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  1. flywise added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Moving wings east to west
    Hey everyone,
    I really am interested in buying a set of Catalina wings but.....they are in Batesville, Indiana. I am on the west coast up in Vancouver. I have inquired about shipping cost and the price is pretty hefty..3400-4200us not including the crates (that is shipping only in usa, not across the border)....Me driving the round trip is a 8-10 days endeavour (1500us fuel+food+ motel etc). Flying in / driving back a rental same price..
    Does anyone have a suggestion or idea in regards of shipping/moving aircraft parts across the US??
    I really appreciate your suggestions at this point
    Cheers, Laurent

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  2. flywise added a post in a topic Elevator trim tab safety   

    Thanks for your input Paul, I checked my trim tab horn after Cowlove had the same happen to him on his Catalina.
    Cheeers, Laurent
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  3. flywise added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    "beefing up / modifying" structures a BAD idea???
    Hi guys,
    I have always wondered how some very talented builders are able to modify primary structures in our light aircrafts....are you all high end aircraft structure designers/engineers??? Have you inputs from Dean Wilson?I have read a good article about this very subject and I would like to have your appreciated comments...
    Everyone who is considering a "beefing up" should read this I believe...
    Cheeers, Laurent
    P.s I would like to ad that this post has absolutely no intention criticizing anyone doing modifications on their birds. I am only trying to figure out if there is / are good ways & tricks to stay safe doing it. 

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  4. flywise added a post in a topic Float install   

    Hi, have  a look here, this has been already discussed on this forum...
    My experience is that the landing gear is a little fragile, especially if you're landing on grass...

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  5. flywise added a post in a topic GRAPHITE/NYLON BUSHINGS ON ALUMINUM?   

    I am wondering if instead of nylon we could use teflon (PTFE) instead? Anyone have experience with this?

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  6. flywise added a post in a topic New Play Toys   

    wow, you really got this figured out well...enjoy it
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  7. flywise added a post in a topic WINGS ON EBAY (???)   

    Hey EDMO, I did notice the tanks in both rh/lh wings. The only trouble is that they're probably fibreglass (not ethanol safe).
    These wings really interest me because I need, at some point, to do my flaperon hangers and also ad a second fuel tank...(I only have one in my Rh wing  )
    Last but not least, as an amphibian floatplane it is very easy to damage the wing or flaperon (docking, heavy sea, trailering etc) at some point....having a spare sounds sweet to me. Only downside is they are very far away...
    From your experience, what would be a fair price for these wings including the flaperons??? 4000 $ us seems a bit steep to me.
    Thank you for your knowledgeable input EDMO
    Cheers, Laurent
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  8. flywise added a post in a topic WINGS ON EBAY (???)   

    Looking at these wings they could very well be avid catalina wings.....same ribs number/spacing, same flaperon hanger number and same wing tip shape......
    Anyone to confirm?
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  9. flywise added a post in a topic My new Avid Magnum Tricycle   

    Hey Brian, first I was going to buy a Avid magnum too because of the "3rd seat" option. I found one on full lotus floats in ontario, had a look and a flight and decided for the Catalina instead. It is quite funny, our choices are the same..just opposite.
    My (Casey's) Catalina is actually 147AB and not yours was one s/n later. Do you know what has happened to your kit? Is it finished now?
    If you wish to discuss in detail the CAT vs Magnum on floats let me know.
    cheeeeers, Laurent
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  10. flywise added a post in a topic My new Avid Magnum Tricycle   

    Hey Brian, that Magnum looks very nice, congratulation. I also have imported an Avid Catalina from the US, went through all the MD-RA procedure. If you need any input don't hesitate to contact me. 
    Also on another note, make sure you install the wing braces (leading edge/spar to lower strut fitting) when you tow your Avid as you could twist/damage the wings otherwise....Look at my braces when I tow mine..
    Call me if you're around Vancouver:)
    Cheeeers, Laurent
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  11. flywise added a post in a topic Catalina 90MPH or bust   

    Hey Jim, here I found an interesting article about drag reduction on an avid flyer. I find crazy that the fuel cap could rob 7% lift.....
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  12. flywise added a post in a topic Radio's and transponder forsale   

    I am interested in your SL40...please let me know how much you'd like. I guess the rack and plug comes with it?
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  13. flywise added a post in a topic Can I get some Catalina and amphibian pics pls?   

    Here we have only 2 Avid Cats.......where are the others?????
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  14. flywise added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    Turboprop Avid flyer/Kitfox
    Besides the missing spinner that really looks exciting.......
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  15. flywise added a post in a topic Catalina 90MPH or bust   

    Hey Cowlove/Jim, 
    I am cruising 75% at 85-90Mph.....when I feed everything I have (100% / 95Hp) I am hitting a wall just below 100Mph and I believe this is due to the high camber wing profile. It doesn't matter what else you do aerodynamically, the wing is the culprit. This I am convinced of after trying hard myself to clean up all the details.
    So if you get rid of the big offensif stuff like the radiator and the canopy I think you'll get between 80-90Mph. But then after doing these mods, I believe you will waste a lot of time and increase weight doing the small improvements (gear doors/tail feather strut fairing etc...)...= no more speed.
    My 2 cents
    P.s really looking forward flying in formation....
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