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  1. Jon added a post in a topic Prop bolts   

    I am not sure what you were indication was correct.  The prop is a Culver.  Can I use nylon stop nuts or do I need metal stop nuts  ?
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  2. Jon added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Prop bolts
    On my Avid Mark IV the prop hub on the C drive (582 Engine)  has bolt hoes that are threaded and some not,  My project came with a prop and it is the correct prop. It had 8 mm bolts through the hub (not threaded) and held with nylon stop nuts. Is that correct or must the bolts drive into the hub?  If they must go into the hub then I need different propeller drilled for different bolts.  If I can use stop nuts should they be metal stop nuts?  . 
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  3. Jon added a post in a topic Brake pedal access opperation   

    Thanks Dusty,  There was another hole in the rudder cable linkage plate that moved the pedals/brake out from under the overhang.  I tried it and it seemed to solve the problem.
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  4. Jon added a post in a topic Muffler connection leakage   

    Sorry, yes it is a 582 and I have tried to move it around but it only has a very small range it can move and still properly connect.  It does have high spots (that's why it leaks) but have not been able to create a good fit.  I know it has to be able to move around but I don't want exhaust gas leaking into the cabin or blowing on a gas line.
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  5. Jon added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Brake pedal access opperation
    On my Avid Mark IV the location for the rudder and brake pedals are under the overhang of the firewall.  The top of the brake pedal is close to the bottom of the firewall overhang.  I find it difficult to access the brake with my toes on a 1/2 inch round pipe (the brake pedal)  and have a solid place to apply pressure.  I plan to try and attach a 3/4 flat metal plate ( a U channel) to the round pipe to provide a better surface (flat and 1/4 " larger). 
    Let me know if I am the only one with this issue and if not what did you do?
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  6. Jon added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Muffler connection leakage
    My muffler has an elbow that joins the exhaust manifold to the muffler input.  These two joint connections are not very close fitting and leak exhaust gasses.  I plan to put a paste (made for mufflers) around the two joints and wrap with a muffler tape (its like a metal foil) and secure with hose clamps.
    Are there other solutions that you have used?
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  7. Jon added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Mark IV AD's
    I have been told that a list of AD,s resides on this forum.  Can someone show  me where?
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  8. Jon added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    proper Idle for 582
    I got such good advice on my last question I have another.
    I am setting up my 582 on my Avid  Mark IV and doing the break in time.  I had one person say it should idle at about 2000.  Another said to have it set lower. (What I mean is that when you pull power is stops at 2000).   He said if you are at 2000 setting up for a landing you may still have to much thrust and land hot.  He also stated that a 2000 setting or a little above is better for the C drive but you need the capability to pull RPM below 2000.
    So what should the bottom RPM idle be 1200, 1500 or ??.
    The main jet has been replaced due to altitude and the jet needle set on the third groove and it seems to run good above 2500 RPM but around 2000 not as good.  Is the idle jet adjustable?  I don't see much about adjusting just a bunch of different ones to select.for replacement.  If it is adjustable does going in make it more lean or more rich (it looks like going in would make it more lean).  If it is replacement are there charts on how to select the correct one. 
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  9. Jon added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Towing with fuel in the tanks
    As I was going through some old Avid news letters I found one that said he had damaged his plane towing it with fuel in the tanks.  He advised you should drain the fuel for transport.  Now he did not say how much fuel was in the tank but lets say it was 7 gal in each tank.  That  would be 42 pounds plus the wing bouncing up and down on the attach points for the struts.  I can see where that could be a problem.
    Have any of you seen this problem?  Do you drain your tanks before transport?
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  10. Jon added a post in a topic Tack hookup   

    That sounds like a plan, I will hook the AC hour meter to the two yellow wires going into the rectifier/regulator that come from the AC generator on the 582.  
    PS I am glad everyone found a place to communicate.
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  11. Jon added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Tack hookup
    The Avid Mark IV is complete and registered.  Next is the EAA chapter Technical adviser to look at the workmanship and advise on any issues.  Still some work on the Rotax 582 to get it running correctly. Need different main jets for the altitude in Colorado. Then need the FAA to do their inspection.  Just my update.
    My question is where do I connect the Hobbs meter to activate when the engine is started.  I currently have it on a switch.

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  12. Jon added a post in a topic Muffler insulation   

    Good information.  I have the 1/2 inch clearance as required but you know me I like to over engineer.  The two water pipes (belly radiator)  on each side of the firewall that are close to the exhaust I plan to wrap them rather than the exhaust pipes.
    On the muffler I can put part of an insulation blanket on the front and back to protect the fiberglass and firewall.  This should work.
    Thanks again for the information.
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  13. Jon added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Muffler insulation
    On my Avid Mark IV I finally have the muffler hung.  It appears close to everything radiator lines (radiator on belly), firewall and cowling (I think I have the 1/2 inch clearance all around). I was at a gathering of Sonex planes and they had the exhaust fully covered with insulation wrap.  My manual said nothing about a wrap but do any of you have a wrap on your exhaust?  If you do, does it affect the integraty if the exhaust metal by holding in the heat?  It may not if the Sonex guys do it.  Also, did you use the high temp silicon on the muffler springs?
    Thanks for all
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  14. Jon added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Belly Radiator
    i have decided to not use the cheek radiators but a belly radiator that came with the project.  This is on my Avid HH.  Ron indicated there was an article (here some place) that talked about mounting the unit 1 inch below the belly (not flush) for cooling purposes. If any one has a belly radiator  I would also be interested how and where you placed the filler cap? Also, how did you link and control the flap on the back of the radiator housing? Looking from the front of  the motor I plan to place the filler cap on the right side and back about 3 inches from where the old cheek radiator would have been mounted.  I hope this is adequate clearance from the exhaust heat.
    I am open to any other advice on this subject.
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  15. Jon added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Bungee cords and grease for starter gear
    Its me again. my Avid Mark IV has bungee cords but they are 20 years old, never used but should be replaced.  Do any of you have a source that can make them up?
    I am about to mount a starter to a 582 Rotax. I assume the gears need some grease, what kind should be used?  Back to the asle grease?
    Thanks for your help! 
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