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  1. 1wise1 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Have I screwed up?
    I spent a good amount of time on answering the questions you generously provided regarding identifying my FLYER and sent a couple of new pictures... hit post and everything disappeared... I thought to the forum... now I'm not so sure because I can't find it or any replies...  did I send it to Avid Fox Flyers or an I now proudly being displayed on "like to meet a sexy grandma in your neighborhood"....  Oh jeeze... I hope my message is floating around here somewhere not there... where ever there is..
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  2. 1wise1 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Need ID assistance
    At my age saying you are dumb is not easy but here goes..... I need help identifying my FLYER.
    She's a barn find came with good builders logs and pictures but no data plate or C. of A.   I think I have a Model "A" with a "C" tail.  It has a Rotax 532 (Bombardier embossed on head) hung on a very well done mount but somebody got sloppy near the ground and there is broken fuselage tubing at the tail wheel spring.   I've attached a couple of pictures and would appreciate the group's wisdom.  It came to me by way of Kansas City, through Saint Louis and Collinsville, Illinois. If anybody recognizes it let me know.

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  3. 1wise1 added a post in a topic Choice of radiators on 582   

    FYI  I was in need of a couple of things and Highwing LLC has closed.   Their website refers people to
    Mark at AeroBuilders in Caldwell, Idaho. 208-454-4158
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  4. 1wise1 added a post in a topic Good lord it's no wonder two-strokes get a bad rap   

    The articles are still there as of 9/28/2014  But the addressability has gotten more tricky:  The address listed above is no longer valid. Use one of these: 
    Easy way  www.cps-parts    when it opens go to the search box and type in Articles. A list will appear and the Rotax series is first.
    Difficult way  http://www.cps-parts.com/catalog/rtxpages/articles.php?clickkey=581891  This may work or you could get a "can't find server" message.  
    Before you start you need to know there are 63 articles. I respectfully suggest that you NOT start with "Servicing the Gear Box". In addition to a massive headache it will convince you to never remove the gearbox from the engine.  
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  5. 1wise1 added a post in a topic Cabin Heat   

    I made one using a small piece of furnace duct. It's nothing but a fiberglass insulation tube lined on both sides with aluminum foil.
    You're right about nut using tape, it gets hot and crispy then dissolves in flakes.  Either wire it or use a couple of big big hose clamps.
    Home Depot has 'em up to 4 inches for 3 bucks. 
    I'm expecting to have to make a new one every couple of years because the aluminum lining is not heavy duty enough to withstand the high temperature of the exhaust pipe. 
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  6. 1wise1 added a post in a topic Magnum Wing Strut Bracket Rivet Pattern   

    FYI guys, I finally found a pdf on the board that will open on my Mac...   Magnum Bracket Rivets.pdf  downloaded it first then just double clicked and it opened.... the way Adobe says they all should ... viola.   
    As you can probably surmise, my success is sometimes measured in less than earth-shaking achievements. 
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  7. 1wise1 added a post in a topic replacement wing tanks!   

    The tanks from Wingtanks dot com look a lot easier than most of the others. But, weight and balance will dictate using 4 tanks, 2 in each wing.
    And that of course means, usable weight is going to take a hit.  
    Mine will be a retro-fit in a 31 year old plane that just started leaking bad enough to ground it. 
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  8. 1wise1 added a post in a topic Avid C 3 view drawing   

    Tried on another computer and the message this time says "the file is damaged and cannot be repaired"... 
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  9. 1wise1 added a post in a topic Avid C 3 view drawing   

    Looks like none of the files marked as pdf. will open.  Adobe's latest program says the file is damaged.. or not recognized. Any chance someone could go through and change all marked as pdf. to something that works?  
    thanks much 
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  10. 1wise1 added a post in a topic Avid Construction Manual   

    Having the same problems as Avid Bob and rampil, none of the files will open three different Mac computers  using 3 different versions of Adobe.  Tried opening from the existing locations and downloading before opening.. same message there is Invalid or missing root object.  Best guess the files were not saved when they were uploaded to the forum and became corrupted.
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