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  1. Decided to pack my Avid up and bring it home from the aerodrome for the winter to upgrade the landing gear and replace the glass - 2nd Friday eve this past Sep, model C HH, But the grey head had other ideas about allowing the aircraft be transported home whole as I attempted to burn off some fuel.  It quit cold after take off right about over the #'s of the opposite end of the 3500' strip I operate from.  I constantly practice for such a scenario, in fact, on this t/o, I  steered left and parallel to the runway to  allow space for an emergency landing.  Man o man, when the shit hits the fan at no more than several 100' above the gnd, configured for climb and suddenly needing to be configured for best glide, not to mention executing the turn which added it's own equation of complexity  - oh yeah, it gets better -- the pucker factor is off the chart!  Rather than continue straight on to the tall yet to be harvested corn in front of me, shredding the aircraft and likely involving LEO and possibly the feds and the wretched media, I opted to  keep it on the field and executed the impossible turn - to  the right (as I had allowed for this) in hopes of making the clear grassy area west side of runway (I'd departed on 24).  Well, I made it just a little over 90 deg before finding myself in stall and failing to deploy flaperons ( which likely would have ameliorated my rapidly deteriorating situation), down I went striking hard (flat and  level  thankfully) at the end of the runway, collapsing the gear into more pieces than it originally was as I slid sideways into the grass.  I was fine and  in amazement as I gazed left and right at either tires up against the door glass.  I was uninjured, not a scratch, though in some shock for quite a few weeks in fact  I've been worse off in the several m/c low-sides I've experienced.  No one else involved that fall evening but I was very lucky a buddy who rushed to assist me fold it up and winch it on it's trailer picked up his phone straightaway, and we got it out of site within a couple of hours. 
    I was going to replace gear anyways,  2 of the 3 IVO blades are toast, left longeron between gear mount tabs is bent  as well as the aft vert doorway section bent outwards outwards. Nothing else wrong that i can find.  Cowl is good; wings unscathed but for abraded wing tip during move.  It essentially needs to have fuselage bends straightened or spliced, new gear, new belly radiator and new IVO blades for the IFA hub and new tires as far as I can see thus far anyways. I have an extra IVO assy.
    I can't for the life of me figure out what happened.  I have compression, it was feeding fuel and oil.  It's as though I cut the ignition off.  75 SMOH.  "Have you figured out what happened to the rotax"?  It's the first question from everyone.  It sucks not having the answer.
    I've appreciated chatting up with several of you here about parts for sale and kicking around ideas but I've not decided what I'll do with it yet; do I want to put more money into this bird?....... or, sell whole, part out, trade, rebuild...............  I'm not afraid of the 2-smoke, but I just don't get the same warm and fuzzy I do behind a 4-stroke.  I love the little plane though, it carries out my missions very well.  Though it would be nice to have something a little more roomy.  For the time being, I've set it aside - on the far side of my shop.
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    By KFfan, posted
    I don't want to fly one...
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