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  1. Hello all.
    I am looking for float rigging plans/drawings for Avid Flyer B or C model. I want to install aluminium Zenair/Czech floats but i don`t have any rigging materials or drawings at all. I think the original rigging specs would suit just fine. The measurements and angles are the important variables to get. Does anyone have anything to share? 
    And one more think, is there any special modifications/reinforcements done one the fuselage when mounting floats?
    Best regards, Anders.

  2. Looking for Kitfox or Avid on floats, prefer amphibs. must have airworthy certificate. For tax reasons I need this completed by end of February 2017,  Can also buy plane and floats separately. Please call if you are considering selling. 
    Thank you,
    David Price
  3. Hello all,
    I'm new to the site, great utility, thanks to all!
    I'm looking at an Avid Magnum for float flying is anyone flying one that could shed some light on how well they work, and what kind of floats would work best? I live on the Little Tennessee river so the shorter the take off the better.
    Thank you,
    All the best, David
  4. I had just a few hours on 1220's (KF2 N389HW) when the 532 dropped on 1 cyl while dad was flying it.  Suffice to say, 532/2 is not enough!  He got wet but was ok, floats were his airbag on a flipover in the water.  Insurance company got the soggy but repairable plane and floats.
    Like many others, I was drawn to FL after akflyer's vids in the shallow marsh and on the sea ice.
    Now I'm looking for a KF 5-7 to put 1450 (1650's?) on and plan to use it in the snow and ice.
    Wondering how your all's experience (or observations) have been on the full lotus durablity, especially on moderately rough ice, crusty snow, and in cold temps (plastic bottom - step damage?)
    Can you operate off of wet grass?
    Can it handle (durability) the same? more? less?  than a skiplane?
  5. MUST SELL!!!!   Been trying on and off for a year and a half, crunch time!   I am moving, it's summer, my bird is still broken.  Someone HAS to want a set of 12'6" Full Lotus type floats for their LSA!   Difference between these and true FL are the aluminum skid plates and step stiffener. (step compression was a major complaint of FL and the low psi bladders)  Was rigged to be mounted on a KF2.  Never mounted on the airframe.  Been mounted in my rafters in a heated pole barn for 2 years.  Had someone back out on me, crates are already built if you want to ship them.  
    Brand new FL 12 footers are 14K.  These have never been used, but have been rigged for install.  Can still read "Alcoa" on the aluminum plates.  Uses FL bladders (made FL a little pissy, thus these aren't made anymore.  LOL)  Plus, besides the addition of the aluminum step stiffener/skid plate, they ARE exact copies of FL.  
    Asking 3500.  I think that's pretty fair, if you don't, MAKE OFFER...  Make offer on dog too, can be included.  LOL
    Greasy Side Down,
  6. All,
    I will be removing the floats on my Avid and putting on the bungee gear, so I can fit it into the garage for the winter. I have watched a video on the procedure for a kitfox. Chain hosted the nose while supporting the tail. 
    What would be the best lifting point on the nose? 
    Any other tips greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks to Jim, and a lot of miles on my truck and trailer, I now have a shiny new (to me at least) pair of Avid floats with the water rudders.  BTW Jim is a great guy, and has a really nice place up there in the northern midwest.  It was a beautiful drive up and back with the fall colors coming to full, but I wouldn't want to be there in January!  Jim is a hardier soul than I am!
    However, I'm fresh out of tubes and hardware to mount them with.  I have the build manual, and it has a lot of pictures so the geometry and general layout are easy, but the only dimension anywhere is that the centerline of the floats should be 68 inches apart.  The tube diameter I can pretty much get from the through tubes on the floats.  I won't know the wall thickness, but if in doubt, I'll just get one thicker than I think I need.  If anyone can give the me the length of any of the mounting tubes, or the distance from the bottom of the fuselage to the top of the floats,  I should be able to figure it out from there.
  8. I have a set of Full Lotus 1260 floats with rigging for KF IV.  $3500  You pick up, I won't ship them. 
    Located in SE Oklahoma. Phone: 580-Five Seven Nine-0289, or email kl7jw at