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  1. cowlove added a post in a topic IVOProp IFA with 4 each 66" LH and 71" RH blades, mertacs, brushes, switch $500   

    Sold guys, thanks.   A local EAA guy snapped it up. 
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  2. cowlove added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Run-out 582 Grey Head w/ 2.62 C Gearbox. Complete: starter, carbs, exhaust
    Runs, airworthy, good compression, but should be rebuilt based on hours/age and oil grime showing up around crank ends
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  3. cowlove added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    IVOProp IFA with 4 each 66" LH and 71" RH blades, mertacs, brushes, switch $500
    Bought it used a while ago, used it a bit on my Catalina, gonna stick with the Warp drive on the new 670.
    Price OBO especially for avidfoxflyer folks
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  4. cowlove added a post in a topic Leaning the carbs for altitude - on the cheap   

    The system isn't on the plane anymore, but here's the rough layout.  
    The "calibrated orifice" was pretty large, maybe almost 1/8".  It easily passed liquid gasoline that got into the vent tubes. 

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  5. cowlove added a post in a topic Leaning the carbs for altitude - on the cheap   

    I'd be cautious of directly admitting air as a means to lean out the engine.   It might be possible to dial it in for one moment, but changes in engine RPM or throttle position could change the vacuum at the air-injection point and dramatically change the mixture.   
    There's been a lot of success with carb bowl vacuum systems.   I'd stick with that. 
    If you want simple, I wired up a very cheap 12VDC vacuum pump to a 100 Ohm rheostat, and plumbed it to a T in the normal vent tubing.    The vent tubing continued on to its normal atmospheric opening, which I adjusted in size until the pump running full-out pulled enough vacuum on the vent line to increase EGT by about 80 degF.   It increased my ceiling from about 9,000' to 13,999' and made the engine much happier.      
    I didn't like pulling gas vapor through a crappy electric pump, but the pump head seemed pretty well isolated from the sparky parts.   Also, if the vacuum pump was on, and the downstream vent tube got completely or partially plugged, it would excessively lean out the engine and could be catastrophic.    It seems unlikely, but it's worth thinking about all the failure cases. 
    Here's a pic of me holding 1000degF EGTs at (just under) 14,000'.   

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  6. cowlove added a post in a topic Elevator trim tab safety   

    As Laurent said, I had the same happen on my Catalina.  Mine is still just riveted, no spring or mass balancing, but it gets a very thorough looking-at on preflights now
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  7. cowlove added a post in a topic Catalina 90MPH or bust   

    Thanks, Laurent.  I'd seen that writeup a while ago, it's good I can now bookmark it.  
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  8. cowlove added a post in a topic Ivo props   

    On my Catalina w/ 582, i've run a Warp Drive 70" w/ 3.00:1 vs a IVO 2 blade ultralight 72" at 2.62:1 and the IVO 3 blade 72" at 3.00:1 (against their recommendations, I only used this last configuration for a few quick test flights).    The two IVO setups were in-flight adjustable, and even given that advantage, I never matched the static thrust, takeoff and climb performance of the fixed pitch Warp Drive.    
    The 2 blade IVO may have had a very slight cruise advantage, but it was difficult to tell.   It was definitely smoother and sounded better. 
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  9. cowlove added a post in a topic Thoughts on mounting full lotus sponsons inboard on a Catalina?   

    That version of the event makes a lot more sense than what I'd read somewhere: that it was the wing-mounted sponsons that got scraped up in crosswind landings.  Sorry that you knew him, Jack, I hope my mention of it doesn't seem irreverent in this context. 
    Yes, I'm also pretty paranoid about water in the bilge too.  Here's some of my handful of tricks for worrying about it:
    1) These battery-powered water-detector alarms are light and reliable, and I never had false alarms. 
    I kept one in the tail, zip tied to the frame just inside the landing gear spring bolt inspection cover, and I also kept one just behind the step of the hull, where it would detect any water sloshing aft into the tail.    Later, after I dealt with a pretty bad gash in the aft fabric from taxiing into ice, I realized how steep the angle is from the tail to the bilge is.  Even in plow taxi, water drains very effectively from the tail area into the bilge, and I'm confident any leak in the aft area will be apparent as water in the bilge.  
    2) I have a little self-adhesive mounted mirror (non-fisheye worked best) that lets me glance backwards and down into the bilge without moving my head.   I give the bilge a glance once I'm on step. 
    3) In my plane, there's a small void space between the sponson and the hull.  I drilled holes from the interior of the hull into that void space, and through that into the foam-filled sponson itself, so any appreciable water in the sponsons will drain into the bilge, and the leak will be evident. 
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  10. cowlove added a post in a topic Catalina 90MPH or bust   

