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  1. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Jabiru 3300 in Fat Avid   

    Re: the Subaru EA81 It's on its way. I called Yellow Freight and they will bring it from Lafyette La. to Uxbridge for less than 500 bucks. The owner takes Pay Pal, which is just too convenient. I'll post more pics and info when it arrives. Thanks to all again for the help on this.
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  2. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Jabiru 3300 in Fat Avid   

    Hey Guys
    I talked to the owner of the Subaru that is for sale on Barnstormers (thanks agin Jim C for the heads up)
    He knows almost nothing about it except that it came out of a KR2, and that it ran when it came out.
    He was going to install it in a Karatoo but found a Continental 65 with a mount that allowed him to bolt it right into his plane, which ended a lot of fitting and fabricating.
    I told him the sale is likely a go and that I would call a trucking firm to see what it's going to cost to get it up here.
    I figure for 2K (Canadian) it is worth the risk.
    Here is a picture of the beast.
    He says the Reduction Drive looks manufactured as opposed to homemade, and has numbers stamped on it.
    Here are a couple of pictures (I hope)
    If the pictures come through, my thanks to C5Engineer's tutorial
    Comes on a motor mount bolted to a pallet ... ready to ship
    What do you guys think? 

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  3. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Jabiru 3300 in Fat Avid   

    Thanks guys for the great advice.
    @ Jim Chuk, I have left a message for more info on that Soob on Barnstormers.
    It sounds like it may be exactly what I am looking for, thanks for the tip
    I am going to try to contact Randy Tyler directly regarding the performance of his Avid Plus running the Subaru.
    I know he indicated he loves his setup in response to my introductory post.
    I've had a photo of his plane as my desktop background as inspiration since joining this group, .... she's a beauty.
    I've also read a bunch of his (and others) posts while coveting his Avid (not one of the seven deadly sins) and I believe the first reduction drive he had didn't work for him and he had to replace it with a different unit.
    If any of you have any experience (good or bad) with other engines in Avid Plus' please feel free to weigh in.
    I would like to get as much of the ugly stuff out of the way before I start covering the fuselage.
    Thanks again
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  4. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Jabiru 3300 in Fat Avid   

    Hey Ed:
    Thanks for the response.
    I read this months Kitplanes article on engines but was bummed by the crazy prices for 4 strokes.
    I have been reading that a larger diameter prop turning slower on a re-drive is better for a float plane.
    It seems that without a reduction the max prop diameter (depending on RPM of course) is somewhere in the 60 inch dia. range.
    With a reduction approximately 70".
    What I am trying to avoid is loading the tail with lead to compensate for too heavy an engine ... without knowing what too heavy is.
    I'm sure it is all a game of compromises.
    I'm just trying to get an idea of what people are having success with and what weight engine the Avid Plus is capable of supporting.
    Regarding your questions:
    I am in a small town about 25 miles north east of Toronto Ontario Canada
    MD-RA stands for Minister Delegate - Recreational Aviation it is the agency that is responsible for inspecting aircraft for Transport Canada
    The history of the plane allowed me to bring it into Canada from upstate New York as "aircraft parts" 
    This was due to the Airdale Fuselage being brand new and unregistered.
    The Wings and Horizontal Control surfaces had flown on a MK IV, but since the fuselage carries the serial number these parts were orphaned when the original fuse was damaged and sold.
    I was very specific with the MD-RA before I bought it and it was their suggestion to bring it in as "Parts"
    I have given it a serial number of JR7274 and have listed it as, Make: Airdale   Model: Avid Plus, with a MTOW of 1200 LBS, and so far all is moving ahead.
    The MD-RA told me before I bought it that I would have to have the aircraft inspected 3 times to get it to qualify as amateur homebuilt
    The first inspection is "Major Portion" that ensures 51% or more than the plane will be assembled / fabricated by me. This was required because the wings and tail have flown and they have to confirm that the fuselage has not.
    The second inspection is the "Pre-cover" which allows them to see the structural integrity of the entire plane including all welds, control cables and rods to control surfaces.
    This is why I have to pull the fabric off. I don't mind the extra work as the existing fabric is "not bad, but not great either". Also one wing had already been stripped before I bought the plane. 
    The third inspection is the "Pre Flight" and takes place at the airport.
    All this is to avoid registering this plane as Canadian Basic Ultralight, which limits the gross to 1150 Lbs, requires mandatory helmets, and does not allow unlicensed passengers.
    My Challenger is registered basic, and this was the primary reason for getting a 2nd plane.
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  5. banjoplayer added a topic in Fat Avids, Avid Plus and Airdale   

