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  1. Looking for an older Kitfox (Model II or III) aluminum backer plate for the prop spinner (the stamped plate that goes between the prop shaft and prop) that the large aluminum spinner attaches to.  If you have one please let me know what it is worth to you. This is an original Kitfox kit supplied item for use with the GSC.

    Friend of mine just picked up a Model II, he has the spinner (loose) but unfortunately he is unable to locate the backer plate and was hoping someone had one laying around there shop/hanger that they were willing to part with.


  2. I am at 6100 static which goes to about 6600 full power on climb.  Might also be worth a tach double check.  I was running a Rotax tach early on and had similar issues. it was reading approx 300 RPM higher (compared to a Tiny Tach).  Ultimately it was a combination of my EGT gauge being off scale high (it was an older analog Westach system) and the went to a temp compensated MGL and no more issues.  Plug color is also key.

    I also added a fuel/air sensor in the exhaust that confirmed I was way rich just as an added measure.

     So scrutiny of both sensors and your plug color may help here.

  3. Chapin, NY (border of VT and NY) had its 50th Anniversary fly in today.  Unfortunately low ceilings and spotty showers put a bit of a damper on things (much lower than normal turnout).

    On the way home I had to divert to Saratoga AIrport due to showers and parked near the Carbon Cubs at the dealership there.  As I was waiting for the rain to clear, I read through the brochures.  Absolutely beautiful works of art those planes are.  But... 200K for similar performance to a 15K Kitfox, geeze.




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  4. Unfortunately I will be offering up our Kitfox III for sale (October).  We have come to the realization that maintaining two birds and two hangars just doesn't make sense anymore (financially and time wise) and the bride prefers the nose wheel and other creature comforts of the C150.

    She currently has 100 trouble free hours (TT engine and airframe) and will have a fresh annual before she goes. 18K and includes trailer. 582 with 68" Ivo 3 blade C box. Located in Broadalbin, NY.

    Some upgrades during the build:
    High Wing LLC bush gear (wider and taller than the OEM and much more stable on the ground) - I love this gear!  High quality, powder coated with aluminum fairings.
    8" Matco pnuematic tailwheel
    Wide Body Kit with Model 4 doors.
    Triple density foam seating
    68" Ivo Prop.  
    Increased elevator cord
    Model 4 Rudder and vertical stab
    Electric elevator trim
    Aerothane Paint (Sante Fe red)
    Two wing tanks (6 gal each with a 2 gallon header tank behind the seat)
    Original Kitfox tow bar (allows you to tow the bird directly behind a vehicle)
    Registered as EAB
    Spare battery
    Kitfox Ski's (though one needs repair - purchased them used that way as a project)
    Cockpit heating
    Belite Angle of Attack Instrument
    Finishing work:
    Got her in the air and still haven't finished a few things (mostly cosmetic)
    * final interior install (side carpeting and rear deck fabric)
    * Control stick grip handles (with integrated push-to-talk radio and trim buttons (current trim is on the dash))
    * Finishing fairings on the lift struts (these are painted, just haven't added them in yet).
    * Forward wing root fairings (need to make these, though have the pattern)
    Wings fold, however this one has a very tight intersection between the flaperons and fuselage when folded (a known snag during the OEM changeover from Model II to Model III).  Wings can easily be folded with flaperons removed however (which takes maybe 30 minutes).  Fine for transport, but too much of a pain if done on a daily basis.  There are options to make this work, however I just didn't have the need and left it as it was.
    Some images as:







  5. Thanks for all the feedback.  No intention to get anyone riled up, but it does appear wording suggests, but does not require, Part 43 appendix D.

    From the above it sounds like Appendix D wording "can" be used as an option (or other similar type wording).  Can do the inspection per Part 43 Part D or something else that is similar. The wording provides the option to substitute with something else in lieu of Part 43.  (per #18 MN KITFOX 2)

    I still see that per FAR 43 applicability that 43 doesn't apply to experimentals (its not a "must" follow), however is a good outline to refer to.

    § 43.1 Applicability.

    (a) Except as provided in paragraphs (b) and (d) of this section, this part prescribes rules governing themaintenancepreventive maintenance, rebuilding, and alteration of any -

    (1) Aircraft having a U.S. airworthiness certificate;

    (2) Foreign-registered civil aircraft used in common carriage or carriage of mail under the provisions of Part 121 or 135 of this chapter; and

    (3) Airframeaircraft engines, propellers, appliances, and component parts of such aircraft.

    (b) This part does not apply to -

    (1) Any aircraft for which the FAA has issued an experimental certificate, unless the FAA has previously issued a different kind of airworthiness certificate for that aircraft;

    (2) Any aircraft for which the FAA has issued an experimental certificate under the provisions of § 21.191(i)(3) of this chapter, and the aircraft was previously issued a special airworthiness certificate in the light-sport category under the provisions of § 21.190 of this chapter; or

    (3) Any aircraft subject to the provisions of part 107 of this chapter.


  6. Actually no A&P on this end.  I am signing off the condition inspection as the builder/repairman. Wasnt sure if there was any specific verbiage required (as is required for the certified birds).

    Yes,  There is a specific verbage, and I think it is in FAR 43 Appendix D, and I don't have a copy here.

    Basically, it says, "I certify that I have inspected this airplane in accordance with FAR43, part D, and have found it to be in condition for safe flight".  That would work, but those are probably not the actual words used by the FAA, and you have to sign it, with your A&P or repairman certificate number and date it. 

    I think everyone should get a copy of that inspection procedure that you can probably download from the FAA site - Do you know the first step required?  It is "washing the airplane", and details each step from there.   Probably, to do a "legal" condition inspection, you would be required to have a copy of this FAR inspection procedure, just as an A&P or IA has to have current FAA/FAR items in his library?   EDMO

    Thanks Ed.  However Part 43 doesnt apply to experimentals.  I can probably use a similar statement per:

  7. I am due for my annual condition inspection.  Last year I sign off the annual on my maintenance log (airframe log).  However, during my PPL checkride I learned that (at least for certified birds) the annual inspections are signed off separately in the engine log and the airframe log.  Anyone know if this separate logging is also required for experimentals as well?