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  1. Post on Grove gear pics in Avid Model IV

    By bbrocke, posted
    I have recently purchased Grove gear from a Kitfox 5. I am installing it on a MK IV. I will have to build the mounting bracket as Grove doesn't sell one.  Can anyone that is willing and able show pictures of the mounting brackets that are being used?
    Thank you. 
  2. Sad story.  I have an Avid Model A that was last flown in 2010.  Rotax 582 with about 350 hours.  A series of storage accidents has left the wings and struts in need of major repair or replacement.  Other needed repairs include new prop, windshield, and tail wheel spring.  I have no storage space or time to repair it. Hate to see it go through another winter outside.  Will accept any reasonable offer, and I can deliver it anywhere on the road system in Alaska.  Currently located in Fairbanks.  I can get you pictures and all log info if you're seriously interested.  Please call or text. 907 3tow too O3twoO.
  3. I heard that Avid might be re-opening....Has anyone heard anything about it? there is a new website
  4. Hello everyone!
    I have bought a partially assembled kit (really mostly done) and have a few questions. What is the difference between the Avid Amphibian and the "Catalina". I have literature that iilustrates the "amphibian" as having no wing floats but downward canted wingtips. Also, it features a "squareish tail".
    My plane however, has "normal" wings (and wing tips) wing mounted "floats" but does not have the rounded, elephant ear like tail and rudder.... (I say this with the utmost respect! Love the "antique" look)
    Any other significant differences? Mine has three fuel tanks, two of 14 gallons in the wings and a central one of 17. (wing tanks not yet plumbed). Manual comes with a bunch of wing drawings, of which I have identified a "speed" wing and a Heavy Hauler. I do not know which one I have!! 
    Please advise, enlighten, illustrate and share.
  5. Post on L.G. bungee blues in Technical tasks

    By Turbo, posted
    I was in the process of replacing my bungees, and thought I'd do a stretch test with the old ones to see how bad they were, and check out the engineering behnd their use as the landing gear springs.  In my stretch test I used a fish scale and tape measure to determine the spring charactrristics, Force vs. Length.  I zip-tied one end and looped the other around the fish scale's hook, then stretched it with a boat winch.  What resulted was a sideways S-shaped curve, showing what anyone who has used a slingshot knows: that a rubber spring eventually stops stretching at some load, even as load is increased.  The Hook's law spring constant is high at the low-force end, but also becomes much higher at the high-force end, and is lower, but slowly increasing in the midrange.  Weird, but likely related to  the molecular structure of rubber.  
    Knowing that a spring's stiffness is inversely proportional to length, I then applied the stretch data to the loop geometry of the Avid's landing gear.  It's convenient that in re-wrapping the bungees, the force required is totally manageable, due to the 7 wraps used.  Of course this means we are applying a preload.  At this point we are stretching the bungees to 132% of their no-load length.  Of greatest interest to me was the realization that the bungees stretch up to 172% of their no-load length.  It is here that the bungees stop stretching, even as force is increased further.  Half of the bungee-centerline wrap distance is 8.5", and with 90" no-load length and 7 wraps (14 strands) each strand's no-ĺoad length is 6.43".  Stetching stops at 172% of no-load length, so full extension should be reached at 3.4", not the 3" prescribed in the build manual!  The safety cable is only there to prevent total collapse, but if it's shorter than full extension, you risk bending &  crimping the thinwall tube under your seat; the tube the bungees wrap around, if you land too hard.  The bungees wouldn't be able to absorb the energy before the merciless cable comes into play!  That cable applies a point load to the tube, not distributed like that of the bungee.  
    So those are the results of my analysis.  Am I nuts?  I'm sure others in the group have thought thru this as well.
    Making up my new bungees, a special thanks is due to Fred, who showed an elegant approach!
  6. HI
    I've got an Avid Flyer MK4 STOL with one leaking wing tank and the other seams to be quite "dirty". I guess the former owner used some ethanol gas ...
    I tryed to contact the new Avid Aircraft or without any answer.
    Do someone knows where I could find new wing tanks ?
    I wonder if I shouldn't build new aluminium tanks (the old one are in fiberglass of course). Do someone did already that ? Do someone have drawings with quotes to build tanks either in fiber or in aluminium ?
  7. This is an assemblage of parts I have collected in the process of rebuilding several Avids. The fuselage is a later model, as it has provisions for a nosewheel. I do not know the history, nor is there paperwork.
    The wings are speedwings, with heavy walled tubing. Everything needs a good cleaning and inspection, but there is enough there to assemble an airplane. One wingtip needs repair. I have the pieces, I just didn't do it as I was considering extending the wings. There will need to be some cutting and fitting done at the horiz stab, and a new set of "v" struts made. That's all the major stuff. There is an engine mount and a rudder. I have the controls. Matco wheels and brakes.
    It is on conventional gear.  I do not have the nose gear hardware. Everything firewall back, $2500. I have too many projects and not nearly enough time to finish them. Time to thin the herd. This is still available as of May 20. I already have two flying Avids, a third about 95% done, and a stretched fuselage heavy hauler waiting to be built. If somebody doesn't get this, my daughter will scrap it when she cleans out my estate.
    Bob McCaa
    Lewistown Pa.  (Aircraft at KRVL)
    717 363 7552

