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  1. Hi,
    I'm an experienced Army pilot who recently purchased an Avid Flyer Speedwing Model C, Mark 4.  I was contacted by a pair of FAA Inspectors who live in the area and were conducting ramp checks.  The gentlemen approached me while I was in the hanger doing maintenance and inspected me.  They informed me of the following with regards to my Avid Flyer experimental airplane....
    1) As the private/commercial pilot operators with an A&P or Repairman Cert for myself, I am only authorized to conduct basic operator level maintenance on the aircraft.  Such as fluids, tire pressures, and minor adjustments.  
    2) Folding then unfolding the wings requires and writeup and inspection by an A&P in the aircraft logbook.
    3) The builder (who was a private pilot) was required to place his "certificate" (or private pilot) cert # next to his name and signature for the condition inspection done prior to sale to me.  The FAA was going to contact the seller to "educate" him.
    Based on what I've been told by fellow experimental aviators these statements are not accurate.  When the FAA team confronted me with these statements I replied by stating that I understood I was entitled to conduct "all" maintenance so long as the condition inspection is signed off by an A&P annually.  At the time I was replacing some fuel filters and making some adjustments to the nose wheel.  They stood by their statements.  I thanked them for their insight and lived to fly another day.
    Curious what the aviators in this community think about this.