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  1. I have a problem with vibration on my grey head 582.  It has never run very smooth but recent attempts to dynamically balance my prop lead me to believe I have a rough running engine that needs to be addressed before I can properly balance the prop. My goal is to get it smoothed out at 5800 RPM so I can balance the prop for cruise.  I'm looking for help getting to the bottom of the issue.
    I've tried both a Dynavibe and an ACES ProBalancer and I get average readings of around 0.70 IPS and the phase tends to wander around a bit.  Worse, as I've tried adding test balance weights, the readings don't improve much and certainly don't converge.  The vibration sensor is mounted firmly to the top of the gearbox in vertical orientation using a steel plug threaded into the gearbox vent hole.
    - It can idle between 1600 and 2000 RPM.  The RPM tends to wander and it doesn't purr like a kitten.  I've always thought that with no load due to the clutch at idle it will always be a bit rough, but maybe I'm mistaken.
    - Seems to make good power.  With the ground adjust I can dial in the 6300 static RPM no problem.
    - RPM always seems to wander at a fixed throttle setting.  If I'm targeting 5800 RPM static it can vary from 5730 to 5860.
    - Vibration levels seem to vary over a fairly short time span.
    Engine: 582 model 90, C 3:1 Gearbox, RK400 clutch, oil injected, 105 hours TT, rebuilt by L.E.A.F. about 4 years ago to meet Rotax time limits.
    Carbs: dual Bing54 with HacMan system installed, choke installed and no primer
               everything clean - no debris, newer style floats and proper float level verified, mechanically synced
               idle jets: .45
               currently running .190 main jets with needle clip in 4th position (bottom) HacMan allows me to dial in 1150 EGT at 5800
    Mounts: Side mount system with Lord 150PD-30 replaced 3 years ago and torqued down pretty tight.  The rubber seems pretty pliable because I can easily deflect them up and down by pulling on the prop hub.
    Instruments: MGL E1 monitor for RPM, EGT's and water temp.  Also TinyTach for RPM which tracks the MGL readings.
    Prop: 70" 2 blade IVO medium ground adjust for now, soon to go to IFA.
    Ignition: Standard Ducati CDI.  I do have the ignition wired to an ACS key switch instead of the individual toggles.