  8. I have a leak in my radiator and having issues finding a place to repair it.  If anyone has a good one for a reasonable price, please let me know.
  9. Getting a new insurance agent, and he had a question I couldn't answer.  Never thought about it actually.  "What is the difference in a Mark 4 and a Bandit?"  We read engines, but my Bandit has neither of the Rotax listed (has Subaru). Is there a simple answer?
  10. FYI.  This was recently passed on to me. I don't know the seller but could be a great deal for someone looking for a very easy to get back to flying Avid HH.
    REDUCED sell price of $10,000.
    In storage with uncovered trailer. 
    possibly not flown since 2001.
    Located in covesville,Va.
    Interested  ?
    Please call  434-996-5820
    1996 Avid Flyer.pdf
  11. I have had several landing gear failures since going to the spring "bush gear". I have been researching the subject and have noted quite a few similar failures of that type gear, all in about the same location and of the same nature, Inward bending of the forward strut leg. I have been reluctant to re enforce that leg for fear of promoting a more serious failure elsewhere. The gear is a Chinese copy of the gear used by Piper from the 1930s onward but the Piper gear does not seem to suffer the same failure. Today I made a cardboard model of the gear geometry and I believe I have located the problem. The bottom anchor bolt for the spring leg on the "bush gear" is fastened to a metal plate welded between the front leg and the axle. When the spring strut is fully extended and bottoms out, or the spring becomes coil bound, that point then becomes a rigid fulcrum with the axle as a lever. The upward motion or the axle is then translated into an inward rotary motion on the front gear leg. The failure always seems to occur at the point halfway between the axle and the fuselage, which makes sense. I have never bent a rear strut, nor the spring strut, always the front one.

    Looking at photographs and real life examples of Piper, Hatz, and Pietenpol gear shows that the anchor point on those gear is at the inboard end of the axle. My model shows a significant difference in the movement of the middle of the forward gear leg when the anchor point is moved to the end of the axle. As a matter of fact, the farther inboard the pivot is, the lesser the rotary movement at the front gear leg center.

    I have yet to figure a force analysis on the gear, but I think i am onto something. I'll post more as I find more.
    On a positive note, my welding is getting better.

    Bob McCaa
  12. So I've watched the old Avid promotional video on YouTube quite a bit.  It clearly states that you can put a 250 lb. person in the back, but then it says ingress is through the turtle deck.  Seriously?!?!  The other problem is, everywhere else I look, they say 150 lb. is the max in the baggage compartment.  I have two small kids that only weigh about 120 lbs. total.  I already tried to buy one magnum off barnstormers but some guy from Canada beat me to it.  I found another that I can try to buy but I'd like to hear from anyone who has flown them or been around them.  Is it significantly narrower in the baggage compartment?  Will it really hold 250 lbs?  What is ingress/egress like getting to the baggage compartment.  Don't get me wrong.  Sometimes my kids seem like baggage, but I'd still like to get them out after an unscheduled stop.
  13. I'm looking for a nice prop for my Avid Flyer C with a 582. "The backwards prop." I'm in California and glad to pay shipping, etc. You guys know what I need! Open to related comments and suggestions.