    Jabiru 3300 in Fat Avid
    Hey guys,
    Just an update on where I am with my Fat Avid
    I am registered with the MD-RA with my "Letter of Intent" to build an amateur home-built aircraft and have received acknowledgement from them.
    I am now waiting for them to come up here during the first week of March, to confirm the "Major Portion" requirement which will allow me to start work.
    All I have done so far is remove the covering from the Horizontal Stab, Elevator and have started uncovering the wing (needed for the "Precover Inspection")
    Oh yeah and the other thing I did was move everything except the fuselage into the basement.
    Getting all those parts past the wife has been the hardest part so far.
    The fabric was glued down with the Stewart's System and was a brute to get off.
    A call to Stewart's indicated that although lacquer thinner or MEK will soften the glue, heating it gently with a torch and then sandblasting is the easiest way to remove it.
    I have experience working with the Poly Fiber system (repairs to my Challenger II)  and will likely end up going with what I know.
    This is my first full cover job and I like the idea of being able to wash away any mistakes with MEK and being able to start over clean.
    It's a more "odorific" procedure, but one I understand.
    As for my question:
    I have been pondering which engine to install in this thing.
    The realistic options available are:
    1) Rotax 582 (least expensive install - up front cost) 
    2) Jabiru 2200 (used with "lowish" hours and / or re-buildable) 
    3) Jabiru 3300 (used with "lowish" hours and / or re-buildable) 
    4) Subaru EA81  (used with "lowish" hours and / or re-buildable)  -- although I can't find any useful information on a Subaru conversion and Stratus seems to not exist anymore
    Much further down my list are the VW conversions eg: Aerovee, Great Plains, Revmaster etc.
    I think, unless someone wills me a Rotax 912, it is out of the question due to price and the reluctance for Rotax to sell engine parts.
    I come from a family of engine rebuilders that have been in business for 50 + years and have all the resources available to me to completely rebuild anything I can buy parts for.
    I was also self employed for 4 years doing restorations and engine rebuilding on vintage American and British motorcycles, and am very familiar with low weight high horsepower engines
    Constructing the plane as amateur home-built allows me to do all the work on the power-plant myself ... and I am OK with this and trust my abilities.
    The question I have is regarding "Installed Weight " of the engine I choose.
    I currently have found a Jabiru 3300 with a full avionics package I can purchase nearby and was wondering  if this could be a candidate?
    Has anyone had experience with a Jabiru 3300 in an Avid Plus or similar size aircraft.
    Is this simply too much engine?
    The Rotax 582 installed weight is about 110 lbs
    The Jabiru 2200 is about 142 lbs 
    The Jabiru 3300 is about 181 lbs.
    I have no idea what the Subaru weighs but it seems to have a following, without current support from a manufacturer of aircraft grade components?
    These weights include exhaust, radiators, air filters, electric starter, carburetors etc.
    I would appreciate anyone's opinions on the above engines, or ..... other recommendations?
    My plan for this plane is strictly recreational flying, but do plan to install floats on it once the Challenger is gone.
    Jim R
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  6. banjoplayer added a post in a topic New Fat Avid owner   

