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  1. I have a Kitfox 1 Model B project that basically complete. 
    I have had all of the frame powder coated. Replaced all of the hardware. I started on the wings. One has a little hanger damage but all of the parts are there. 
    Comes with all parts for the wing repair, aircraft plywood to make the false ribs and trailing edge. New tires. New brake pads. Brs 1050 chute(needs repacked). Has a Rotax 532 with about 400 hours on it. I was planning to have it gone through and run it out for 200 more. There are 2 props, one good and one not. I have all of the windshield material to put new glass on. I have some covering but you will need to purchase more covering and the paint materials. All of the parts are there for the plane. 
    I have a trailer that goes with it.  
    I would like to $6500 but am open to offers. 

  2. Long story short:  The gentleman that I bought my yellow Kitfox from back in '09 had another plane he was working on.  A Kitfox 3.  Johnny pass away a couple of years ago and this project was abandoned.  It is a covered, through poly brush, fuselage and wings, with all of the other parts to complete.  It was set up for a 912, but, unfortunately the engine was sold shortly after his passing.  There is an older, but never run,  grey head 582 with mount that needs rebuilding due to it sitting for many years with the whole thing that can go with the project.
    I will be picking up this project and transporting it to my hangar in the next couple of days to help sell it.  I'm really not interested in parting it out.  We would like to sell the entire collection complete.  I believe most everything is there to complete the plane (less the 912) or convert it to use the 582.
    Mary, Johnny's widow, is motivated to sell it.  We are starting at $7500 for the entire works, but reasonable offers will be accepted.

    I hope to have some more photos of the collection shortly to post here first before it goes up on Barnstormers and other places.
  3. I am considering getting into a KitFox 7.  I have read quite a bit on them, but have never seen one in person or ridden in one.  Wondering if anyone in the vicinity of Texas would be willing to help me out.
  4. Hi Guys, 

    I'm a new member - in the Davis/Woodland California area.

    I've been helping a friend get his Kitfox Model II (Rotax 582) flying and correctly rigged - and having lots of fun flying it too. 

    But with the fun has come a bit of undesired sphincter puckering excitement.

    A couple of weeks ago, the flapperons went into full flutter at ~75mph! Recovered quickly with pulled power and gentle up roll. Yikes.

    I found a lot of slop in the remarkably complex control linkages I could tighten and remove. Additionally, the shoulder bearings on the flappers were not tight and I've fixed that. So far, no more flutter. 

    BUT - 

    On full flaps, I get a uncommanded and _almost_ uncontrollable roll to the left. Almost full right aileron controls the roll, but it does not seem like a condition I would want to approach landing in! Half flaps seems fine with no roll tendency.

    Any insights or suggestions?  

    I did a quick search and have seen that other mention limited roll authority on full flaps, but no mention of uncommanded roll.
    I've also posted this to the TeamKitfox forum - I really need the help.  Sorry if you've seen this twice.

    I look forward to your input.  

    Also - if there are folks around wanting to fly out, get in touch.

    Owen Hughes

    Attached is a picture of the plane:

  5. Trent is trying for 10,000 subscribers for the year.  Let's help him get there! 
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  6. I just removed a nose gear kit from a kitfox model 4. looking to get $800 for the nose gear with wheel and tire and grove main gear mounting brackets. I also have a set of air trac 15 x 6.00 x 6 tires and tubes in great condition i would like $100 for.

  7. I have had several landing gear failures since going to the spring "bush gear". I have been researching the subject and have noted quite a few similar failures of that type gear, all in about the same location and of the same nature, Inward bending of the forward strut leg. I have been reluctant to re enforce that leg for fear of promoting a more serious failure elsewhere. The gear is a Chinese copy of the gear used by Piper from the 1930s onward but the Piper gear does not seem to suffer the same failure. Today I made a cardboard model of the gear geometry and I believe I have located the problem. The bottom anchor bolt for the spring leg on the "bush gear" is fastened to a metal plate welded between the front leg and the axle. When the spring strut is fully extended and bottoms out, or the spring becomes coil bound, that point then becomes a rigid fulcrum with the axle as a lever. The upward motion or the axle is then translated into an inward rotary motion on the front gear leg. The failure always seems to occur at the point halfway between the axle and the fuselage, which makes sense. I have never bent a rear strut, nor the spring strut, always the front one.

    Looking at photographs and real life examples of Piper, Hatz, and Pietenpol gear shows that the anchor point on those gear is at the inboard end of the axle. My model shows a significant difference in the movement of the middle of the forward gear leg when the anchor point is moved to the end of the axle. As a matter of fact, the farther inboard the pivot is, the lesser the rotary movement at the front gear leg center.

    I have yet to figure a force analysis on the gear, but I think i am onto something. I'll post more as I find more.
    On a positive note, my welding is getting better.

