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  1. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic Matco break seal reference   

    No.The pressure is the same everywhere in the system - if you have two calipers, you have to physically move the master cylinder twice as far to get the same brake puck travel, but for any pressure on the pedal you get the same pressure in the two calipers that you would have gotten with one.
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  2. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic merlin   

    I do believe that they are now out of business. But not many parts would be that hard to fabricate on your own. I got an email from a guy who was planning to start selling kits again - but nothing since.
    I have one - more room as Mr. Guitar said. With a Rotax 912, mine is supposed to weigh 710 empty (don't know what kind of scales the previous owner used). Gross is listed by the kit manuf. at 1300 land (1400 floats iirc).
    Takeoff / landing is real short - but is sensitive to weight. I would argue that the speeds advertised came from the marketing department, not flight test. Has a metric buttload of adverse yaw - but just use your feet. Easy to fly, but it likes to bounce on landing - could be me.
    Some videos of odds and ends:
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  3. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic need advice
    section K
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  4. Geoffrey Thorpe added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    EuroFox D-MFPC at the Home Drome (KONZ)
    Seems like it's a long way from home...

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  5. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic Wing tanks Avid flyer   

    Just made an Aluminum tank for my Merlin GT - I used a bead roller to to make 4 ribs on the top/bottom skins and put in a baffle - way - way - way stiffer than the originals even though I went from 8 1/2 to 12 1/2 gallons. The skins had to be forced to sit flat for welding, but...
    I made my own patterns based on the old tank and wing root profile (but won't work for an Avid)
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  6. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic Advice on Instrumentation for experimentals
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  7. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic removal of adhesive from fabric   

    Some consider step one to be to use a hair dryer (not a heat gun) when the sticker is removed - if you missed that step, try it on the adhesive in conjunction with your solvent of choice.
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  8. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic Removing Hysol   

    Aluminum is annealed at temperatures on the order of 650F - wouldn't want to get that hot
    Fabric is shrunk at around 350F - should be safe.
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  9. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic Selling aircraft/widow's liability   

    What happens is someone has an accident after installing one or more parts?  Perhaps the engine fails because of some internal fault...
    I'm  not seeing that parting it out protects you from liability.
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  10. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic Oratex 6000 on a PA12   

    Fun, fun, fun! But I gotta axe; how did you do the magic levitating tail trick?
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  11. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic Tightening fabric   

    A generic hardware store heat gun is going to be hard to control - The Polyfiber people go so far as to declare that the STC (for a type certificated aircraft) would be void if you use one. Oretex has a digitally controlled gun (as mentioned above) that they recommend for their fabric - I wouldn't have any qualms about using that.
    Alternately, using a regular iron with some parchment paper on the fabric will work, but it will damage the finish somewhat (assuming polytone) - I've done this after repair work that required cutting a fairly large flap.
    But... That be a big wrinkle - where did it come from? Are you sure there isn't some damage underneath? That would worry me more than the wrinkle.
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  12. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic FAA Guidance for Experimentals   

    For what it's worth...
    At one time, the FAA classified installing wings on gliders as preventative maintenance. In '87 this was REMOVED from part 43,
    Also added words in glider pre-flight (part 61) about training to install wings that have since evaporated and been replaced by just "preflight operations" near as I can tell.
    So, while one can argue that it doen't matter for an Avid (E-AB) for an S-LSA the above reference indicating that installing wings is normal operation per the FAA (at least for gliders) might be a handy reference if you have to deal with a pain in the butt inspector. 
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  13. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic FAA Guidance for Experimentals   

    Yea - no argument here. The only issue would be when you run into some paperwork "expert" as the original poster...
    Then it comes down to "is it maintenance" or "normal operation".  Putting a paragraph or two in a manual under a section "preflight checklist" gives you something to point at when someone wants to see paperwork.
    The other argument is that since part 43 does not apply (per 43.1) then it doesn't matter if it's maintenance (as it is on my ride), and the op-lims only require that you log the condition inspection then you just do it and go on your way.
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  14. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic FAA Guidance for Experimentals   

    Maintenance: 43.1 B applicability - part 43 (which requires A&P, allows minor maintenance, etc.) does not apply.
    Condition inspection: What it says in the operating limitations. Probably should have written the repairman cert number.
    Folding wings without log book entry  - don't have a source for that, but obviously common with many models of aircraft. Is it covered in the aircraft "manual"?
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  15. Geoffrey Thorpe added a post in a topic Transponders and Airworthiness inspections   

    I bought my ride without a transponder and flew it into an airport under the class B ring of death (ONZ) - phone call to the tower ahead of time (told to stay clear of Bravo), call up on the radio when I got close to the 30 nm ring (They didn't see me on radar at that point). After installing the transponder (and leaving it off), use the same process to get out of the B ring and into a C airport for the initial check. But since then, I have found a couple of "trunkers" who will come out and do the checks. Leave the hangar unlocked, log book and check on the glare shield and magic happens while I am at work :-)
    Dunno what would be required for the first inspection though.
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