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  1. Getting a new insurance agent, and he had a question I couldn't answer.  Never thought about it actually.  "What is the difference in a Mark 4 and a Bandit?"  We read engines, but my Bandit has neither of the Rotax listed (has Subaru). Is there a simple answer?
  2. Hello, Newbie here in Yakutat. Just bought a bandit, HH wings with a Subaru conversion by Stratus. purchased it a couple months ago and just got it here. while waiting to get it here, Ive been on this sight regularly and finally decided i should join, knowing Id have questions once I got it here. This is a Great site!!!  Just reading previous posts I've found the answers to most of my questions so far... Thanks Herb 
  3. I'm using a hand-held radio at the moment, but really would like a panel-mounted "real" radio. Panel is rather full, but may could possibly move things around.  Was wondering what some of you are using and how it's mounted.  Any ideas or pics?  The MGL or Microair series look promising, but am unfamiliar with them.  Have King avionics in the Tomahawk, but don't need the certified price in my experimental (thank goodness).
  4. Buying a Avid Bandit with a 100-HP Subaru engine.  Just getting conditional at the moment, so nothing much to write about except superlative workmanship from the builder.  Has very few hours, so wondering if anyone could chime in on performance and/or handling in a similar bird.  Have flown Tomahawk for the past 9 years and will have a bit of a learning curve.