    Thanks for the hearty welcome.
    I am thinking I should move this exchange off of the 'introduce yourself' sub forum and into the Fat Avids one but seem to be getting good response here. 
    I guess the first question I have, to those registered and flying Fat Avids, is what MTOW are you using and how did you arrive at it.
    With the parts I have, c/w Heavy Hauler wings, I am trying to get it registered here in Canada at a gross weight of 1232 lbs.
    Here Advanced Ultralights can be registered up to 1232 lbs and Basic Ultralights to 1200 lbs
    Amateur homebuilt can be registered at any weight, however 1232 lbs is the maximum gross I can legally fly with an Ultralight Pilot Permit,
    As I said previously, I have looked at the Canadian Aircraft Registry, where MTOW's are published with the registration, and have found quite a few Canadian Avid Mk IV's with Gross Weights of up to 1200 lbs.
    I may have to contact them to see how they did it.
    There is a reference to a wing modification on the Airdale site that indicates a 1400 lb gross:
    -Modifications to Avid wing to increase Gross Weight capability to 1400 lb.
    -Full stress analysis to comply with JAR regulations at 1400 lb. Maximum Takeoff Weight.
    Is anyone aware of what the modifications are?
    Since I am going to have to strip all components of fabric prior to my "pre-cover" inspection I will have the opportunity to make these mods then.
    With regards to the Carry Through Tube spacing, yes, the vertical pivot tubes / "bushings" (rear) and the front vertical attachment tubes, were all removed.
    The rear ones moved back and front ones moved forward slightly in the Carry Through Tubes.
    This results in the vertical tubes (front and rear) not being located center in the Carry Through Tubes.
    I fretted about this pre-purchase but am getting over it now.
    The Fuse is under a tarp in the backyard but I will get some pictures of what's been done soon.
    I am sorting through the stuff that came with the plane and reading through the Mk IV manual before I start anything but hope to start working on it before the end of the month.
    Before I can begin I have to have the MD-RA come and inspect it to ensure the 51% requirement is met for a home-built.
    I envision me having to disassemble what I have piece by piece until he says "yeah, that looks like 51%" .... we'll see ... this is Canada after all.
    I have applied and hope to get an inspection scheduled within the next week or so.
    Anyway, so far I am delighted with my purchase and the response from this forum.
    Jim R
    To all you banjo-pickers out there. 
    Playing excellence is in the ear of the beholder.
    Just ask any Bagpiper 
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  7. banjoplayer added a post in a topic New Fat Avid owner   

    Hey Doug:
    You are correct regarding the engine mount from Bruce, it is for a Jabiru.
    Below is an excerpt from Mark Shindler on the Avid Unofficial Home Page
    I had flown my new setup for another 60 hours when I suffered a bent fuselage in a hard landing. I took my fuselage to Florida where a friend of mine repaired the damage. 
    In the meantime Steve W. offered a "fat" Avid fuselage which added 16" to the length, 4" to the width at the seat and 8"-10" in the panel. I've decided to make that upgrade.
    It appears it is a Fat Avid Upgrade Fuselage.
    It has the counter-balanced rudder (I love the looks of it) and I believe differential flaperons.
    I took the liberty of checking your profile and it seems you have a few irons in the fire, along with the Fat Avid.
    You are correct regarding the engine, it does not have one.
    That will require a ton of research to determine what is the best (most cost effective) choice.
    The Rotax 912 is the immediate choice, but seem to be pricey.
    Because the aircraft is being registered here amateur / home-built, it allows me quite a few engine options.
    I'll be looking for suggestions regarding the ideal power-plant, but realize it is a subjective topic on its own.
    The wings are off of Bruce's previously registered and flown Avid Mk IV ... D? and have been fitted to the fuselage by Bruce.
    I have not had them on yet but he assured me they were installed and set by him.
    One thing I was not completely crazy about was that the wing spars did not line up with the cross tubes on the fuselage and he had to move the vertical pivot tubes slightly back in the cross tubes.
    They are no longer center in the cross tubes, and this is something I may have to address with doublers or repositioning,
    Are you aware of this problem with spar alignment?
    No avionic gauges or instruments came with the aircraft.
    The Mark IV was registered and flown by Bruce, so the Wings, Wing Struts, Horizontal Stabilizer and Elevator have all flown
    On the MTOW, I am hoping to get it rated for 1232 pounds. (Maximum Gross Weight that can be flown with a Canadian Ultralight Pilot Permit)
    The Standard Mk IV with heavy hauler wings I believe is rated for 1150 lbs
    On the Canadian Aircraft Registry Website, all registered aircraft list their Gross Weight and I have found several Mk IV's rated at 545 Kilograms (= 1200 lbs)
    The Airdale site says the Gross Weight can be bumped to 1400 lbs, but with your input regarding my Fuselage I may be misinterpreting it.
    You indicate that there are some safety concerns I should be aware of.
    Is there a forum you can direct me to that discusses them?
    Are there some significant ones I need to address before starting?
    It seems as though you are fairly knowledgeable with respect to Fat Avid's and any input from you would be greatly appreciated.
    With the current status of Airdale, I was a little more than apprehensive about purchasing the Avid, but after perusing this forum realized that there was more than enough support to take this project on,
    The Airdale is the production version of John Larsen's renowned "Pursang". John took his original Avid MkIV "Hauler" and highly modified it to suit the popular 4 cycle, 4 cylinder horizontally opposed 100hp Subaru EA81 auto engine. Engines now include Continental and Rotax.
    Modifications to the original Avid included the following:
    -Fuselage stretched by 16" to give better ground handling and CG flexibility.
    -Tow piece, easy to install, 74" wide track aluminum landing gear.
    -Re-raked windshield.
    -Simplified control system which incorporated differential flaperon controls.
    -Redesign of cockpit structure to remove tubes from behind seats giving easier access to a larger baggage area(55 gal. drum size).
    -Individual, fully adjustable, easy to remove tilt and slide seats.
    -Belly structure in footwell area modified to give extra leg and head room.
    -Double tailspring for better resilience to rough terrain landings.
    -Wider cockpit and doors to accommodate larger pilot and passenger.
    -Redesigned cowling to accommodate greater range of engines.
    -Modifications to Avid wing to increase Gross Weight capability to 1400 lb.
    -Full stress analysis to comply with JAR regulations at 1400 lb. Maximum Takeoff Weight.
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  8. banjoplayer added a post in a topic New Fat Avid owner   

