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  1. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    With the added rudder cord double check your ability to close your wings with the flaperons on.  I got caught with that one.  The original flaperon counterweight position can just clear the original rudder position/cord when closed and couldn't clear with the longer chord (at least one needed to be moved further outboard in my case).
    On the wide body kit you may wish to add supports under the lower lip as it will see a load from the fabric tension and any errant contact during getting in and out of the plane.  I added two tubes on each side (pic below). 

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  2. LSaupe added a post in a topic Model of Matco Brake Caliper?   

    Will give George a shout.  Thanks.
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  3. LSaupe added a topic in Kitfox III   

    Model of Matco Brake Caliper?
    I am on the road and don't have access to my bird, however need to replace (or rebuild) my Matco brake caliper.  Looks awful generic from the outside (I.e. no visible part or model number).  Any of you guys know what model was used in the earlier Kitfoxes?

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  4. LSaupe added a post in a topic Left flaperion hinge failure.   

    Thanks for taking the time to share this experience and the details.  Its means alot to this flying community.  So glad to hear that you and your daughter had a good outcome. 
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  5. LSaupe added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    New Kitfox Build with Rotec
    Saw this on the Kitfox site.  Nice sound to these radials.
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  6. LSaupe added a post in a topic Just some airplane pics   

    Nice work with camera.  Looks like a perfect day.
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  7. LSaupe added a post in a topic Engine Removal / Installation   

    It should be in the Rotax Installation Manual.  I remember seeing it somewhere when I did my build.  It is a smaller number than you might think.
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  8. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 More pics   

    Looks great.  Think you might get her up in this Spring?  For what its worth, these tires seem to like about 4.5 psi.  Anything higher starts to make things a bit bouncy.
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  9. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 2 on barnstormers   

    I know the bird.  It does have airworthiness.  Registered as ELSA.  I have pics I could post as well.  That is a respectable deal on this bird.  I was considering it myself until I ran across our Model III.  She needs a good clean-up, inspection and some cosmetic.  Other than that it is a new bird.  The engine has never been started. I imagine the registration might have expired, but the airworthiness should still be good.  I did see the paperwork in person so I know its there. 
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  10. LSaupe added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Kitfox Lite on Barnstormers
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  11. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 2 on barnstormers   

    Some pics:
    Could make a nice bird with a little TLC.  Would be great to see someone get her in the air.

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  12. LSaupe added a post in a topic tight flapperons   

    One area that can manifest itself with slow response is the bushing areas on the turtle deck.  There can be some flex in the system when not supported by a good fitting set of bushings, especially when combined with slightly stiff flaperons.
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  13. LSaupe added a post in a topic Avid wide/ tall gear install from mark IV on c model   

    As a data point; for the High Wing gear (somewhat similar cabane style), the factory setting is 1.24 degrees of toe out.
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  14. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    I did the same thing.
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  15. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    Are you sure about this (required for structural reasons)?  I have a Kitfox III and the build manual lists the lift strut fairings as optional.

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  16. LSaupe added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    Very clean install.  What kind of trike is that?  Seems like quite a bit of HP for a trike.
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  17. LSaupe added a post in a topic Compass Interference 280 to 310 degrees   

    Thanks for the feedback.  I could have (added another layer), but it showed good calibration with just one.  I calibrated and recorded on the placard deviation card so hopefully are good to go now. 
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  18. LSaupe added a post in a topic Compass Interference 280 to 310 degrees   

    The shield disrupts an errant magnetic field.  It is a thin sheet, 80% or so nickel.  Put it between your compass and the offending field.
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  19. LSaupe added a post in a topic Whirlwind trip to England   

    Fabulous shots!  Enjoy the fly time while you still have it!!
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  20. LSaupe added a post in a topic Compass Interference 280 to 310 degrees   

    I messed around with installing the magnetic shield today.  It did a great job.  But, yep, something on the right side of the bird is messing things up.  Had to move it (the shield) as far right as possible (under the dash) to get an effect, but now have a real nice response around the full range.  Still can't figure what what the source is.  At least I have a band aid for it now.  Had a nice XC flight scheduled for tomorrow, but the airfield has turned into quicksand now that the frost is out.   The deer cant even get across now.  Hopefully better days ahead. 
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  21. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    Any issues with going with medium weight fabric on these birds?  I was warned by a local builder that the small tubing on these birds might not be able to support the extra tension from the heavier fabrics when they shrink.  Any experience one way or the other with this on these airframes?
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  22. LSaupe added a post in a topic 582 Burn Rates   

    Good info, thanks guys!
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  23. LSaupe added a post in a topic Weekend Mods   

    Just now saw these posts, sorry for the delay.  Got this at Amazon after a friend had success with it in his Flightstar.  Nice little unit. It does have an internal fan.  No BTU ratings available unfortunately.  Does a decent job.
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  24. LSaupe added a topic in Two Strokes   

    582 Burn Rates
    For you guys with decent fuel flow meters on a 582, what are you typically seeing for a bur rate at cruise RPM (say 5500 to 5800)?
    Going to be doing some cross country work and want to get a better handle on things.  Most of my flights have been shorter hops and, on average, about 5.0 GPH.
    The book shows more like 5.4 GPH plus, but I don't think I am that high.  Just trying to figure out how conservative the book is.  Understand prop loading  and altitude etc will affect this for a given RPM.
    As a general rule of thumb the carbureted 2 stroke formula is a rough start anyway I guess:  GPH = (Horsepower currently being delivered)/10
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  25. LSaupe added a post in a topic Rotax 582 front cylinder EGT HIGH   

    I might also lean towards a front (PTO) seal. The possibility exists, however, for a seal to leak one way and not the other (i.e. leak in suction and not under pressure - depending on the defect, kinda like a check valve).  Are you running a C box?  If not would he need to remove the gearbox to gain access to a leak area (to verify leakage)?
    1Avidflyer -  neat set-up, would your test communicate pressure to the PTO side of the case given the center seal?  Maybe it will work its way through the rotary valve system (intake manifold)?  Guess you could always leave your exhaust manifold on and let it communicate that way.
    On the intake side, can the rotary valve cover take 3PSID? 
    Other things to look at:  Carb rigging/balance and maybe even prop loading (as an initial mechanical start point, do both throttle slides reach the top of the carb throat at the same time when you go to full throttle?).  Any chance your prop is way under pitched?
    Other leak sources: RV gaskets, oil injection lines and fuel primer lines (if you have them), and cylinder base gasket.
    Its been a while since I have looked at mine, but any other penetrations on the PTO side case that might be leaking (case drain plugs - not sure of these engines have them) and pulse line, connection tubing, and pump diaphragm (though this I believe is on the mag side).
    Isn't 4500 rpm a typical lean spot for these engines (i.e. would it fall back off at a higher RPM)?  Depending on loading, it might not be that far off.
    If you havent yet done it, a compression check warm would be a good idea as well.
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