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  1. Hi, 
    On post flight I noticed the push pull tube on my nose wheel pedal control was bent.  Upon inspection the tie rod end snapped off in my hand.  
    Looks like the part number is "CLG 20 push-pull tube for nose gear steering" out of my Avid original parts list.
    The threaded portions are AN3 3/16" thread and the entire rod from eye to eye is about 8" with about 1.5" of adjustment in or out.
    The AN3 threads are welded into the tie rod.
    I was hoping this would be as easy as finding a tie rod with 3/16th AN3 threaded ends 6.5" length total and I could just pop the tie rod eye on the ends.
    Looking for GOOD leads to acquire or fabricate this part.
    (I'm aware I can search online.  I know of aircraft spruce. I have a local welder. I plan to email Avid)  
    Looking for some good ideas or leads.