    @ Horsepower, the only family member who isn't completely on board is the wife.
    The 2nd airplane really caught her off guard.
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  9. banjoplayer added a post in a topic New Fat Avid owner   

    Yes this is that Avid.
    Bruce is still on Barnstormers with an engine mount for a Subaru engine that fits a Standard Mark IV fuse.
    It would not fit the Airdale Fuse.
    He owned and built the mk IV the wings and tail came from and bought the fuselage in 2005 I believe.
    He is currently working on a Zenair 701 on floats which prompted him to sell the Avid Plus project.
    We hammered out a deal near the beginning of December and I picked it up from his place in New York State Dec 28th.
    The project has now taken over all of the garage, a significant portion of the basement and part of the back yard.
    Airplanes are definitely an "In Your Face" hobby.
    @ Horsepower, the only family member who isn't completely on board is the wife.
    The 2nd airplane really caught her off guard.
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  10. banjoplayer added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    New Fat Avid owner
    Good Day All:
    I figure it is time to surface on this forum.
    I am Jim Rainbow and have just purchased an Avid Plus project from a Barnstormers ad.
    Some info about me:
    I reside in Uxbridge Ontario Canada (about 50 Kilometres or 30 miles NE of Toronto)
    I am currently in the process of getting my license and have about 20 hours of lessons behind me and am loving the sport, as I knew I would.
    As well as me taking lessons so are my 2 sons and soon to be Son In Law in a Challenger 2 I purchased 3 years ago which needed about 18 months worth of repairs before I could fly it.
    Did a lot of work to it including repainting the fuselage after some hefty fabric repairs due to the local squirrel population taking up residence int the fuse and wings.
    The Challenger is rated as Basic Ultralight in Canada which places some restrictions on its operation which I am not prepared to live with once I have my license,
    The Avid is the next step for me having been approved by Transport Canada to be imported to Canada as aircraft parts and registered as a "new" amateur built aircraft, which allows me to fly without helmets and carry passengers, it also allows me to fly into the US (Oshkosh here I come !!!)
    My plan is to have the Avid finished in 1 1/2 to 2 years. Which is coincidentally when I will have no further use for the Challenger as I believe by the end of this summer (2014) we will all be licensed, I then want to install the Amphibian Floats on the Challenger over the winter of 2014 /2015 and get some training for all of us on water before getting rid of the Challenger and start flying the Avid.
    In my head this schedule seems to work.
    Enough about me and now about the project.
    I have purchased the following:
    Airdale Fuselage (This is the fuselage owned originally by Mark Schindler a current member listed in the builders list)
    Avid Mark IV Wings, Horizontal Stab and Elevator from a previously flown MK IV with Heavy Hauler Wings
    Grove Landing Gear with Matco Brakes
    A Large Roll of Dacron purchased by Mark S
    The project is going to require a complete recover and paint (which I am really looking forward to as I love spray painting as a hobby), the fitting of the wings, and Horizontal Stab and Elevator to the new fuse along with all the other things I will have to do once our inspection agency sees it.
    (See Pictures Below) 
    Anyway, I am sure I am going to get lots of use from this forum and look forward to sharing the journey from what I have to what I see flying in my minds eye.
    My plan is to update my progress via a photo journal of sorts.
    Hope to interact with you all soon
    PS I DO play banjo .... don't hold it against me.

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