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  1. flywise added a post in a topic Float install   

    Hi, have  a look here, this has been already discussed on this forum...
    My experience is that the landing gear is a little fragile, especially if you're landing on grass...

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  2. flywise added a post in a topic GRAPHITE/NYLON BUSHINGS ON ALUMINUM?   

    I am wondering if instead of nylon we could use teflon (PTFE) instead? Anyone have experience with this?

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  3. flywise added a post in a topic New Play Toys   

    wow, you really got this figured out well...enjoy it
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  4. flywise added a post in a topic WINGS ON EBAY (???)   

    Hey EDMO, I did notice the tanks in both rh/lh wings. The only trouble is that they're probably fibreglass (not ethanol safe).
    These wings really interest me because I need, at some point, to do my flaperon hangers and also ad a second fuel tank...(I only have one in my Rh wing  )
    Last but not least, as an amphibian floatplane it is very easy to damage the wing or flaperon (docking, heavy sea, trailering etc) at some point....having a spare sounds sweet to me. Only downside is they are very far away...
    From your experience, what would be a fair price for these wings including the flaperons??? 4000 $ us seems a bit steep to me.
    Thank you for your knowledgeable input EDMO
    Cheers, Laurent
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  5. flywise added a post in a topic WINGS ON EBAY (???)   

    Looking at these wings they could very well be avid catalina wings.....same ribs number/spacing, same flaperon hanger number and same wing tip shape......
    Anyone to confirm?
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  6. flywise added a post in a topic My new Avid Magnum Tricycle   

    Hey Brian, first I was going to buy a Avid magnum too because of the "3rd seat" option. I found one on full lotus floats in ontario, had a look and a flight and decided for the Catalina instead. It is quite funny, our choices are the same..just opposite.
    My (Casey's) Catalina is actually 147AB and not yours was one s/n later. Do you know what has happened to your kit? Is it finished now?
    If you wish to discuss in detail the CAT vs Magnum on floats let me know.
    cheeeeers, Laurent
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  7. flywise added a post in a topic My new Avid Magnum Tricycle   

    Hey Brian, that Magnum looks very nice, congratulation. I also have imported an Avid Catalina from the US, went through all the MD-RA procedure. If you need any input don't hesitate to contact me. 
    Also on another note, make sure you install the wing braces (leading edge/spar to lower strut fitting) when you tow your Avid as you could twist/damage the wings otherwise....Look at my braces when I tow mine..
    Call me if you're around Vancouver:)
    Cheeeers, Laurent
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  8. flywise added a post in a topic Catalina 90MPH or bust   

    Hey Jim, here I found an interesting article about drag reduction on an avid flyer. I find crazy that the fuel cap could rob 7% lift.....
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  9. flywise added a post in a topic Radio's and transponder forsale   

    I am interested in your SL40...please let me know how much you'd like. I guess the rack and plug comes with it?
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  10. flywise added a post in a topic Can I get some Catalina and amphibian pics pls?   

    Here we have only 2 Avid Cats.......where are the others?????
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  11. flywise added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    Turboprop Avid flyer/Kitfox
    Besides the missing spinner that really looks exciting.......
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  12. flywise added a post in a topic Catalina 90MPH or bust   

    Hey Cowlove/Jim, 
    I am cruising 75% at 85-90Mph.....when I feed everything I have (100% / 95Hp) I am hitting a wall just below 100Mph and I believe this is due to the high camber wing profile. It doesn't matter what else you do aerodynamically, the wing is the culprit. This I am convinced of after trying hard myself to clean up all the details.
    So if you get rid of the big offensif stuff like the radiator and the canopy I think you'll get between 80-90Mph. But then after doing these mods, I believe you will waste a lot of time and increase weight doing the small improvements (gear doors/tail feather strut fairing etc...)...= no more speed.
    My 2 cents
    P.s really looking forward flying in formation....
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  13. flywise added a post in a topic Thoughts on mounting full lotus sponsons inboard on a Catalina?   

    Well said Jack and I will add my procedure to this vital item....besides having the bilge pump on, when I am ready to take off, I throttle up (about 75%) and rapidly chop the power, then look under the floorboard/seat space if there is any water (cutting the power makes the water rush back forward under your feet if there is any). This simple test is a confirmation there is no water when taking off and also is a safeguard if I were to forget the pump. There has also been a crash of a Seamax M-22 because it had taken on water when beached, on take off pilot forgot to switch on bilge pump, the weight of water in the tail did not allow the pilot to recover. This is deadly..
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  14. flywise added a post in a topic Shop Updates   

    Hey Mark,
    nice progress you have made. There is a little detail on your website I am puzzled about: I am not sure a 100% but I believe the avid picture under the avid MK4 tab is in fact an Avid model "c"....
    Let me know if I am wrong....
    Keep it up, cheers Laurent
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  15. flywise added a post in a topic Can I get some Catalina and amphibian pics pls?   

    You can have a look at my Catalina pictures here.....!AvMw5i-09AkLmURmKBSU8uAlC3IR
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