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  1. Has anyone here found a source for wing strut farings?
    I am referring to where the strut meets the wing.
    I have an under chambered MK4 and find a great amount of turbulence in this area.
  2. Hey Avideers:
    Haven't visited in a long while and would like to direct Avid Flyer owners to a video I have on You Tube.
    There has been much discussion as to how much drag is caused by the under-chambered wing on the Avids. So I did some tests with yarn trails under the wing especially at the front strut connection to the wing.
    As you will see on the video, the yarn tells fly smoothly to the rear on take off at a high angle of attack, but as soo as I start to level out the yarn tells actually turn and face FORWARD. 
    I kludged up a strut to wing fairing and as you will see on the video this minimized the under wing turbulence. I am not that skilled at fabrication so I didn't install them permanently on my Model B or on my current MK4, but am  have yet to put them on my MK4, but may do so soon.
    Also, I need to put the yarn tells all along the underside of the wing to see if this turbulence is just at the strut or all along the wing.
    These tests were done( on my model B which has since been totaled on a back country strip. I now fly a MK4.
    It is quite obvious that proper wing/strut faring would substantially reduce some drag and give a few more nano knots of speed.
    (See You Tube Skypics234 for video)
    Lil' John
    skypics234 at