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  1. LSaupe added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Removing an errant lost screw, inside wing trailing edge
    Real bone-head move by me today.  Long story short I lost a screw I was removing from my fuel tank indicator today.  It is a small stainless screw about 3/8" long (looks to be about an 8-32).  The head diameter is about 1/4".
    It fell down the inboard rib/cord of the wing and came to rest at the inboard trailing edge of the wing.  It is in the aluminum V channel against the inboard rib (lowest possible portion of the wing).
    Problem is, that it is very tough to get to (given the spar and gas tank).  Only about 1/4" gap between the aft spar and lower fabric, and it went by there just fine unfortunately. There is hence only a small rectangle with which to access the area (roughly 1/4" by 1") - the gap under the spar between the inboard rib and gas tank.
    How best to remove?  It has an under-camber wing.
    I don't want to fly with it loose in there.  Headed out of town for a few weeks so trying to come up with ideas to attack it with when I get back.  Anyone run across this before?
    My initial thoughts (in order of presedence and hassle)
    1. Raise the tail of the airplane enough to allow for gravity assist (might need to be a bit high with the under camber wing).
    2. Insert a flexible 1/4" tube with vacuum to try and hold/pull out (not sure what vacuum level/flow I could get out of a 1/4" tube 24" long though)
    3. Try a flexible stick with some sort of glue or adhesive on the end.
    4. Open a hole in the fabric near the screw and repair afterwards.
    5. Find a way to inject some epoxy (possibly down a tube) to bond it in place.
    6. Remove the wing and try to shake it out.
    Any other idea's?
    Larry S.
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  2. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 More pics   

    Yep, at the root end.  Never saw that before.  Maybe they changed it for later models.
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  3. LSaupe added a post in a topic Step 1, build hanger to work on Magnum   

    Beautiful area of the country!
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  4. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 More pics   

    Quick question, the taper on the inside of your flaperons.  Is that a Model 1 thing or did you add that detail for another reason?
    Another quick offering.  I added my flaperon weights per the locations in the Kitfox drawings.  However, I also installed a model IV rudder, which has a deepr cord than the Model III.  And... the counterweights would have met just aft of the model three rudder.  However, I cannot fully close now as they will nut clear the rudder (need to be moved outboard slightly).
    Hopefully you have already done a folding test, but... did want you to be aware of the problem I encountered.  You probably already know this, but flaperon counterweights are still available from Kitfox.  Yours look just as nice though and you got to put the TJay stamp on them!
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  5. LSaupe added a post in a topic New BeLite 2 place   

    The honeycomb aluminum cabin frame looks interesting.
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  6. LSaupe added a post in a topic Final rigging?   

    Also, for what its worth... make sure your aileron bellcrank is on correctly.  I had mine on backwards for a long time before I noticed it.  Functioned just fine (as far as clear travel and range of motion), though opposite control.  The visual on the flaperon is different than an aileron.  I was looking for things to go up when I point the stick that way, and they sure did (just the leading edge vice the trailing edge).  Glad I finally caught it before the first flight.  Several folks had looked at it prior, and like myself, it didn't trigger as incorrect.  Really gave me a pit in my stomach when I saw it.
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  7. LSaupe added a post in a topic Final rigging?   

    I leveled the fuselage for rigging and and set mine at 1.25"" and it worked real nice right out of the gate (though the leveling doesn't really matter for this particular measurement, just a measurement relative to the font spar - I shot mine with a laser against a scale off the front spar).  You can dial things in with the flap lever once you start flying. My final setting after flying a bit was right about 1.0".
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  8. LSaupe added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    New BeLite 2 place
    BeLite is coming out with a two place which appears to have similar characteristics to the Avid/Fox birds.
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  9. LSaupe added a post in a topic ADS-B   

    Still blows my mine that the FAA wants you to fork over 1/3 the cost of your plane just in order to keep doing what you have been doing.  To me, the few tangibles are not worth it.
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  10. LSaupe added a post in a topic ADS-B   

    Thanks for all the feedback.  I am not sure what he is proposing for the install as I am not sure what ADS-B really is yet, so can't talk intelligent on it (something to do with plane separation and vehicle ID).  Other than the sticker shock.  We are using this plane to obtain our PPL so hopefully we can get all this done before 2020.  Up to the bride after that if we dump more money into a device we might only use once or twice a year.
    So... would it be correct that we could still obtain flight following with the old transponder and no ADS-B after the 2020 deadline?
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  11. LSaupe added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    So what do you guys know about the ADS-B requirements showing up (required by 2020)? My wife's bird with need this upgrade on her 150 between now and then.  Our local A&P indicated it will cost between 3-5K for this changeout! Ugh!
    Does that also mean your old Mode C transponder becomes a planter at that time (if you haven't converted... just leave it off)?
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  12. LSaupe added a post in a topic Min RPM to generate spark (582 Rotax)   

