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  1. flywise added a post in a topic BIG NEWS AGAIN - Avid TurboProp   

    Awesome....only aesthetic detail I don't like is the cowling / spinner junction. It's too big of a gap and size of spinner is not right.
    Totally subjective of course:)
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  2. flywise added a post in a topic Avid Model A Rebuild   

    Hey fillmanw,
    I have installed an electric carb heat on my dual bing carbs..light, easy to install and can be left 'on' without power loss....
    Have a look here carb heat.htm
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  3. flywise added a post in a topic Any one know how Ed is doing?   

    Keep posting will keep you brain from fading and makes us all happy to know you're well & "hanging" on. 
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  4. flywise added a post in a topic Luga Propellers   

    I am really looking forward hearing from you doing your flight testing...
    At last my rebuilt engine is back on the mount..should be ready to start this week and thennnn flying with 20 more horses with my Koolprop

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  5. flywise added a post in a topic Avid Catalina on barnstormers   

    The Catalina is no beauty queen......but this one is infamous with the modified/thicker fuselage sponsons. I wonder why someone would do this......
    I really like the canopy though...
    any ideas???
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  6. flywise added a post in a topic 1986 XT600 Survivor   

    Can I have it.....
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  7. flywise added a post in a topic Long term storage ~ Winterize   

    Hey EDMO, I will not use any killing bait/pesticide as they tend to kill our beautiful owls we enjoy very much.....Also when the rodends die and decompose it releases these raticides in our groundwater..
    I found the mothballs to smell bad enough that the rodends just don't come close without doing any harm....
    I know I am a soft tree got me uncovered
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  8. flywise added a post in a topic Long term storage ~ Winterize   

    Since I had a rat and mice taking my fuselage as living quarters I found that mothballs keeps them away....Never found out how they got into my fuselage as it's an Avid Catalina floatplane....watertight but not mouse tight it seems..go figure.
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  9. flywise added a post in a topic Avid flyer fiberglass molds for sale on barnstormers   

    I've forwarded this info to Mark.....
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  10. flywise added a post in a topic Misc Avid Magnum parts for sale   

    Hey barry, can you give me more info on the wing tip tanks much fuel, how heavy, what material (ethanol safe??)..
    Do you thing I could adapt them to my Catalina wing??
    Thanks, Laurent
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  11. flywise added a post in a topic Can I get some Catalina and amphibian pics pls?   

    I would say, looking at the little info available, it is on the expensive side considering it has a 2 smoke engine (hirth) and has never flown....
    If it has been exceptionally well built (oshkosh winner) with incredible avionics and a nice trailer...maybe. Otherwise I would recommend a price in the 15-18000.
    My 1/2 cent. 
    P.s pictures would be nice....
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  12. flywise added a post in a topic 26” bushwheel ?   

    Hey trent Palmer has some neat vids concerning the bush wheel saga...
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  13. flywise added a post in a topic Flaperons not lined up   

    looking closely at your installation it looks like the flaperon hinges are not installed on the flaperon hangers the same LH/RH wing (holes drilled wrong in the flaperon hangers...). As a result your LH flaperon sits lower than the RH....
    This might also explain the series of washers in the LH linkage to compensate (get the "zero" flaperon setting on both sides).
    Just another thought.
    P.s it looks like your craft needs a real good look over  and TLC before flight...
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  14. flywise added a post in a topic Flaperons not lined up   

    Hey, the first thing I would do is unfold the wings, level the aircraft (fuselage horizontal & wings level) and then measure (use a water level or an electronic angle ind.) under the third rib inboard, the difference Rh/Lh wing incidence. On your Lh wing strut (wing side, rear fitting) there is an eye bolt you can adjust  to increase/decrease incidence of the Lh wing. I suspect it is adjusted wrong (when new, the wings should be adjusted more or less the same)..This adjustment is there mainly to correct stall behaviour (stall wings level without tendency to roll) I understand. The other thing I would do is a symmetry check where you measure from your wing tips to fuselage tail and see if you get the same measurements. Last and not least you can measure the height above ground (level ground) of your wing tips and compare. All this you do when the aircraft is absolutely levelled.
    My 2 cents
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  15. flywise added a post in a topic Solid Lexan Turtle Deck   

    Looks great at an attractive price, thanks for sharing.
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  16. flywise added a post in a topic WTB Floats   

    Wow...1938, these are going to be picking up in value soon being that vintage. Beautiful.
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  17. flywise added a post in a topic Parting out A model Avid STOL wing   

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  18. flywise added a post in a topic Hi from Washington   

    I also fly the catalina. Personally, I found the biggest enemy to be weight. I can only guess but imagine composite or aluminum wings to be way too heavy....
    Also to "invent" a set of wings is not many variables and a lot of static testing.
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  19. flywise added a post in a topic Broken Flaperon pivot point   

    Hey Akflyer,
    I make a distinction between a repair (does not increase original strength) and the UK civil aviation mandatory recommendation to re-inforce the flaperon hangers. wypaul's and yours may work well as a repair but I don't believe it will be stronger than the original. Hope that makes sense...
    Cheeeers & happy flying
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  20. flywise added a post in a topic Broken Flaperon pivot point   

    I would like to share my thought about the repair wypaul has done. It is my point of view and I hope it is going to be taken as a constructive opinion.
    I see the repair as a step backwards because only the end section has been made more "solid" which increases it's rigidity...... it is not linked to the rib's cap strip in any way (and it ends before the rib's cap strip). This as a result will probably make it fail at a lower side load then the original hanger.  The section of the flaperon hanger (where the repair ends and the flaperon hanger goes through the fabric) will concentrate the load going through the flaperon hanger towards the rib. In the official repair you are taking care of the side loads / load path using an angled bracket and you are going further to include the rib's cap strip...that way the load path  is going from the end of the hanger right through the rib.....unlike the "repair" done by wypaul.
    I really do NOT recommend this repair. 
    P.s i hope my write-up makes sense
    My 1/2 cent..
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  21. flywise added a post in a topic Bing 64 carbs   

    I found that for the bing 64 carb you can get the complete gasket (includes diaphragm) kit from BMW at a much nicer price. The only difference I saw between the two carbs are the floats. It is easy to clean and overhaul these Bing carbs. You find plenty of youtube videos online.
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  22. flywise added a post in a topic Selling aircraft/widow's liability   

    I hate these greedy lawyers...all about money, no ethics. Has killed many small industries including GA aircraft makers.
    I have had 11 business ideas and all had to be rejected because of potential liability issues....  Sad world
    My 2 cents
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  23. flywise added a post in a topic Hello from Ontario Canada   

    Welcome Tony,
    we're a tiny bunch from Canada and it's nice to see someone else joining from maple syrup country.
    I am sure you'll find lots to read on this helped me tremendously to learn about the Avid and lots of nice people here's the place to be
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  24. flywise added a post in a topic MKIV Bent elevator control   

    Here the Avid paper for the safety strap install...

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  25. flywise added a post in a topic MKIV Bent elevator control   

    Personally  I would not trust a bent primary flight control rod....could be fine.....or could crack and break!!!!!! You're probably 3 feet under when it does breaks. I had the same thing happen on my catalina. On the catalina Avid recognized this and introduced a safety strap for redundancy (besides the stop), below the picture for you.

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