    PS- plywood is for prototyping and static/taxi tests.  (And for the CONSIDERABLE trial and error in getting all this stuff to clear the wing-folding geometry.  I've thought I was done like 5 times and then hit yet another interference point)
    The plenum will be all fiberglass once it's done.
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  11. cowlove added a topic in Avid Catalina   

    Catalina 90MPH or bust
    N157AB is home for a bit while I finish up the 670 install.  The point of this kind of plane is absolutely not about covering ground, but her cruise performance was always a little bad even by Catalina standards: about 65MPH with the 582 running 5700RPM and 5.8-5.9GPH.     So I'm going to take some extra time to do all the little things that I thought might make her a tiny, tiny bit faster.   I'll document all the mods here, and let everyone know the results.   Fun?  Fun!
    Here's what's cooking so far:
    Right prop, wrong engine: the 70" 3-blade warp drive was too much for the worn out 582, and was pitched pretty flat for water takeoff performance.   It's the perfect prop for the new 670, though.  Hopefully halfway to 90MPH already!Internal radiator: the flat radiator right before the prop seems like it would be a double penalty- direct drag, plus decreased prop efficiency.   I've sketched in a Kawasaki EX500 rad down by the turtle deck, with a scoop behind the rear window, and an outlet with a huge adjustable cowl flap on the other side of of the plane.  Hopefully, the cowl flap can be opened enough to suck adequate air through while flying, and the electric fan that came with the radiator will handle ground operation.  (See pic)Better canopy- my canopy was reworked and is even worse than the stock one- very abrupt vertical face and rough transitions.   I'm scheming a vac formed canopy with better curves.   Again, hopefully this provides double benefit- cleaner air to the prop, plus a slight direct drag improvement. Fair the stabilizer struts, gap tape for the elevator, as all this is right in the prop blast and practically incurring double penalty. Experiment with gear doors-  Again, double benefit?  Get on step easier, maybe not need a 3-blade prop for so much static thrust?Exhaust cowl?  Went to all that work to remove the radiator, the exhaust is still right there in the prop's air. Anyway, that's all that's planned.   What's the over/under that I'll make 90MPH on the 65HP available at 5500RPM? 

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  12. cowlove added a post in a topic Thoughts on mounting full lotus sponsons inboard on a Catalina?   

    Thanks for the full lotus instructions, and thanks Jack for your aerodynamic research.  I don't have the same specific reference plane that the instructions talk about, so I think I'll start off with the same AOA as the stock sponsons.  If the hydrodynamics work out, maybe later I'll orient them for aerodynamics instead. 
    Here's a picture of the AOA and fore/aft placement.    

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  13. cowlove added a post in a topic Thoughts on mounting full lotus sponsons inboard on a Catalina?   

    I threw on a wing to visualize the geometry of the test sponson location.  It's actually a fair bit lower than I thought, and the angles are quite different.  I drew lines on the picture below to help visualize any problems.   
    DISPLACEMENT MODE: The sponsons will actually be closer to the water.   I think it will be OK, as long as both sponsons aren't forced into the water at super-max gross.  Based on where I remember the water line being then the plane was overloaded with sacks of concrete, there is a chance this might happen and it would require changing something.  I'll check this on slow speed taxi test day.   There also needs to be enough stability to board over the side, which is about the most extreme test of static stability that I've seen the plane subjected to in practice.   The full lotus sponsons are smaller, and the close-in location will cut the lever arm in half, but I am predicting it will be fine.  
    ON STEP: The sponsons are a little further from the water than stock, but not as much as I'd feared.   It appears that the sponson will still amply prevent the wing tip from hitting the water, assuming flat seas.  I'll gradually work up to testing this gently in later step taxi tests.  Maybe     
    LAND: For wheels, it's a win win win.  It looks like I could almost drag a wingtip if I wanted.  A guy killed himself in a Catalina by scraping holes in his full lotus floats on land, then using them in water, so it's good to see these little fellers a little further away from the concrete.   

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  14. cowlove added a post in a topic Can I get some Catalina and amphibian pics pls?   

    Shared google album of '7ab:
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  15. cowlove added a post in a topic Thoughts on mounting full lotus sponsons inboard on a Catalina?   

    I had not seen the FL instructions, thanks for that.    I'm not sure different the floating angle will be.  The new location is only about 1" higher than stock, but of course it is much more inboard and will result in a greater angle to the center of buoyancy and larger list in the water.  How much larger will depend on how low she sits in the water, I guess.   I can adjust the height a little bit as needed. 
    Agreed, catching a wingtip would be all around bad. 
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