    0.016" it is then.  Gonna drop in a new set of plugs before I fly again and see how she goes.   Thanks for all the feedback. 
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  13. LSaupe added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Engine Heaters
    On recommendation from some fellow EAA guys, I bought one of these for my wife's Cessna 150.  I am impressed, it works great.
    Simple and easy to use. We are using the twin hornet for the 150.  Might get one as well for the Kitfox.
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  14. LSaupe added a post in a topic Min RPM to generate spark (582 Rotax)   

    Thanks Larry.
    yep, I have independent toggle switches, vice using the key.  I did disconnect them early on in troubleshooting  however, to take those out of play just in case.  I have seen these hand propped  before so still surprised at the speed I need here.  Follow on starts now will a warm engine and charged battery went fine.  
    We will see what the next cold start brings.  Maybe (hopefully) just a weak battery and thick gearbox oil.
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  15. LSaupe added a topic in Two Strokes   

    Min RPM to generate spark (582 Rotax)
    Had an odd one yesterday.  Snow finally melted down enough to get the bird out (on wheels).  Havent flown it in about a month.  About 15F outside.  Freeflight went well and battery showed its usual 12+ voltage (static).
    Engine spun over fine, though a little slower than normal.  No light off and eventually flooded the engine.  Put the battery on a charger and off to breakfast.  Came back around noon, temps now up around 25F.  Engine spun over a bit faster but still no joy.  No spark indication as well on the Tiny Tach.  Put a spare set up plugs in (originals were wet.)
    Make a long story short, with plugs in the engine and a spare set of good plugs hooked to the plug wires (resting on the heads), I was getting no spark.  Pull one plug from each cylinder to relieve compression (leaving all 4 leads still with plugs installed) results in good spark owing to the faster RPM.  I actually saw this as at spun up at a certain RPM they both came to life.  I had also previously pull off both ignition shut off leads just to be sure of no intermittent groundings.
    Put the plugs back in, charged the battery and still nothin.  Added jumper cables from the car and it fired right up and ran great.
    My understanding is that the ignition system is independent of the aircraft power system, so low voltage during starting should not have an effect is this correct (as would happen during a recoil start)?
    Is there a minimum RPM to generate enough voltage to set the CDI system in motion?  Or.. is what I am seeing some sort of precurser to failure?  
    Are the stators independent on these systems or do both CDI's share the same stator windings?
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  16. LSaupe added a post in a topic Plans for skis   

    Ran across this place and it appears pretty reasonable.  Cut to size as well.
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  17. LSaupe added a post in a topic Plans for skis   

    Dang this stuff is expensive. I will check out those sources. Thanks Guys.  Might be worth the weight penalty to go with the aluminum base and 1/4" or 1/8".
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  18. LSaupe added a post in a topic Plans for skis   

    My plans are calling for 3/8" thick UHMW (8" x 60").  Only sources I can find want a very large quantity order.  Anyone know of a good on-line source for this stuff this thick?  Needs to be this thick for structural reasons.  Either 3/8" or... 1/8" aluminum and 1/4" UHMW (though 1/8" aluminum is HEAVY).
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  19. LSaupe added a post in a topic Plans for skis   

    Love it.  Thanks for posting.
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  20. LSaupe added a post in a topic Kitfox 2,3,or 4 door frames wanted   

    If still needed I have a set of Model III.  I have removed the skins, so they do have a set of drillings on them.
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  21. LSaupe added a post in a topic Plans for skis   

    What does the underside of your ski look like?  Any skegs?  Any issues with making turns on snow (or problems with excessive turning moment on the gear)?
    Any chance to see the rest of your dolly system?  Trying to figure out a good way to get in and out of the hangar.
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  22. LSaupe added a post in a topic Plans for skis   

    Those sure look similar.
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  23. LSaupe added a post in a topic Merry Christmas   

    Merry Christmas All!
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  24. LSaupe added a post in a topic Plans for skis   

    Has any of you actually tried the Acrolite 1300's before (or know someone who has)?  I just ordered a set of plans.  Getting in and out of the hangar with ski's only will then be the next challenge.  We will see how complicated they look once they come in.  Sure do like how the Mangy is set up though.  Slip on roll-through.  Cant get much better than that.
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  25. LSaupe added a post in a topic Cessna 150L   

    Finally got a break in the weather and was able to fly her home yesterday. Great flying airplane, very stable (very good cabin heating on a cold day).  We were given a ride out there in a Cessna 195.  Now that is a neat taildragger!  It garnered a great deal off attention from onlookers when it landed.  
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