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  1. LSaupe added a post in a topic Weekend Mods   

    Just now saw these posts, sorry for the delay.  Got this at Amazon after a friend had success with it in his Flightstar.  Nice little unit. It does have an internal fan.  No BTU ratings available unfortunately.  Does a decent job.
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  2. LSaupe added a topic in Two Strokes   

    582 Burn Rates
    For you guys with decent fuel flow meters on a 582, what are you typically seeing for a bur rate at cruise RPM (say 5500 to 5800)?
    Going to be doing some cross country work and want to get a better handle on things.  Most of my flights have been shorter hops and, on average, about 5.0 GPH.
    The book shows more like 5.4 GPH plus, but I don't think I am that high.  Just trying to figure out how conservative the book is.  Understand prop loading  and altitude etc will affect this for a given RPM.
    As a general rule of thumb the carbureted 2 stroke formula is a rough start anyway I guess:  GPH = (Horsepower currently being delivered)/10
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  3. LSaupe added a post in a topic Rotax 582 front cylinder EGT HIGH   

    I might also lean towards a front (PTO) seal. The possibility exists, however, for a seal to leak one way and not the other (i.e. leak in suction and not under pressure - depending on the defect, kinda like a check valve).  Are you running a C box?  If not would he need to remove the gearbox to gain access to a leak area (to verify leakage)?
    1Avidflyer -  neat set-up, would your test communicate pressure to the PTO side of the case given the center seal?  Maybe it will work its way through the rotary valve system (intake manifold)?  Guess you could always leave your exhaust manifold on and let it communicate that way.
    On the intake side, can the rotary valve cover take 3PSID? 
    Other things to look at:  Carb rigging/balance and maybe even prop loading (as an initial mechanical start point, do both throttle slides reach the top of the carb throat at the same time when you go to full throttle?).  Any chance your prop is way under pitched?
    Other leak sources: RV gaskets, oil injection lines and fuel primer lines (if you have them), and cylinder base gasket.
    Its been a while since I have looked at mine, but any other penetrations on the PTO side case that might be leaking (case drain plugs - not sure of these engines have them) and pulse line, connection tubing, and pump diaphragm (though this I believe is on the mag side).
    Isn't 4500 rpm a typical lean spot for these engines (i.e. would it fall back off at a higher RPM)?  Depending on loading, it might not be that far off.
    If you havent yet done it, a compression check warm would be a good idea as well.
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  4. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    Ease of use and fumes are a few of the primary reasons.  We did our wings and tail feathers right in our living room.  Cleans up with water.  Very easy to use and no fumes.
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  5. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    Hi Ed:
    Yes, I used the Stewarts glue on the tape as well.  After that, the brush on Polybrush, then spray on poly brush, then two or three coats of silver, then a coat of white, then three coats of red.  Everything after the Stewarts glue was Polyfiber according to the Poly procedures.  For the Stewarts letter, it might make more sense to have the individual contact them directly as I do not know, as it was intended for me, that it be circulated outside of the intended recipient. I did not keep a record of the costs.  I used lightweight fabric, a few quarts of Stewarts glue and the rest per Aircraft Spruce pricing for the products.
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  6. LSaupe added a post in a topic Compass Interference 280 to 310 degrees   

    Thanks for all the feedback.  The driver here is being able to do XC work sans hand held GPS for my PPL.  The bride tends to keep the 150 in use right now so am trying to enlist the Fox.  Knuckledragger - yep I have moved it around quite a bit with little change. I did receive the magnetic shield material from Spruce so will play with it this weekend a bit.  Or... just not fly on a course 280-310 :o)
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  7. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

  8. LSaupe added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Compass Interference 280 to 310 degrees
    Trying to calibrate my dash mounted compass (above dash).  This thing calibrates fine in all directions other than 280 to 310 degrees (using the adjustment screws).  In that range it is all over the lot (like +/- 20 degrees).  I have tried another compass (different style without compensation mechanism) with the same result (I also moved this around the cockpit with little change).  This is with and without electrical power or engine on or off.  Just something real strong causing an interference.
    Any of you guys run across this?  Maybe the engine magneto/flywheel or starter causing a magnetic field?  I have a 582 with firewall mounted starter.  Just ordered some compass shielding material from Aircraft Spruce to see if I can do anything here.
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  9. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    Those ratefaced bastards!
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  10. LSaupe added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Maintaining Acrylic
    Any recommendations for products to clean plexiglass (acrylics)? I couple I see out there are Plexus  Plastic Cleaner and Clear View (cleaner and polish).

