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  1. Finally got the half hanger sorted out, lights installed etc, and actually did some work on (removed) the rudder pedals. Floor plywood is starting to crumble due to age and lack of finish. Going to remove all the controls, brace the fuselage sides, reshape/enlarge the tail feathers and build new rudder pedals with proper geometry and re-powdercoat everything, Going to make the tail similar to Av8r3400's and copy his fuselage and rudder pedal mods.
    I want to update the controls and wing to KF4 but every time I talk to KF about it I seem to get the hard sell "buy the whole 4 wing quick-build" instead of these are the parts you need to swap out and this is the cost.  Same thing with the control system. They act like they don't want to sell the parts. I may have to flatten the wing and build a 4 control system the hard way?

  2. Post on Cabin Heat in Avid Model C

    By allonsye, posted
    What the preferred method of cabin heat on the Avids? Radiator or exhaust muff. I have none and I'm seriously thinking of adding mod as I work on my FWF project.
    Now that I think of it, why dosen't the R-582 utilize carb heat - why does it not need it?