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  1. I have been wondering if the Avid is easier to handle on the ground than the KF. I have read that KF kept increasing the size of the vertical stabilizer and rudder. 
    One long time owner said he has ground looped twice over the years.. He said that on the landing roll, if the plane starts to swing around you dont have enough rudder and brake to stop it. This was on theKF 1 and 2. I read the 2 and 3 had bigger fins and rudders and the 4 fin and rudder was same at the 3... the later kf had even bigger fins and rudder.. I have seen any  of this kind of changes on the Avid Flyers???
    Does anyone know if the Avid flyer is any easier or docile to land than a kitfox? Had Avid changed or increased the size of the tail feather like Kitfox?????
    Is it worth modifyig the stock vertical stablizer on the KF 2 and make it bigger, wider chord ????
    Inquiring mind wants to know!!
    I just sold my Ridge Runner 1 because it was very difficult to handle on the ground especially on landing roll out....It was so difficult I would not want to land on pavement with it. It was stock and the CG was in limits and everything as it should be, just the MLG was too far forward and the angle was over 20 degrees instead of the standard max of 12 degrees. This would be the angle if you level the plane, and drop a plumb from the CG location and then pull a line from the cg to he axle centerline. 12 degrees is about max more and you will not have enough brake and rudder to control it when it diverges,, The only way I could control the Ridge Runner was land 3 point slow full stall and same on takeoff, keep tail down and lift off 3 point....