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  1. Helping a friend set up his model II (oem bungee gear) and I notice quite a bit of positive camber as it sits on the ground (kinda like an old Farmall Tractor).  Rubber in contact with the surface is closer to each other  (narrower stance) that the rubber on top (wider stance).

    Is this typical?  If so, what is a reasonable acceptable value?  I was thinking the camber should be about zero or maybe slightly negative (similar to my High Wing gear).

  2. You might have already caught it, but your head vent line needs to go as high as possible to preclude any vented gases from getting sucked back into the pump.  Utlumately to get sent out to the expansion tank and vented to atmosphere.



  3. Ran across this add on Barnstormers and thou

    Kitfox 3 912 taildragger

    KITFOX 3 912 TAILDRAGGER • $14,900 • AVAILABLE • Kitfox 3, almost done, all new coverings paint powdercoating widebody bubbledoors needs finishing • Contact James O. Kopf, Owner - located Honeoye Falls, NY USA • Telephone: 5854781625 . • Posted February 5, 2018 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser• Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad

    ght I would pass it along.


  4. How much room do you need to get back?  I know they had a tighter bend (smaller radius) on the connecting elbow to alleviate some of this.  Header length can be important, especially on a tuned exhaust as it can change the power band, so you do need to exercise some caution and sort it out.

    My Model III did not have the reinforcement either.  No problems at 150 hours.  Only significant load might be when braking.  However many folks have accomplished and it is probably good insurance.

    Do you have the side mounting or bottom mounting on your crankcase?   Friend has a Model 2 with original 582 and no issues with exhaust clearance, so maybe if you can get some pics and measurements I can check against it.  My Model 3 was side mounted, but I think his is bottom mounted.

  5. I installed the very same setup.  Worked great and it did safe my bacon once.  Got distracted with some company during preflight (closed my tank valves after initially opening - cant recall why now).   Anyway, the light came on during run up.

    The 2nd tank fitting, aft of the vent fitting, assuming sight glass?


  6. Have any of you been through the BasicMED process of the on-line course and visit to your GP/PCP (or similar)? I will be due this year. My wife avoided the whole thing and went back to our local AME. However that kinda defeats the purpose of what should be a benefit to the new system.

    Wondering if there are any pitfalls to avoid. I have heard of some resistance from GP's wanting to sign that document indicating safe for flight.

  7. Mine was the simple/small EAA tag.  Riveted on the aluminum cover plate under the horizontal stab.  I used a DAR (due to a time crunch), however most around here forgo the cost of a DAR on go with the free option of FAA inspector.  Last I knew they were following the same guidelines with regard to what was needed for a data plate.

  8. Mine worked great.  I added controllable shutters as well to the radiator to keep the temps up in winter.  Meany ATV heater options out there as well on Amazon.  Tried the exhaust wrap thing on a HKS once.  Didn't work too bad wile under full power, but things got cold quick when at partial power and on decent.   Liquid heating works great, especially when you can block the radiator a bit.  Having cockpit control was a nice option.





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  9. Maybe this has already been covered, but I just noticed a great shot of Mangy in the January issue of Sport Aviation Magazine.


    Well deserve tribute to some excellent workmanship!

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