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  1. I am in the process off adding a 13 gallon wing tank to my left wing.  I am wondering if it use RTV or Hysol to attach the tank to the spars before fiberglass wrap.
  2. Hello Group,
    I bought a header tank with a little bit more capacity to increase my range, this one has about 15 liters (almost 4 gallons); and I will take the opportunity to replace all the fuel lines, as per inspector recommendation to teflon hose and/or aluminium pipe, I know it more expensive this way, however  I won´t have to deal with fuel lines anymore. Out of sight out of mind! (hopefully).
    I bought all the fittings on ebay, from racing cars fuel lines, AN-6 and so forth. HOWEVER I came across a problem I had and solved in a very CRUDE way, I Don´t know what type of thread the female WING tank fitting is, I bought it from Brett 3 years ago, and forgot to ask, I placed a NPT 3/8 fitting and it always leaked; but I covered it all up with fuel/oil resistance silicone and work ok.
    anybody know what type of thread this whole is?? is a 3/8 but BSP, UNF, ??
    Thanks in advance.