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  1. Newbie wanting to see an Avid or Kitfox in Florida. Mk4 near West Palm Beach if possible. New sport pilot shopping for first plane. Trained in a Technam. Never saw an Avid or Kitfox up close let alone fly in one
  2. I got the engine running today.  The wooden propeller from the 532 wouldn't fit, so I started off with my new 68" Kiev three blade propeller.  The instructions said that the starting point for a 582 should be 11-14, so I set it at 12.  The old 532 Tachometer seems wildly off, so I have connected up a Tiny Tach.  I warmed up the water temperature, increased throttle to get the EGTs up and then pushed it up to wide open throttle, but only got to 3400 RPM.  I am running a 2.58 gear box.  I am not sure if it is the throttle assembly or the propeller that is giving me the issue.  So can anyone provide at least some idea of what pitch should be used?  I tried the test twice and still need to break in the engine.  I am currently running the gas at 100:1 in addition to the oil pump as recommended by Rotax in the 582 installation manual.
  3. Well, I have my 582 to the point where it has all the fluids and I can run the starter.  I hooked up the oil injection and bled the system by removing the bleeder bolt.  I would have thought I could just turn over the engine and I should see oil start to creep up the oil injection lines, but I am not.  Is this a valid test or is the pump slow enough that the engine needs to be running for a bit before I will see oil in the injection lines?
  4. I'm looking for a nice prop for my Avid Flyer C with a 582. "The backwards prop." I'm in California and glad to pay shipping, etc. You guys know what I need! Open to related comments and suggestions.

  5. Post on Finally Got One! in Avid Model C

    By SgtFlyer, posted
    I picked this baby up, locally, near Sacramento. Maybe someone here might even recognize it? Rotax 582. We're at KGOO.

  6. Hi, I just bought an Avid Mark IV with a 582 and am about to make take my first flight.  I've been doing a lot of taxiing since I don't have any tail-wheel time and am comfortable so far.  
    Can anyone tell me what the operating temps should read, CH and water temp?  Also What should my approach speed be for landing and flare?  What is the stall speed?
    The previous owner said he flew by "feel" and never looked at the gauges.  
  7. Here is the inside of one of my engine cylinders, using a TV borescope: 130  hours since new, 42 with 100LL, the rest with Mogas. Comments??

  8. While I'm working on my wings, I sometimes start to think ahead to the engine. Since I'm new to Rotax 2 stokes I've been digging around for information to educate myself. My wrecked project came with the MK4 style cheek radiators. One of them is a bit damaged though, so I'll have to have it repaired or find a new one. The bottom cowl is destroyed, so that will need to be fixed.
    I came across this article though, and it got me thinking:
    It seems to me after reading the report that the single radiator down low like the earlier Avids might be less prone to overheating if you loose a little coolant. The earlier style also seems closer to what Rotax suggests for a layout:

    I really like to looks of this setup:

    What do you guys think?
  9. Hey, I've got a question for the Rotax 2 stroke experts. I'm planning to go look at a project plane with a 582. The oil injector failed. Owner said it turns over. That's about all I know for now. Is it likely that it could be rebuilt? What should I look for? Exhaust is removed. I'm thinking of getting this plane flying for some inexpensive local flying while I work on my other project.
  10. I wasn't sure which forum thread to put this in but since it all seems engine related here it is.
    So, what IS and what ISN'T normal vibration for a 582?
    I'm getting vibs between 3200  -- 5200 rpm. 
    At t/o power all is well and smooth -- engine runs right up to 6400 -- throttle her back to 5800 or 6 and climb out.  Rolling downwind pull her back to 5200 a disconcerting feel in my seat and sound "bump", nother second or 2 *bump*;  that I can feel and hear how I best can describe it.   Mixture? --  Lean or rich (because of improper fuel/oil ratio)?  I'm running the injector and Rotax Rick wants me to add an extra 3.2 ounces per 5 gals to ensure adequate main bearing lube as he puts it.
    Pull back to around 4k and let the nose down to base leg; now I'm getting a tingling in the foot pedals.   Rolling on to base, 3500 rpm and my feet are tingling and the plane is vibrating.
    Is this normal?
    The other factor is the IVO prop.  I hear they can be rough.  I'm thinking I've got 2 distinct problems going on. One ea with the prop and the engine.
    Today at warmup. I did take notice on the ground the vibration is definitely beginning at 3500.
    All you folks running IVO IFA please chime in.
  11. Fresh annual, brand new blue head 582 installed, 115 TTAF.  For more details and photos:

  12. One of the few parts I'm missing to complete my Mdl C FWF project is a thermostat for the Gray Head. I'm reeling from the price tag of $130 + shipping that Lockwood and CPS charges. Is there an alternative? I cannot imagine that these thermostats cost this much unless because I'm looking at "aircraft" parts instead of for a sled.
  13. Sorry for any confusion, I made a mistake in the topic title for the previous listing for this airplane & couldn't seem to edit it. So I'd like to try this again.......
    For your consideration,
    This was a flying aircraft in 2006. It has been stored indoors since then. It is complete and is considered a running project. The Left wing tank leaks. 190.7 hours on airframe & engine. The engine is a Blue Head 582 DCDI. Dual 13 gallon tanks, Cheek radiators, Heavy Hauler wing with heavy lift struts & heavy spars .083", 8.00 X 6 tires and brakes, Dual stick controls, basic panel with compass, airspeed, altimeter, slip, dual EGT, water temp, Tach, hourmeter, & ELT. Empty Weight = 470lbs. Build manual & tow bar are included. This is an excellent project plane that will produce a very nice flying Avid in a short time with little work. Please call or email with any questions. 912-508-4713
    Asking  $ 12,000
    Reasonable offers considered. Trades welcome.

  14. Anyone interested in my Avid C? Needs 0 time gray 582 hung.  330hrs TT bird is complete.
    HH wing
    550 EW
    1150 Gross
    12 gal Wing tanks
    Basic Panel
    Whelen wing tip strobes
    Skis (don't know kind but are the tires on/though design).
    Mdl IV Fuselage (straight non-curved fuselage)
    Cheek radiators
    Flt adjtbl IVO Prop
    Nifty tail mounted tow bar to pull it w/out a trailer
    All logs and build history
    This is a great bird and wish I could keep but a variety of things just came up and I could use the cash.
    $9800 takes it.
    Serious purchase inquiries please. Pics on request.
    Denver, NC
    (quartered at Lincoln Cnty Airport, Lincoln NC)