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  1. SMW added a post in a topic Fiberglass or Plastic fuel tanks?   

    Hi Vance, first of all I don't have a finished flying Magnum so there might be more expertise out there. The fiberglass tanks are glued in place and have a couple layers of glass around them which also encapsulates the spars. Therefore they could have a degree of structrual integrity built in for the entire wing. Before I installed my tanks, I did a low pressure check (using a baloon) to see if there were any obvious leaks then did a thorough physical inspection and patched any defect I found. I haven't filled these tanks yet so the jury is still out. To install a bunch of plastic tanks would take a lot of fittings, clamps, and inspection holes. Not knowing the shape or configuration of your tanks makes it difficult to assess. Can you post some photos? Fuel systems can be tricky!
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  2. SMW added a post in a topic Painting the cargo bay   

    I like it! If anyone complains about the paint, just ask to see the airplane they built!! I also noticed the tube in the tail. Looks like a sona tube? How'd you strap it up?
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  3. SMW added a post in a topic Engine mount   

    Ed, I have a Lyc O320 with dynafocal mount. I have a mount from the Cherokee it came from but the magnum mount design is quite different than just about anything else. There's a guy in the midwest that has a conical mount but he won't get back to me. Oh well, like everything else in the building process I'll just deal with it! I have a couple Magnums in the area to get measurments from plus Ron (member) has forwarded a drawing with dimensions. Still would rather find one built though! Thanks
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  4. SMW added a topic in Avid Magnum   

    Engine mount
    Hi guys! Newbie here. Been working on a Magnum kit I aquired a couple years ago. Came with most everything I need except the engine mount. I've read in another thread that Bret does not have the Magnum jigs and tooling. Anyone know where they went or who has access to them? I'm really not looking forward to fabing one myself. Any help would be appreciated!
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