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  1. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Aileron attachment rib end repair   

    I inspected mine. Checked for rot and sanded on them. Painted them and put the flaperons back on. If it hasn't been out in the weather, it should be fine. I have heard of only two failures that resulted in an incident.
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  2. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Conumdrum..............   

    Thank you. I remember one from years ago. With the lack of the 150s, it makes sense to discontinue I guess.
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  3. Fly-n-Low added a topic in Close Call's and dumb stunts   

    A friend has a small cache of planes. A Champion, a Cessna 150-150, and a Grumman 450 Ag Cat.
    They are all supposed to fly!!!
    The Champion has damage history and has had the wing replaced.
    The 150 is a beater, but is still there. Needs a LOT of TLC!!!
    And the Ag Cat... That is really the one I want to fly!!! LMAO!!!
    What should I offer? 25K?
    I like the 150-150. Anyone know of a conventional gear retro? Seems like I remember one.
    The Champion can go.
    I would like to play with the Ag Cat. Everyone I talk to say they are just big ole babies!!!
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  4. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Done getting bit in the ASS by toe brakes   

    My experience with brakes and tail wheel is the brakes didn't cause the ground loop.
    I was taught "toes off the pedals" during landing. I've had to add brakes with a stiff cross wind, but that was a Citabria with huge pedals.
    My Matco brakes work fine, holds a full throttle run up, even picking up the tail. That's with the small tires though.
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  5. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Rotax 4 cylinder opposed engine   

    nlappos, I wasn't completely damming an engine, more like questioning it and open up a dialog. Like I said, I have seen one make metal locally that wasn't even close to TBO. Thanks for the video though. That clears some things up.
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  6. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Rotax 4 cylinder opposed engine   

    Is it that obvious? No I was serious. I like the motors, it just seems that some of them don't last to TBO. But then like Allen said, maybe it was partially due to owner abuse?
    The new turbo EFI motor is sweet. Not sure I want to bite off that much though.
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  7. Fly-n-Low added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    Rotax 4 cylinder opposed engine
    Seem to be having problems....?
    I loved they developed the engine, but a local guy lost his... Started making metal....???
    And look on YouTube and you'll see plenty of rod spitting.
    NO THANKS!!!
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  8. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Been a while   

    That's great! Nice pictures!!!
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  9. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Flying RC   

    I have one of those too!
    Thanks for the invite BryceKat! They have a get together close to here too, in Monroe. The guys bring their campers (full of planes). So they camp, cook, and drink and act a fool also. The past couple years they have been flying planes with LEDs in the wings and such at night. My friend has one of these:
    Here is my Timber. You can't see it like with the lights in the wings and fuse, but still cool.
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  10. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Conundra of the ancient aviator   

    A friend of mine has Lyme's disease. Another of my FaceBook friends has it also. She gave me this link about mineral balance (for lack of better words) and I thought it may be helpful, although you seem very knowledgeable on this subject.
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  11. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic One blade....   

    I was always told that "physics said" one blade is more efficient. According to the pilot, such is not the case. I would be worried about an unbalance thrust because of he one blade. I know two or more isn't perfect when you take the AOA in to consideration.
    It would make for an interesting conversation piece that is for sure!
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  12. Fly-n-Low added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    One blade....
    I just happened across this looking for a radial air freshener.
    What a contraption!!!
    Oh, here is a link to one of the air fresheners I found if interested.
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  13. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Conundra of the ancient aviator   

    Maybe a blanket or small sleeping bag? I have a few of these lanterns. They are pretty small when they fold up.
    I used to work at a Beech FBO. The KingAirs had a venturi thing on the bottom of the plane that would create a vacuum and disperse the liquid. Like cabin pressure wasn't enough... Anyway it had a tube for the pilot and copilot. Not sure how well it would work with a stick though.
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  14. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Weird idea   

    LOL!!! You didn't watch the video, did you?
    I would rather it saddle on tubes running fore and aft and vertical. I would also rather buck rivets as they are cheaper...
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  15. Fly-n-Low added a post in a topic Weird idea   

    I helped to put a seat in an AgCat once. What a PITA... Anyway, it was like trampoline material. The tubes ran fore and aft for the bottom and vertically for the back. The tubes were spaced out so it was like sitting in a sling of sorts. Very comfortable and cool in the summer heat. They didn't have AC in this one!
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