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  1. Boat added a post in a topic Jabiru has just released some new service bulletins   

    133 lbs.  You can put what ever is your favorite prop on it.
    I'm currently flying it with a Sensenich Composite Ground Adjustable 62 inch prop.
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  2. Boat added a post in a topic Jabiru has just released some new service bulletins   

    I should say right off that I think the Jabiru 2200 is the best aircraft engine for Light Sport airplanes being built today.  I've just put 50 hours on my new engine - it runs like a sewing machine and sips fuel.  I replaced the 15 year old 2200 with almost 400 hours on it just because I could afford to and wanted all the updates they've made over the years - the old engine is in perfect condition and I can't tell any real difference in flying between them.  It would be nice if it put out 100 HP instead of 85.  Having said that, I find it troubling that Jabiru isn't making any effort to sell the engine in the US market.  The rumor mill on this engine has been rampant for years with lots of unfounded talk about problems - ignoring that other manufacturers face the same problems at the same or greater numbers.

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  3. Boat added a post in a topic Jabiru Props   

    Yes, straight from Jabiru.  Glad good weather is back - time to go flying.
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  4. Boat added a post in a topic Jabiru Props   

    I just replaced my 15 year old 2200 with a new 2200 - now have 26 hours on it.  After fooling around with several wood props, I got a 62" Sensenich ground adjustable composite prop - it's perfect.  I can dial it in to exactly the RPM's I want.  Climb, WOT speed, cruise speed, and fuel burn are all better.  The best prop I had before was a 62" X 40" Sensenich wood prop.  I also had a Props, Inc. 60" X 42" wood prop on the old engine and it wouldn't turn it fast enough - tried it on the new engine and it was over revving.  
    I checked out "everyone" before I got the Sensenich - there seems to be an unfounded bias against the Jabiru engine - I'm on my 2nd and love it.
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  5. Boat added a post in a topic Enclosed trailer for Kitfox   

    I have a 24 ft. enclosed trailer that I modified to carry my Avid Flyer Mk IV.  Works really well.  I paid $3,500 for it - had some easily repaired damage.  Currently my neighbor in Potter Valley has his Kitfox Mk IV in the trailer - storing it until he moves some of the airplanes in his hanger to make room for it.

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  6. Boat added a topic in Local Fly in's   

    Boonville Fly-In and Pot Luck
    Saturday, August 8, 2015 is the 16th annual Boonville Airport Open House. Come to the airport and enjoy a day of fun and adventure! Many types of aircraft will be on display, including experimentals, antiques and who knows what might drop in for a visit. There will be a pot luck dinner at 5PM. Bring a dish and enjoy the great food. Drinks will be provided by the Airport.

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  7. Boat added a post in a topic Wanted, Spinner for a IVO prop   

    What engine do you have.  Mine's a Jabiru 2200 and the openings are the same size as the Jabiru plenum chamber opening.
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  8. Boat added a post in a topic Wanted, Spinner for a IVO prop   

    After taking the spinner off everything cooled down to the "normal" range.
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  9. Boat added a post in a topic MKIV spinner diameter   

    The original spinner on my Avid Flyer Mark IV with a Jabiru 2200 is 7 1/2".  I put a new Sensenich ground adjustable prop on it with a 9 1/2" spinner and had cooling problems.
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  10. Boat added a post in a topic Wanted, Spinner for a IVO prop   

    I have a 9 1/2" carbon fiber spinner I got with the Sensenich ground adjustable prop.  Used it about 30 minutes and took it off as it was causing cooling problems.  The spinner is made by Hammerhead Aviation ( .  It's a fantastic spinner and I would order a smaller one IF they made it.  If anyone's interested let me know.
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  11. Boat added a topic in Local Fly in's   

    Garberville, CA Fly-In - June 13th
    Pancake Breakfast 9-11, BBQ Lunch 12-2
    Free Airplane rides for kids 8 to 17 from 10am to 1pm
    Adults to follow with donation to GPA
    Balsa wood/rubber band to prop flying contest for kids at 1pm
    Aerobatic demonstrations 10am & 1pm
    Info Contact: Fred Baron 707/923-2432
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  12. Boat added a topic in Local Fly in's   

    5th Annual Boonville Spring Fly-In
    5th Annual Boonville Spring Fly-In This year all those flying into this popular event will be treated to Boonville's newly widened and resurfaced runway. Willits EAA Chapter 1027 and Kirk Wilder and the Boonville wing of Chapter 1027 will be offering another great barbecue with all the trimmings, dessert and beverages. Free certificates of display will be given to all those who participate in the Historical Aircraft program. You might take home some cash too, as a winner in the 50/50 cash drawing. The fly-in will be Sunday, April 19th from 11 AM to 3 PM. Everyone interested in aviation is welcome.
    Note: the fly-in has been changed to the 19th - it's not the 12th as shown on the website.
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  13. Boat added a topic in Avid and Kitfox parts Suppliers   

    Flaperon U-Joint for Mark IV
    I'm looking for a couple of F2 Flaperon U-Joints for an Avid Flyer Mark IV.  I have the plans to make them, but perhaps someone has one or two they could sell me.
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  14. Boat added a topic in Close Call's and dumb stunts   

    Prop went through the roof
    I have an enclosed trailer for my Avid Flyer Mark IV.  A neighbor, who has too many airplanes to have another one, bought a Kitfox Mark IV 1200 and ask me about trailering it back to his hanger.  "No Problem". 
    We drove to Vacaville where it was hangered and put it in the trailer.  It had a 3 bladed carbon fiber prop which cleared the trailer just fine.  Towed it to Potter Valley, over 100 miles, and upon opening the rear door found the propeller sticking up through the roof of the trailer.
    Seems the Subaru engine runs through a gear box which free wheels in one direction while ratcheting against compression in the other direction.  There must have been enough up and down on the road for it to rotate and drive it's way through the roof of the trailer.
    Who would have thought to tie the propeller down?
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  15. Boat added a post in a topic Those of you with dual wing tanks, lets talk plumbing to the header?   

    My only fuel system vents are the caps on the wing tanks.  I've always worried that perhaps if I shut the two wing tank valves off and it got too hot in the hanger that the collector tank and plumbing to the engine might heat up enough to expand someplace and cause a leak.
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