  14. Post on Finally Got One! in Avid Model C

    By SgtFlyer, posted
    I picked this baby up, locally, near Sacramento. Maybe someone here might even recognize it? Rotax 582. We're at KGOO.

  15. Post on Cg formula in Avid Model C

    By Laurean, posted
    Can anyone provide me the formula for calculating the Cg on the Avid taildragger?
  16. Anyone what model the speedwing and aerobat wing were introduced.  The history that I found here doesn't mention them until model C.  I have a possible B model that appears to have an aerobat wing, it is 23'8" long and undercambered, but it has 18" ribs on it.
  17. Looking for Kitfox or Avid on floats, prefer amphibs. must have airworthy certificate. For tax reasons I need this completed by end of February 2017,  Can also buy plane and floats separately. Please call if you are considering selling. 
    Thank you,
    David Price
  18. Hello all,
    I'm new to the site, great utility, thanks to all!
    I'm looking at an Avid Magnum for float flying is anyone flying one that could shed some light on how well they work, and what kind of floats would work best? I live on the Little Tennessee river so the shorter the take off the better.
    Thank you,
    All the best, David
  19. I'm using a hand-held radio at the moment, but really would like a panel-mounted "real" radio. Panel is rather full, but may could possibly move things around.  Was wondering what some of you are using and how it's mounted.  Any ideas or pics?  The MGL or Microair series look promising, but am unfamiliar with them.  Have King avionics in the Tomahawk, but don't need the certified price in my experimental (thank goodness).
  20. Buying a Avid Bandit with a 100-HP Subaru engine.  Just getting conditional at the moment, so nothing much to write about except superlative workmanship from the builder.  Has very few hours, so wondering if anyone could chime in on performance and/or handling in a similar bird.  Have flown Tomahawk for the past 9 years and will have a bit of a learning curve.
  21. Avid MK IV HH kit with the 16" stretch. I bought this about a year ago. I have purchased a bush landing gear from Brett along with a tail wheel. The short story is I am still building my house and need the money to keep going. Be happy to send photos on request. The kit is located in Goldendale WA. Asking $9,500 or best offer.
  22. To all the Kitfox owners out there, wonder if you could help me or do you know?
    I have an Avid Speedwing Mk 4, the 13 gallon right wing tank (as from the cockpit) has rotted due to ethanol. I see that Kitfox sell ethanol resistant tanks, will a Kitfox tank fit an Avid and if so which model Kitfox?
    Simon  G-BUIR
  23. Have posted this on the Avid Forum As well
    Anyone out there help me out? I have an Avid Speedwing Mk4 UK based. The fuel tank has rotted due to ethanol. I have removed the tank.
    Few questions,
    Does anyone have a spare tank I could buy for shipment to UK, its 13 gallon right wing (looking out when in cockpit). I could pay by Paypal if needed
    Will a Kitfox tank fit an Avid Wing, if so which Kitfox model tank? I see Kitfox have ethanol resistant tanks
    Has anyone made an aluminium tank?
    Many thanks Simon   G-BUIR
  24. Anyone out there help me out? I have an Avid Speedwing Mk4 UK based. The fuel tank has rotted due to ethanol. I have removed the tank.
    Few questions,
    Does anyone have a spare tank I could buy for shipment to UK, its 13 gallon right wing (looking out when in cockpit). I could pay by Paypal if needed
    Will a Kitfox tank fit an Avid Wing, if so which Kitfox model tank? I see Kitfox have ethanol resistant tanks
    Has anyone made an aluminium tank?
    Many thanks Simon   G-BUIR
  25. I already have a Mark IV and just wanted to know the differane's.