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  1. Hey everyone...
    I am in need of some help/advice with my Cat.....I have been busy getting my Catalina flying and trimmed out properly. On my last flight I experienced what I think is wing flutter (no vibrations in stick) while doing some benign maneuvering in cruise ( calm air, flying level,cruise pwr and banking right/left 20deg keeping my heading and compensating adverse yaw with rudder....then it suddenly airframe shook like crazy). Chopping the power straight away and slowing down got rid of the vibrations.
    Engine run smoothly and prop has been checked for play and damage...all good.
    I checked everything else I could (flaperon balance weights, play, trim tab, rigging, engine mounts, wing, flight control play ...etc) and found four items...
    1. engine mounts are a bit soft and old
    2. flaperon balance weights need 100gr more weight to be slightly nose heavy (I don't get the trailing edge to lift the required 1/4 in)..
    3. when I move the flaperon from full down to full up, my rib ends move a bit
    4. Found out in my Cat there is no spar stiffener installed inside the spars!!!! I am not sure but I believe the spar stiffeners have to be fitted as per plan?? Do you have spar stiffeners?
    I would really appreciate your precious input, best regards, Laurent