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  1. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Lexan turtledeck   

    What thickness of Plexiglass, or Lexan was yours made of ? I always knew that the upper bearing would have to be added, the turtle deck that I have does not have an upper bearing, I hope it was never flown without the bearing
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  2. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Lexan turtledeck   

    I Like the look of the aluminum sides, I will probably go that route, Thank You
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  3. Trackwelder added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Lexan turtledeck
    I have seen the plexiglass or lexan tinted turtledecks on Kitfoxes, does anyone make them for Avids, or  has anyone tried to make them from Big Box Store Plexiglass? I have heard conflicting stories about using what is available locally does anybody have experience? I had planned on using a hot wire and bending it to fit, I have also been told that it can be bent on a brake, but mine is only 40 inches and not long enough.
          While on the topic, I planned to use .125 inch for the turtle deck, does the cabin roof need to be that thick or could I get away with less?
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  4. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Avid Fiberglass Parts Source   

    Butt ribs, there would be an easy part to make, do you need STOL or Speedwing profile? I have the STOL if you wanted a different airfoil send me a paper pattern and I will make some up. I am looking for simple easy parts that I could build to add to my building fund. My wife will graduate nursing school in May but until then it is just my disability paying her tuition and all our other expenses, the plane winds up getting left out some months.
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  5. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Just joined the Fat Avid Club   

    ChrisB do you have the contact information for Ron Smith at All-Pro Fiberglass, I have an early model cowl that has been butchered pretty bad and would like to replace it with a Model IV.I thought about trying a Kitfox cowl, but they are at $900 plus shipping.
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  6. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Looking for information on Kitfox wheel hubs   

    I have a Miller synchrowave, that I am always looking for an excuse to break out and weld with, I am not always stack of dimes pretty, but I am getting there, My lathe is supposed to be here in 2 more days, hopefully I remembered to grab all of the tooling I will need.
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  7. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Looking for information on Kitfox wheel hubs   

    As far as ATV wheels, Douglas made the wheels for Kitfox, and make them for ATV's the hubs seem to be steel though, I suppose a rotary table could work to make certain they were all at 60 degrees, but even MATCO designs for no more than 700 lbs ith a 2000 lb ultimate. I will look into having the 6 hole wheels made.
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  8. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Material for making ribs ?   

    If I were turning them out as fast as Kitfox I would be using CNC too, But with a laminate trimming bit I was able toturn out 4 wings worth of ribs in a day by myself. That included making the patterns. I have heard that CNC programming hass gotten easier since I last did any about 30 years ago, but in the old days this rib pattern was quicker to make by hand than it would have been to write the program. There are times when I think about making my own CNC lathe or possibly a small mill just to be able to make some small parts.
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  9. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Looking for information on Kitfox wheel hubs   

         Thank you, that is exactly what I needed. I might not go with 6 bolts for the wheel, after watching some ATV racers I think that the 4 bolt wheel pattern would be perfect, they land harder and more often on the tracks they use. I had hoped to get the plane in the air before it got too cold to work in the hangar, but I did not make it, I will be working on small projects like this this winter so that they are ready to put on in the spring.
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  10. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Wanted a Rotax C redrive   

    I have only seen pictures of a Just aircraft  with the Yamaha in it, If you get to look at it could you see about taking some pictures, Possibly a few measurements so I can try and figure out my engine mount, There are a few experimentals around me, but most farmers own their own runway and that's who has the planes, I wish I lived closer to people who built around me.
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  11. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Avid (model B) Parts for sale   

    If you want to sell the rudder pedals and the tubes they mount to, pencilme in in case it does not sell complete. I believe that the B model has hydraulic bralkes, if so I would like the whole set up, if not I an still interested in the rest.
         Please at least send pictures of the rudder pedal setup, if you could do it with measurements I would really appreciate it.
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  12. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Wanted a Rotax C redrive   

    As far as the technology behind the Yamaha engine, it is the same engine used in the Yamaha Genesis Motorcycles with the transmission removed from the engine, up to 5 valves per cylinder and the engine turns at 11,000 rpm although it does have a primary redrive that drops the output to 8,000 rpm, since Yamaha is using this engine in almost all of their vehicles including boats and Arctic Cat Snowmobiles they have spared no expense at developing this thing, after 2006 they switched to fuel injection which I am glad I aam not working with for my first try, but with 140 hp on 4 cylinders I should be aok even if one cylinder quits flying. and if I hold the power use to 100hp I really shouldn't be straining the engine at all. I have now seen a helicopter using this engine if it holds up there it will hold up to my Avid.
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  13. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Wanted a Rotax C redrive   

    Rotax has a 90 hp 2 cylinder 4 stroke that weighs only 119 lbs, I took a look and could not find the price for an engine, but the price of a jet ski with a closed loop cooling system was under $5000 but it does not have the hours in the air of the Yamaha.
         I am not done but I have my engine, 2 people are building adapters for the engine to a redrive and all I am waiting for is money, I spent some of it on a lathe, but I am hoping to make a few dollars with some little pieces that people are wanting.
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  14. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Looking for information on Kitfox wheel hubs   

    The lathe I have ordered will swing the par, If you have a reason to pull the wheel please take the other measurements, If I am going to build these I would like to have them match the original Kitfox parts.
          Are you saying there are 2 different wheel bolt patterns or two different sizes of bearing outer diameters, The bearing sizes I am not worried about as I could just use the Azusa wheel bearing for a size, I believe they use a sealed bearing instead of a bearing cap on the hub.
         To save money I could easily make them 2 piece with the wheel hub TIG welded on then finish machine.
        I was not aware that there were 2 different bolt patterns, It would be nice to have both sizes so I could build either, or go with the easiest to buy wheel for.
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  15. Trackwelder added a post in a topic Looking for information on Kitfox wheel hubs   

    I know I have seen straight 3/4 inch hubs and axle shafts, but the weight would be the killer, that is why I would like to copy the kitfox assembly.
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