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  1. flywise added a post in a topic evolution of the old avid Catalina   

    I absolutely agree about the Seamax being great. The only thing on my my avid catalina I prefer compared to the Seamax is the really big luggage compartment (or child seat). There is hardly any space in the Seamax.
    Besides the cruise speed (90 vs 115 Mph) the Catalina and Seamax are nearly identical in performance. Obviously the folding wing Seamax is still expensive (for me at least) at 150'000 USD (2012) a second hand one not below 95-125'000.....A nicely built Catalina with 912s will end up around 35-45'000   
    In my opinion the A5 is a hyped up rich man's heavy toy. The usefull load is small, empty/gross weight too high and rate of climb pathetic (a very well hidden secret number). Another secret is the relatively high stall speed at gross (45-52 Mph vs 37 Mph for Cat/Seam.)...Water take off at gross is crazy long...
    1510Lbs gross for a 100Hp..........really not good weight to power ratio compared to Seamax and Catalina (15,1 vs 12 Lbs/Hp)
    My1/2 cent
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  2. flywise added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    evolution of the old avid Catalina
    Look at this new 2 seat floatplane from France......interesting design features...
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  3. flywise added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    Hey Barry,
    on the airframes alaske website the T3 tail spring lists a weight of 5 Lbs....does that weight include the wheel???
    I would love a T3 but am very limited in weight increase in the tail...
    As it stands now my tailwheel spring (fibreglass) and wheel (6in) is at 3.3Lbs..
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  4. flywise added a post in a topic stretching avid mk4   

    Ha...on my catalina I have the best of all worlds is "stretched", has a light engine and a bigger wing.
    Sorry, just had to brag a bit....
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  5. flywise added a post in a topic New Rotax 670 Install   

    Hey GFRY, we fled europe because of the stupid EASA ......I as an AME could not sign off my own aircraft anymore, just another example of stupidity. Easa has tried to apply airline standards to General aviation...what a failure,  GA now is at a historic low.
    It is my opinion that you should easily and without hassle be able to change engine on an experimental aircraft......that is why they're called that way is it not!!!!
    My 1/2 cent
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  6. flywise added a post in a topic Amperage reading- 912   

    Hey Neloner,
    With your master switch OFF you should see the needle on the zero mark.
    when you switch your master ON you should read a discharge on your gauge (needle showing about 2 amps left of zero). As soon as you have started your engine your needle should go to the positive charge side (right side of zero) and recharge your battery + feed the electric consumers. You will have a higher reading just after starting and when your battery has fully recovered, your reading is going to show the actual electric consumption of the different consumers you have switched on.
    If your alternator or regulator fails you will read a negative value (left of zero) even with engine running.
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  7. flywise added a post in a topic Catalina engine replacement're right there is still a crack.
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  8. flywise added a post in a topic Catalina engine replacement   

    Hey everybody, at last the engine has been unbuttoned and assessed for damage....please remember that I had the Xtra pistons in my engine...
    first the GOOD:
    no piston or valve damage
    crankshaft and bearings good
    pushrods straight.
    THE BAD:
    on one cylinder the piston oil scraper ring was broken and there were bits of the ring in the crankcase....
    one inlet valve had a bit of blow by.
    I was lucky to take the engine down before damage even though it was still going well. Listening to your gut feeling pays off ......
    I found out that the Xtra pistons were problematic. it was reported that oil consumption was high. The piston boss retainer clip is also weak and liable to break. Have no idea if the oil scraper ring broke because of is confirmed it did not break during disassembly....
    Now my engine (912 UL) is going to be fitted with ULS pistons and cylinders and my camshaft will be a high performance type. After that my 80HP will pump out a good 105 Hp but retain good reliability at a reasonable price (~4500 all included)

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  9. flywise added a post in a topic Who’s experimented with spinners?   

    As an AME I was surprised once to find out that on a Cessna C-172 you were NOT allowed to fly without spinner. Indeed the spinner on this aircraft is designed and important for engine cooling...
    On another application like a pusher Long-ez, you can have up to 50 Lbs thrust increase in flight (if my memory's good) by installing an aerodynamically shaped spinner.....It was explained to me that the low pressure area around the prop hub can be greatly increased using this long and pointed spinner....
    Obviously a tractor aircraft benefits from a clean spinner installation (where as little space is left between cowl and spinner and no "step" present) aerodynamically.....don't know by how much though....
    My 1/2 cent

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  10. flywise added a post in a topic CG Excursion   

    One question I have regarding C of G position is : How to determine / what incidence does the extended leading edge have on C of G position. The original C of G is measured on the spar leading extended leading edge is going to change that measurement ( also, does it  change the C of L) ? As I see this the aircraft C of G stays where it is for a specific loading (extended LE same as no extension) but the measurement is going to be the pilot could be outside the envelope thinking he is inside !!!!!!!!
    Let me know your thoughts..I am a bit unsure about this one. It came up because I compared empty aircraft C of G with another Catalina who has extended LE. and all the measurements are quite off compared to mine.......
    P.s Same problem when you do your initial aircraft weighing to find your C of G position
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  11. flywise added a post in a topic New forum category! A place to introduce yourself. Please Post!!   

    Hey guys, I guess it's about time I introduce myself..I have been working in europe and in the african desert as an AME for 25 years and rated on aircrafts such as the B-737 3/4/500, Saab 2000, ATR42/72, Fokker F-50, DHC-6 Twin otter, Pilatus PC-6 porter, Bae 146 / RJ85 series..I probably have forgotten a few. Anyhow I moved to Canada from Switzerland 8 years ago. In Switzerland, I finished an experimental Rutan Long ez and flew it a 100Hrs. Also had this french built wooden 1959 Wassmer WA-40 for a few years.
    The idea of moving to Canada came because of my dream of flying floatplanes, ...hence the avid catalina I have brought back into the air (my wallet shrunk from the crazy idea of owning a Beaver to buying an avid I could just afford ....)
    As a job I do aerial photography using drones but also the Cat....making no money but having a blast...
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  12. flywise added a post in a topic Engine Failure yesterday   

    Hey Fred, I do agree it's expensive....where did you find cheap ones working in fuel? Back when i searched I didn't find any specifically built to withstand permanent immersion in fuel..
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  13. flywise added a post in a topic Engine Failure yesterday   

    Hey Fred, the sensor and indicator/test switch is from these guys
    Very easy to install, no moving can also be fitted inline of a supply line instead of the tank....
    you can see it on the left , left of the trim switch

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  14. flywise added a post in a topic Engine Failure yesterday   

    Same here,
    I have a header tank with a closed vent. This vent is only opened when /if I empty fuel from that header tank so as to refill it...I also aded a infra red low fuel warning system on my header tank which will also tell me if there is any air in it.....
    P.s I only have one main tank going into my header
    My 2 cents
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