    Any other feedback?

    Plan to use it both on my Kitfox and my wifes 150. She recently picked it up used (1971) and the windshield is like new (not a scratch or blemish to be seen) and I hope to keep it that way.
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  11. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    I used Stewarts system and then finished in Aerothane.  Basically Stewarts glue,... then Polyfiber (pink, silver, white then red aerothane).  Stewart's confirmed it was o.k. to mix the systems (twice, once verbal and once written) before I started.  Nice end result.
    Obviously dont hesitate to give Stewarts a call if you have any concerns.  Great folks out there.
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  12. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    You definetly want the bigger tails surfaces.  I went with a Model 4 rudder and increased the elevator cord.  Wide body kit and model IV doors are also worth the effort.
    Keep an eye on the GW when you start adding mods.  Not a whole lot of room to spare with a 912 if you plan on taking a passenger.
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  13. LSaupe added a post in a topic Chocks and Tie Down   

    My biggest concern is what the shallow vertical angle, trying to resists a horizontal load, imposes on the airframe (and ropes for that matter).  At say 5 degrees, trying to resist a 100 lb horizontal load would impose an 1,100 pound load on the airframe and rope. Just seems like a risk to me. 
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  14. LSaupe added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Chocks and Tie Down
    When you tie down (say overnight at an airport etc.) do you typically chock as well?
    It goes back several years, but I always used to chalk a tied down plane,  At the airports here, no-one chalks a plane once it is tied down.  I guess I am the odd man out here.  Any reason to not chalk?
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  15. LSaupe added a post in a topic EFIS EZ 3.2   

    I like it and am interested as well.  Can you calibrate out compass errors (or at least try to)?  Any dimensions (depth) and weight?  Just a 12V DC hook up?
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  16. LSaupe added a post in a topic Heat Rejection Control   

    The exchanger is an upgrade to the OEM. It is the Merle Williams unit.  Has more surface area than OEM and provides noticeably more cooling capacity in actual operation.
    Lowell at High Wing built the louvers to mate with that exchanger (I sent it to him for a custom fit).  The Louvers used to be part of his standard product offering until he closed up shop last year.  It is controlled via a push-pull cable routed to the cockpit along the coolant lines. When I contacted him last Fall he was amenable to making another set, so I got lucky in that regard.
    Using the High Wing gear as well. I been very impressed with the gears performance (80+ hours now and close to 200 landings in various conditions).  I have seen posts about similar units and spring rates, however no problems on this end.  I do have a lighter unit (Model III with 2 stroke) so that might have some bearing on things.
    Actually, have been very happy with all components I have purchased from both High Wing (electric trim, landing gear and louvers) and Merle Williams.(wide body kit, header tank, door latches and exchanger). 
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  17. LSaupe added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Heat Rejection Control
    Havent been able to fly the Fox much this winter due to snow, however the snow pack has receded enough to get out for a nice flight this morning.  In the Fall I added a heater and airflow control to the radiator (louver kit from HighWing).
    What a difference that made.  Easy now to control temps (and not to mention keeping the heat flowing in the cockpit).

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  18. LSaupe added a post in a topic Quite site   

    Any plans to cross over to the O side?
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  19. LSaupe added a post in a topic Nose Over Tendency   

    Mine stays pretty flat (have the Model III washout).  I get that a little bit though when I start to add flaps.
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  20. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 More pics   

    Looks great.
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  21. LSaupe added a post in a topic Trailering a Avid   

    600 or 650 triple would make sense.
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  22. LSaupe added a post in a topic Trailering a Avid   

    Love the idea!
    Name that sled suspension...Polaris XLT?
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  23. LSaupe added a post in a topic Plans for skis   

    Here is a quick setup on one of the Flightstars in the area.  Pretty simple and works great. 2 old water ski;s and a snowmobile ski.

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  24. LSaupe added a post in a topic Flaperon mixer   

    Here is a good thread.

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  25. LSaupe added a post in a topic Flaperon mixer   

    On my model III build manual the max flap setting is set by the realization of less aileron travel in the mixer.  I would have to look it up, but something like "apply full aileron deflection and pull up the flap lever until the stick moves inboard by "X" inch (or thereabouts).   
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