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  1. On my way home from the Kitfox Fly-in I started to accumulate a fine mist of oil on my windshield and cowling.  It became apparent it was gear oil and I assumed it was a bad front propeller shaft seal on the C-Gearbox.  I decreased my leg lengths, cleaned up at each stop and added gear oil as necessary.  Made it home to Chicago and pulled the front half of the gearbox to replace the seal.  I realized I didn't have the proper gear puller, wrench and jig to do it myself so I took it into Leading Edge Airfoils for them to do it.  I was surprised this past Monday when they informed me the housing was cracked almost in half.  To their credit, L.E.A.F. didn't charge me even though they disassembled and degreased all the parts.
    Anybody else experience this type of failure?