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  1. PW_SD added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Fuselage Frame Paint
    Gents- I will be recovering my Model C soon, going with Oratex.  I am debating repainting the fuselage in the process.  Majority of the fuselage paint is in good shape, no rust present.  I am simply thinking of updating the color.   Just starting the homework....
    Who knows what type of factory paint - or - powder coating was used by Avid?  My plane has the normal white/off-white color.If a paint (not powder coat), would there be any hesitation in painting over the existing finish (with light prep of course)?  I would like to avoid stripping the existing finish if possible.Thanks for any input.
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  2. PW_SD added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Avid STOL Wings For Sale - Clearing Space!
    Hello Gents,
    I have a pair of Avid STOL wings for sale here in San Diego.  
    Age and full condition unknown, they will require restoration, including rib-tail flaperon attachments.  Flaperons not included.
    Asking $500 for the pair and motivated to clear some space!  I have jury struts available as well, separately.
    Email or PM me with any questions.  Will be posting to Barnstormers soon.

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  3. PW_SD added a post in a topic Rotax 582 engine failure. Can you solve the mystery?   

    Very informative 
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  4. PW_SD added a post in a topic Avid STOL Wing Set and Other Items!   

    I do, Tom.  PM me with your contact info.  
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  5. PW_SD added a post in a topic mod IV almost ready   

    Keep us posted ! I want to hear more about that 670. 
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  6. PW_SD added a post in a topic Mr. Myers   

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  7. PW_SD added a post in a topic New Rotax 670 Install   

    nlappos - found this just as you linked me from the other post.  Thanks!  Looking forward to any additional performance experience you get especially as it compares to the 582.  
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  8. PW_SD added a post in a topic Sabaru vs Rotax 912 UL   

    You have me curious about the 670. Do you have a link to any posts on the improvements you have found and what the conversion from the 582 involved? Thx.
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  9. PW_SD added a post in a topic Reduced Dihedral   

    Thanks, Jim.   Admittedly, just looks ,  no other good reason.  I can understand shortening the lift struts but I assume the spar-fuselage bolts and clearance holes would no longer line up?
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  10. PW_SD added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Reduced Dihedral
    Hey Gents - Heading into restoring my wings - I am curious if there is a way to reduce the wing dihedral once a wing is already drilled and rigged.
    Thanks for letting me know any options !
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  11. PW_SD added a post in a topic Any one know how Ed is doing?   

    We are pulling for you, Ed! 
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  12. PW_SD added a post in a topic First flight   

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  13. PW_SD added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    STOL Wing Rib Dimensioned Drawings or CAD
    Gents- does anyone have detail dimensioned drawings or CAD for STOL wing ribs?  I am setting up my CNC to cut new rib tails and forms for new wing tips   
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  14. PW_SD added a post in a topic Starting my kitfox 1 build pictures here   

    Georgeous plane.  Perhaps this was asked earlier but it appears you have very little dihedral.  Only curious, is this by design or your implementation in the build?
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  15. PW_SD added a post in a topic desser 27" tundra   

    Hey Mike
    Just to confirm, are these the Desser 27 10-8 tires?  (old posts and the links no longer work)
    What 8” wheels and brake setup would you guys recommend?
    For those folks running these tires, have they worn well?
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