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  1. TJay added a post in a topic Spec House Project   

    ha no Just a house on the golf course hopefully for resale 
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  2. TJay added a topic in "other aircraft your working on"   

    Spec House Project
    For those of you that are wondering why there is not a Kitfox 1 flying around in Iowa this is why. I finally have the time to build a spec house this winter. This is something I have always wanted to do But I am always busy building for others. So Here is the lot my wife and I bought It has a nice view of the golf course. 

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  3. TJay added a post in a topic gray-blue   

    Antifreeze Bypass to help prevent messing up piston and cylinder walls
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  4. TJay added a post in a topic Anyone know anything about car A/C ?   

    If its low on Freon the clutch  not turn on something to look at. Some times you can get a DIY can and start filling it up That should kick the compressor on.
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  5. TJay added a post in a topic KF IV-1200 fer sale at the amazing low price of $20,000   

    There was a Lady on the TKF Site a while back looking for a kitfox 4. Not sure how serious she was.
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  6. TJay added a post in a topic Repaired rib end finishing   

    That weld on the hanger looks cracked?
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  7. TJay added a post in a topic Kitfox Factory Fly-In   

    Thanks for letting us follow you that was really neat.
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  8. TJay added a post in a topic Kitfox Factory Fly-In   

    Looks like Larry Is having a good time, I didn't realize it but if you zoom in on the map you can see the terrain pretty sweet, almost makes a guy Jealous.
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  9. TJay added a post in a topic Whoozit? Orange Kitfox on trailer - 9/8/17 driving I90W   

    Since were asking about stuff like this, the other day I went to the New Lisbon and Mauston Wisconsin Airport fly in  over Labor day weekend and saw a teal blue and pink Kitfox 4 1050 sitting on a trailer but never did find the owner, Was wondering what he had for an engine in that thing, From what I could see it looked like an HKS type? Anybody know who's it is?
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  10. TJay added a post in a topic Starting my kitfox 1 build pictures here   

    Ha gonna be a while, Getting started on a spec house for the winter. Something I have always wanted to do and just always have someone else waiting for me to get there and build them something. This year I said enough I'm building a spec house, So the last couple months I have Been drawing plans buying property paperwork paperwork paperwork and trying to satisfy all customers before I put them on hold for the next 6 months. Should be fun,
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  11. TJay added a post in a topic ? for Whizzers   

    I got a brand new one sitting here would let go for 150 also have a couple fire wall filler necks would sell for 20 bucks a piece let me know.
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  12. TJay added a post in a topic Kitfox Factory Fly-In   

    Very Cool
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  13. TJay added a post in a topic Rotax 912 engine mount for sale .   

    No problem at all
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  14. TJay added a post in a topic New project here   

    Well I just couldn't give up so after weeks of digging drilling and water jetting I finally got what I wanted. She is producing an easy 3 gallons a minute. Pump is keeping up and well is flowing better and better every night. Definitely was harder than I thought it would be but I did save 2500 bucks so was it worth it, Hell yeah it was. Only thing left to do is cement the top few feet of the casing in.  Ok now what should I work on ha.

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