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  1. Post on Local Avids in Local Fly in's

    By Kanfuso, posted
    Any one fly out of chino or corona or close to so cal.   Want to see a avid up close    Thanks Keith.  
  2. Hi Everyone,
    Well, I just put a down payment on a MK IV, and will be completing my training in it -- at least that is my hope. I got a couple insurance quotes from companies that WILL cover me as 1.5 hr pilot, however there are come caveats: I need 20 hours dual instead of the FAA minumum 15 for the SP ticket (fine, I may need that much anyway), but my instructor needs 250 TT in taildraggers, and 25 hrs TT in exact make and model in order to be covered.
    Now I heard this can be negotiated to a degree, but if they won't budge on these times, I can't just find a 3000 hr tailwheel instructor out here and go flying. I'll need to find a CFI with 250 tt in taildraggers and 25 hrs of time logged in an Avid/Kitfox. (I'm sure Kitfox time could be negotiated to count since they're so similar to Avids)
    Anyone know of a CFI in Southern California that meets these requirements? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  3. I posted this on the Avid Yahoo forum, but wanted to put it out to our Kitfox brethren too since we all basically represent the same family of aircraft.
    For anyone near southern California looking for an excuse to fly your Avid or Kitfox,
    here's info for the upcoming Flabob Low and Slow Fly In, with food, planes and
    fun events. There is a (meager) website for registration and meal signups here:

    Let's see how many Avids and Kitfoxes we can get out there on short notice. Maybe we can put
    on a good turnout for the type. You can't get much lower or slower than the Avid or Kitfox!
    Be sure to go to the link and register so that they know how many meals to plan for.


    Flabob L-n-S.pdf