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  1. This guy is a great resource for modifications on our birds. He is an amazing professional aerial photographer/video maker (aircraft & drone). Excellent pilot toooo. I highly suggest you watch his other youtube videos......makes me feel so small, it's humbling (I am still trying to make a shake free video after 2 years of trials).
    Enjoy, cheeeers
    This sure looks like an option that could work very well on Avids and Kitfoxes.  Steve Henry is planning it on his latest build...
    This is the same design philosophy I have been thinking about since the Super STOL came out as a way to "bolt on" a similar setup without being a cabine system.
  3. Avid MK IV HH kit with the 16" stretch. I bought this about a year ago. I have purchased a bush landing gear from Brett along with a tail wheel. The short story is I am still building my house and need the money to keep going. Be happy to send photos on request. The kit is located in Goldendale WA. Asking $9,500 or best offer.