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  1. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic POLYESTER RESIN ???   

    I don't think acetone is that bad for you. I don't think it would be much more than alcohol. I use to hand lay cowlings and hoppers for crop dusters and built seats, RC boats and 18 and 20 foot jet boats. You got your hands wet with resin, there is only one way to really get it off. So we used to wash our hands in it. I can tell you this. I never had a cut get infected the whole time I worked there.
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  2. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Mark IV radiator bushings   

    Worse some to worse,  you can go to the rubber and gasket place and have them cut out. That's what I did with my engine mounts.
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  3. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Turbo Prop Avid   

    Mine holds 28 gallons, so that is two hours with more than a 30 min reserve. I think a belly tank that held another 10 would be feasible.
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  4. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic POLYESTER RESIN ???   

    You are right. Seems they make some variances.  From an MSDS:
    Oatey Purple Primer: Acetone, Cyclohexanone, Tetrahydrofuran, Methyl ethyl ketone
    Oatey Clear Cleaner: Acetone, Cyclohexanone
    Oatey Purple Primer/Cleaner: Acetone, Cyclohexanone
    I have run out of cleaner before though, and poured some straight acetone in the cleaner can and it worked just fine. Yea, that MEK is pretty stout.
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  5. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Turbo Prop Avid   

    Wow!!! I want one!!! And I wouldn't worry about them at low altitude. You'll be hard pressed to find a crop duster that is a recip!
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  6. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Airframe/wing flutter   

    May I ask where you got the new motor mounts? I had my cut at a local rubber shop, after a few hours in the engine they got a little slack in them, so I when back and had some thinner rubber to tighten them up. I would like to have some higher quality mounts. Thanks!
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  7. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Putting a used Experimental back in the air   

    I had to do the same with mine. Flushed the fuel tanks and radiator. Replaced all fuel lines, primer, carb kits, fuel pump kit. new oil lines from the oil pump. The old water drains leaked, so I replaced all of them. Plus new gaskets on the fuel tank fill caps. New thermostat and new coolant. Rebuild the master cylinders and calipers. New rubber motor mounts. Gear drive oil looked great and smelled like it should. All the instrument panel rubbers were rotten, so I replaced those too (and what a PITA!!!). Then I had to replace the hub on my warp drive because the PO hadn't clearance it right and it rubbed a grove in the hub. So I got a new spinner as well.
    After I got it running, I hooked it up to my truck with a couple tow straps and let it run at 75% for 45 min to an hour. Now it has been down for a year, so when I get it back going, I am planning on looking everything over really well and running it on the strap again just to be sure.
    Good luck!
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  8. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic POLYESTER RESIN ???   

    I believe the PVC cleaner is acetone. Or at least what I have used.
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  9. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic New project here   

    Maybe so Ed. My wells pull from the sand veins from the Mississippi River. You can tell the well performance increases when the river his high. Some of the wells that are closer to the river will run water even with the well off!
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  10. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Photobucket is now dead   

    I thought that too when others told me about it. Your time will come from what I see. I have Adblock Plus... They hate it!!
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  11. Fly-n-Low added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Photobucket is now dead
    I try to not run bandwidth up. I was doing what they call "third party hosting" with my photos.  In other words the pictures I posted here are now defunct.
    Just an FYI if anyone is using it. I will be deleting my account. They want me to pay $400 a year to host my photos.. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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  12. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic New project here   

    Wow!!! Most of my wells are 120 to 240'. And have a 10" outlet. Sorry for the bad luck!!!
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  13. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic POLYESTER RESIN ???   

    I had to go look, seems there are still there.
    Aircraft Spruce has it too:
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  14. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Airdale's Bush Gear   

    Progress. I found a local machine shop (50 miles away) and with in 15 minutes he had me fixed up, once I conveyed what I wanted. He has a CNC plasma torch table. He cut out of 1/4" plate the spring locators. I also have him cutting the slots and drilling the holes.
    To further explain why I wanted it light, I told him it was for an airplane. Most people balk! He didn't flinch... Next week I will be putting it together. Lord knows I am ready!!!
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  15. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic POLYESTER RESIN ???   

    Divinycell, klegecell, and ... dammit... I can't remember the other. They are used as structural foam. Once you build a fiberglass box around it, it is bullet proof and very light. Cheap, not so much. You could encapsulate wood. It should be fine. 
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