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  1. Avid67 added a post in a topic BIG NEWS: Avid is BACK IN BUSINESS!   

    This is really good news, I wish Mark the best! When will he start accepting orders for some parts I'd like to get? Bill Hansen
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  2. Avid67 added a post in a topic First trip out after deployment   

    So glad you're home Joey in time for Thanksgiving and I too really enjoy all your videos. I look forward to seeing you soon when you venture back up north.
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  3. Avid67 added a post in a topic Full lotus floats / skis   

    I have set of Arctic Sparrow straight skis that came with my Avid. I'll try to get pics if you are interested.
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  4. Avid67 added a post in a topic Saved Avid #392 from a barn today   

    Hey Joey,
    I'm looking for brakes, wheels and tires. If they are hydraulic brakes.
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  5. Avid67 added a post in a topic $27,000 MK4   

    Hi Joey,
    That Moses Lake plane has quite a history. You are right, it sold about 3 or 4 years ago with a 582. The seat might not be the colors you like but it as comfortable as a recliner. Since it was sold I have no knowledge of what the new owner has done except to change the engine. That's all I care to say in the open forum, if you want more, PM me.
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  6. Avid67 added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Cleaning hangar
    Stuff you need.. New cowl for Kitfox 7 or SS $500 obo, plus freight. (Or trade for a Avid Mark 4 cowl) It has a 1" crack in front of windshield area. Whelen strobes are brand new. Strobes number A600PG14 red & green. Power supply is number A413AHDS14. All the wiring and hardware is included. $800 obo, plus freight. Message me here or call me, 509-993-5211.
    Thanks, Bill

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  7. Avid67 added a post in a topic Rotax Rick 618   

    I like my 618. How much are you asking?
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  8. Avid67 added a post in a topic Making new Conform Foam seats   

    Thanks for this great article Doug. The seat pan looks very similar to the one I just completed and now I hope my cushions will be half as comfortable as yours look to be. I'll follow your instructions..
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  9. Avid67 added a post in a topic Low priced Avid on floats for sale   

    I want to first say thanks to all of you that replied, I always get great answers and guidance from this forum, After some close inspection of the history and the logs as well as the plane itself, we reached a price that I feel was very fair and made my 400 mile drive worthwhile. Thanks again all!  
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  10. Avid67 added a post in a topic Low priced Avid on floats for sale   

    I am in town looking at this plane. The logs are a mess. Tomorrow I talk with the seller. Question for all of you, have you ever heard of coating the bush tires with some kind of bedliner? Rhino spray in from auto parts house. Owner claims this protects the rubber bush tires... Also, does there need to be a weight and balance for both tires and floats?
    Thanks guys,
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  11. Avid67 added a post in a topic Need Kitfox 2 wing tank   

    I too have a new leak in my STOL 9 gallon tank. I just found 6 plastic tanks that are for sale that were ordered for the Magnum. Does anybody know if the tanks for a Magnum will fit in STOL wings? 
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  12. Avid67 added a post in a topic 84KF empty weight w\photos   

    I'm sure that he does know how to W&B too, It was all in fun. I did forget to mention his calculation with "USABLE" fuel as opposed to unusable fuel. But I don't carry any unusable fuel. Mine flies until the fuel is all gone, then I have to switch tanks.
    (I attached the link in case anyone wanted more W&B info)
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  13. Avid67 added a post in a topic 84KF empty weight w\photos   

    I sure hope that these are not the numbers you are using for your weight and balance. If they are, you sure need to work on getting the plane to fly level. LOL The tail needs to be raised to the level-flight attitude. This might help, http://members.eaa.org/home/homebuilders/building/weight/4Weight%20&%20Balance_%20%20Weighing%20and%20Measuring%20Your%20Safety.html
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  14. Avid67 added a post in a topic To the lurkers   

    I'm leaving your answer because that was exactly what I was looking for. I hope others find your answer very helpful so we can help Leni fill the server with pics and vids. I too use XP so I'll get the program you suggested.
    Thanks all
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  15. Avid67 added a post in a topic To the lurkers   

    Hey Leni,
    Remind some of us how to publish the thumbnail and then have it come out to the right size. (Viewable)
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  16. Avid67 added a post in a topic The Cali trip   

    Yea! in Tee shirts yet! That's just wrong.
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  17. Avid67 added a post in a topic Skyraider Lifts Off   

    Congrats Randy..
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  18. Avid67 added a post in a topic Airventure!   

    If the pics were on digital, they are probably still there. I thought I "accidentally" erased all the Christmas pics of grandson's 1st Christmas. Then I heard about a recovery program, can't remember the name right now, but WOW even all the pics that I had ever deleted were still there. Don't give up yet. I'll post the recovery program name later tonight.

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  19. Avid67 added a post in a topic VW engine in an Avid/Fox   

    Check this out,
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  20. Avid67 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Heater help
    I'm trying to install a heater in the Avid. The question is can I use the 1/8 inch port on the Rotax water pump housing and then connect it to the elbow on the other side? I think the water pump side is the pressure side and the return elbow on the other side is low pressure. I'm sure someone has done this, just so I get it right. Sure appreciate the help, again.
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  21. Avid67 added a post in a topic My new 1450 Full lotus floats   

    WOW Leni,
    Was that landing on tires or floats? It looks like clear water to the left of you. I can't wait to put the floats on mine, if I ever get endorsed to solo in taildragger, that is.
    I really like this site and maybe if there was a Paypal account it would be real easy to donate to a worthy cause. Just a thought.
    Keep up there great work!
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  22. Avid67 added a post in a topic It's a girl!!   

    Congratulations Joey,
    It's already been said, but treasure every minute. They grow up too fast, and make you a grandpa like my daughter did in July. I should sat they make their moms' grandmas. I'm too young to be a grandpa yet. I'm still playing with my planes, if you know what I mean.
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  23. Avid67 added a post in a topic Bungee emergency   

    Hey, that helps alot! I did mine like that too except I must have done 1 more wrap. Now I'm curious how your sling seat works with so much space between the sling and the support. I always had the seat right up to the support, I think I'll try your method, then my head won't hit the roof. 
    Thanks All
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  24. Avid67 added a post in a topic Bungee emergency   

    Almost there, does the bungee go around the front seat support or just the floorboard support? I've seen pictures both ways and my instructions don't address it. Maybe the bungees have more stretch wrapped around the upper support. My plane was on floats when I got it so I'm not sure which is better. I sure wish there were some Avids close to Spokane so I could snoop.
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  25. Avid67 added a post in a topic Bungee emergency   

    Avid 67 is ready to fly again.
    Thanks to Leni.
    I'll let you know how it all works when the rain stops.
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