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    Glad I could make you fella's laugh.

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    Fly-thru airplane wash
    So a couple of years back, a friend and I would never fly more than a few feet apart....formation everything, you know the type (RV guys doing everything in formation). Only we had small staggerwing bi-planes and would comonly fly terain, pushing the next guy to do something more and more daring. Well, my buddy got the great idea to start flying under the arc of the large cannon type irrigation sprinklers. Now, keep in mind these are usually throwing an arc about ten to twelve feet at the high point and have extreme pressure with a curtain of mist everywhere in between. Timing is everything as they swing around, pivoting on a central point. If the main stream were to clip a wing, it would surely flip the plane into the ground. We would follow the leader through these for a couple of weeks, it made for some amazing video as a plane would crash through a curtain of water, especially when the sun was at the correct angle. Remember, this is farm country and these things are all over the place, offering us one to fly through every five minutes or so. On one evening in particular, my buddy was feeling a bit darring and dropped down from our usual 100 foot ASL style and challenged me to follow through a pretty small arc of a sprinkler. The sun was obviously not on his side as he flew through the shower. Turns out I saw the color of the water just as he was flying through, just in time to pull up and avoid the spew of nastiness. This time it was being pumped directly from the dairy's cow poop pond. Yep, he was coated with a thick layer of bovine menure, not to mention it was a very hot day and it dried on his plane's fabric in seconds. A B-line back to the home strip with a wash bucket and hose (and clothes pin to pin our noses). Come to think of it, that was the last time we ever tried that stupid stunt again. Hope this put a smile on your face.

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    I own an Avid A model but also have one of the Sorrel SNS-8 stagger wing biplanes. There is a similar mixer control under and along the sides of the seat. On some long distance trips, I loosen my belt and slouch down in the seat (unlimited legroom compared to the Avid) and rest my hand on one of the mixer push tubes beside the seat. Controls were reveresed from what would be natural but could pretty much fly the plane with one eye closed. A simple tilt of the head a slight lean would keep roll under control....oh, those were the days.

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