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  1. Well my exwife came down to check on me. Ive had this cough for  3 months now and she insist I go see the doc so I promised her I will. I made my own medicine out 6 crushed  garlic cloves, honey, crushed ginger root, lemon and a cup of vodka. I always feel better and dont cough as much after drinking this mix so I think it is working.....
    I have this old Carhardt jacket that I work in and it looks like worse than what most homeless guys wear so she felt sorry for me and bought me a new one!!!!! She also bought me a new electric range because my old one only had one burner that  worked but that is all I need, only use one burner at a time, anyway I now have this nice new glass top stove...!!!!  hinted about getting married again, but last time cost me over 100K, 2 planes and a house so I am a little gun shy as you might imagine.......but now Im free again to putter away on my planes.
    My plan is to sell the gull and HKS engine and my ridge runner though dont really care if it sells it is such a blast to fly, like a crotch rocket with wings!! and fly my kitfoxIV with 503 until I win the lotto and then get a 912 and    put in it!!!
    Old bush pilot  from Alaska, spent my life living  out of a duffle bag!!