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  1. sky4play added a post in a topic YAMAHA RX-1 (140 HP) install in Kitfox 5   

    Y- Fox... you are the man. 
    I would first like to thank you... for posting all the info on this project. Many little specific things...add up. You are helping GREATLY ( "I" don't have to look this stuff up)
    Next...I would like to add....I am back. I took the summer off...Went on a couple of long motorcycle adventures...fished...played golf...All that retirement stuff.
    Now...bought a new TIG welder.....decided to do EVERYTHING myself....Really enjoying the work. Have the motor mount
    almost done and finished welded. Getting ready to start the exhaust. Working on a improve the  tube welds.
    One tried is this R1 airbox?  I built a big ugly motor accommodate a big ugly airbox (why re-invent the wheel..I thought)
    I looked at those  R1 airboxes early on...and would have gone with the 2002-2004 model which looked like a small version of  the (big and ugly)
    Now...after seeing yours, I have ordered check it out...How does the jetting compare to the big and ugly? I was trying to avoid massive re-jetting.
    Posts to follow soon....John O
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  2. sky4play added a post in a topic Rotax 670 - 2 hrs TT   

    If I remember correctly...They had to be pre '95 and most seemed to prefer '93 or '94 models...couldn't have the HO crank either.
    This is what I remember from Ron Davis....But, it has been awhile
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  3. sky4play added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    Buying a motor...for an a Bass pro parking lot...Who Would Do That?    We all, had a good laugh over that.
    You are so right....While I was buying a motor... the little lady, was bringing out new tile for the kitchen...
    from the Lowes next door. What happened to retirement? Working on MY projects...All that good stuff????   Sorry...a little vent ...John O
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  4. sky4play added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines  it is. My RX1 in a  bucket. This is me (on the left) and Jim from Spa City. We met in the Bass Pro parking lot.
    I think this will be my opening pic for my build thread (yet to be named). Mostly writing this to say what an absolute pleasure
    it was to work with Jim, and him getting me this motor. His business is getting crazy, and it couldn't happen to a better guy.
    Being honest and straight me, at least..and it shows, and is paying off for Jim. He is getting
    overseas calls for motors. So if you need an RX1 or Apex motor....Call Jim...607-329-8676
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  5. sky4play added a post in a topic Kitfox SS tailwheel selection   

    I have had a couple of different tail wheel set-ups...but I now have the 8" Matco pneumatic. By far the best I have used
    so far...Going to try that shock in the tail next. Not that I need to soften my tail hits... It isn't called a tail dragger ...for nuthin    
    John O
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  6. sky4play added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    For Sale..FWF Avid Mk4 (SOLD)
    I am doing the Yamaha conversion...and so selling FWF... motor mount, 582, cheek radiators...EVERYTHING...except the C box..
    This motor has 102 hours on it...Grey head...Hacman system...exhaust  w/heat. Would rather sell as bolt on package...
    I flew this motor one week ago...still has winter jets in it. It has been flawless, it's whole life.   John O
    Still has oil injection and runs Amsoil. Throw in last gallon...extra jets...spark plugs etc.   $3000
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  7. sky4play added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    Well....should have listened to you guys.
    The sled I had my eye on, got sold out from under me. I spent 3 weeks setting up ...and
    one weekend, driving all over creation...and in the end...nothing.
    So...I called Jim in Ballston Spa....and he is hooking me up!!    (Thanks Y-fox)
    He is meeting me half weekend...How cool is that !
    Had my last flight on skis, Monday....just snuck that in....Took it into the hanger...Sat up my X-Y axis laser... and took some measurements.
    First thing I noticed was FW to prop hub was under 24"...Everything I have read...says the RX1 is 27 +   Can you say cowl Mod...!!!
    Everyone is going with straight through thrust line...Right?  No 3 degree offset, like the 582....(I could have missed something...)
    I have been flying this 582 grey head and have just over 100 flawless hrs on it... Am thinking of selling complete FWF (except C box ) of course   
    Motor mount, cheek radiators, Hac-man system,  exhaust....Everything...mounted...ready to Bolt on. Somebody should want that...
    John O
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  8. sky4play added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    I have read your thread numerous times, as well as Teal's and Marshawk's great work. You guys gave me the confidence to tackle this build. Knowing there is 
    help around...means everything.
    Y-Fox... glad your pace has slowed...give me a chance to catch up..
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  9. sky4play added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    I have my eye on a sled that is 30 min away and under 4k miles. The gentleman that owns it,
    works for the power company, and has been out of town. He is restoring power to the Noreaster victims...
    Don't know when he will be home, so I have expanded my search...just in case.
    I am roaring to go....Steel came yesterday...
    Thanks for all the help guys....John O
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  10. sky4play added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    Wow...great info Y-Fox...That is only a 3hr drive from was in my search area...
    I am not on facebook, am recently retired, so my time aint't worth what it was...
    I'll check with my girlfriend, she has facebook...and a job...John O
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  11. sky4play added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    I am going with the RX1, for that reason. Fuel injected is here, for sure...but it will
    have to be a lot more "plug and play"...before I am comfortable with it. This build
    will be enough of a challenge for me...John O
    Looking for the right motor to start me out...
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  12. sky4play added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    I believe that the bolt on gearbox, was for the APEX, fuel injected motor....while the adapter, C box...was for the RX1
    carbed motor. 
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  13. sky4play added a post in a topic Ebay 20% off sitewide today only 03/09   

    Thanks...Brodstol...wouldn't  otherwise have heard about it.
    Got me to pull the trigger on some tubing...worked great...John O
    Oh and saskavid....never heard of such a thing before...Well, didn't hear about this one.  
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  14. sky4play added a post in a topic Which wheels/brakes to use?   

    Absolutely true....The rock tossing is a problem in Alaska, no doubt. All you land on is rocks... 
    Now I land on mostly grass...not a problem. I am with Ed on the axles...I would like to, at some point,
    upgrade from these 3/4 inchers...
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  15. sky4play added a post in a topic Which wheels/brakes to use?   

    I refused to pay more, get less...
    I land totally off airport... and that thin line tread ...makes little difference.
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