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  1. N844RS added a post in a topic Gear Safety Cable and Wide Gear (W.I.B.)   

    Thanks, C5Engineer, for your reply. I have been reading your posts and watching your videos for several years, and consider you to be in the top 1% of Avid Flyer experts. Yes, mine has wide bungee gear.  Your answer is just what I was hoping to learn - that I should NOT install the safety cables, and just monitor closely the condition of the bungees, and replace them before the rubber dries, cracks, and fails. Thank you.
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    Gear Safety Cable and Wide Gear (W.I.B.)
    Does one of you have the wide gear (W.I.B.) mod and flying it without the gear safety cables?  I acquired a MkIV HH from the builder who had replaced the original gear with wide gear. When getting ready for the first conditional inspection under my watch, I discovered no gear safety cable installed, and found the safety cable among spare parts.
    If it is okay without the safety cable, what is the reason?
    And what would be the downside to installing it, if any? (Have seen some comments online that say the cable causes more damage in a hard landing than not having one.)
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    Over 7 months since last post in this thread. Is there any update on the status of Airdale?
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