet" chassis unfortunately.  I'm also going to be limited on tire size for the time being.  How about 225/50/15's being twisted by 400-450whp....  Should be interesting.
    A little progress is done on the Miata Roller.  Still a LONG ways to go though.

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  9. Mendlerr added a post in a topic V8 Miata   

    anyone here have any chevy LS1 knowledge?
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  10. Mendlerr added a post in a topic KFIII for sale   

    asw27p8 let me fly this fine bird a few days ago.  It's a good, simple, Kitfox with 80hp.  It flies very smooth and quiet and has a great climb rate.  It's built the way a Kitfox is suppose to be built!!  Bump for a great airplane at a great price
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  11. Mendlerr added a post in a topic Hey what happened to my RPMs !   

    I'm at 5 hours of 582 flying also and am having the same issue. I'm really curious what your climb rate is out of lenoir.
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  12. Mendlerr added a post in a topic New Sport Pilot Regs In the Making   

    It's kind of unrelated but we've been working on a 1956 Beechcraft that has all sorts of issues.  It's going to require 50% of the aircraft cost (just purchased by new owner) to get it flying again.  we actually called the Nashville fisdo to ask if we could declassify it to an experimental (it's been done here before) and they said no.  The largest cost is the prop spinner, $2,450 was the cheapest we found and we were told that only 4 new ones exist.  We have 4 spinners for Van's RV's that are absolutely identical that we wanted to use for sub $200..  Apparently they had 3 Cessna's recently declassified to experimental and all 3 crashed due to mechanical failure causing multiple fatalities.  So from I understand they are getting a little more strict regarding certified aircraft and recertification due to these recent accidents
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  13. Mendlerr added a post in a topic N94JE   

    I feel an aluminum tank will be quicker and safer.  This is what I have decided on after playing around with different w&b's for a few hours.
    I measured out all the arms today and they are pretty accurate.  My tailwheel is at exactly 160" from the datum.  Seems an update In the tailwheel springs a few years ago actually lengthened the airplane a little
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  14. Mendlerr added a post in a topic N94JE   

    So after doing a little math I have determined I can remove my 2 header tanks and replace them with a 10 Gallon aluminum tank and still be within CG limits.  Does anybody disagree with this idea?  It would give me an extra hour of fuel, still be able to carry plenty of baggage and 350+ pounds of plt/pax.  I'm a little uncomfortable flying on the header tank only but it sounds like its a common practice.
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  15. Mendlerr added a post in a topic N94JE   

    haha I just cant help but beat myself up asking for everyones help when it was a measuring problem, haha.  The tail weight is 49lbs in ACTUAL level flight attitude.
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