    Bob McCaa
  8. Looking for Kitfox or Avid on floats, prefer amphibs. must have airworthy certificate. For tax reasons I need this completed by end of February 2017,  Can also buy plane and floats separately. Please call if you are considering selling. 
    Thank you,
    David Price
  9. Hello all, 
    Just installed some STOLspeed VG's on a Kitfox 4 - 1200 powered by a 912UL and here are some non-scientific numbers that we noted. This is the 4th or 5th set of STOLspeed VG's that we have installed on various aircraft, all with slightly different results, all with mainly positive results. First off, on this one we did the staggered installation which was new to us but since it was tried before we felt lets run with it, especially since it is listed on the STOLspeed webpage under Kitfox. We went as close as possible with the installation instructions as provided on the webpage and here is what changed; All test's flown dual occupancy, app. half fuel at 3000' ASL runway and 4000' ASL circuit elevation, standard day.
    Climb increase 200'/min from 500' to 700'        Cruise increase 3 to 5 mph     approach speed drop (solid feel) by almost 10mph  - unable to power off stall the aircraft with stick all the way back from cruise flight configuration, merely nose nodding at below 40mph through a 5mph up and down motion. WOW!!!    
    ...and than we put on the Horizontal Stabilizer VG's at 30mm intervals and taped the hinge. 
    Lets just say that there was a speed drop in cruise, a heavier feel to the aft stick once flaps are set untrimmed and little to no "positive" change in flare, except maybe a bit of over flare if you were not ever so gentle in your round out and/or deceleration phase. Not sure if I like them or not. Felt good without them and in my opinion taping the hinge, if you really must, probably is all you need. I'd take the faster cruise speed over an over flare on landing, thank you very much, all I am looking for is a nice three point attitude that is holding right until touch down. Maybe a 60mm spacing might be better, in either case more testing is needed. Maybe with a heavier engine up front like a Subie or big Jabi, they may make a bit more difference, but with the 80hp Rotax and the Moment Arm at 12.32 I don't feel they are that much an improvement. Just our experience and two bits. 

  10. Currenlty 99 hours on airframe and rotax 582. Many upgrades, wide bush landing gear and tires, electronic trim tab, airplane specific trailer. Going slow it takes me 10 minutes to transform from on the trailer to ready to fly and vice versa. Folded Length is 238 inches width is 100 inches, fits in most single car garages. I'm 6'1" 160lbs and fit with room to spare. Ground adjustable IVO prop. Dual 13.5 gallon gas tanks which are ok to use ethanol gas in, I have only run ethonal free premium. 527lbs empty, 1050 Gross. Very clean airplane.  The builder and original proud owner of this plane has many posts and pictures from the build on this website, search "High Country" which is his website handle.  $19,000 obo trade for 2007 or newer toyota tundra
    Plane is located in Bigfork MT just outside of Kalispell.


  11. To all the Kitfox owners out there, wonder if you could help me or do you know?
    I have an Avid Speedwing Mk 4, the 13 gallon right wing tank (as from the cockpit) has rotted due to ethanol. I see that Kitfox sell ethanol resistant tanks, will a Kitfox tank fit an Avid and if so which model Kitfox?
    Simon  G-BUIR
  12. Have posted this on the Avid Forum As well
    Anyone out there help me out? I have an Avid Speedwing Mk4 UK based. The fuel tank has rotted due to ethanol. I have removed the tank.
    Few questions,
    Does anyone have a spare tank I could buy for shipment to UK, its 13 gallon right wing (looking out when in cockpit). I could pay by Paypal if needed
    Will a Kitfox tank fit an Avid Wing, if so which Kitfox model tank? I see Kitfox have ethanol resistant tanks
    Has anyone made an aluminium tank?
    Many thanks Simon   G-BUIR
  13. Anyone out there help me out? I have an Avid Speedwing Mk4 UK based. The fuel tank has rotted due to ethanol. I have removed the tank.
    Few questions,
    Does anyone have a spare tank I could buy for shipment to UK, its 13 gallon right wing (looking out when in cockpit). I could pay by Paypal if needed
    Will a Kitfox tank fit an Avid Wing, if so which Kitfox model tank? I see Kitfox have ethanol resistant tanks
    Has anyone made an aluminium tank?
    Many thanks Simon   G-BUIR
  14. MUST SELL!!!!   Been trying on and off for a year and a half, crunch time!   I am moving, it's summer, my bird is still broken.  Someone HAS to want a set of 12'6" Full Lotus type floats for their LSA!   Difference between these and true FL are the aluminum skid plates and step stiffener. (step compression was a major complaint of FL and the low psi bladders)  Was rigged to be mounted on a KF2.  Never mounted on the airframe.  Been mounted in my rafters in a heated pole barn for 2 years.  Had someone back out on me, crates are already built if you want to ship them.  
    Brand new FL 12 footers are 14K.  These have never been used, but have been rigged for install.  Can still read "Alcoa" on the aluminum plates.  Uses FL bladders (made FL a little pissy, thus these aren't made anymore.  LOL)  Plus, besides the addition of the aluminum step stiffener/skid plate, they ARE exact copies of FL.  
    Asking 3500.  I think that's pretty fair, if you don't, MAKE OFFER...  Make offer on dog too, can be included.  LOL
    Greasy Side Down,
  15. All,
    I will be removing the floats on my Avid and putting on the bungee gear, so I can fit it into the garage for the winter. I have watched a video on the procedure for a kitfox. Chain hosted the nose while supporting the tail. 
    What would be the best lifting point on the nose? 
    Any other tips greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi Everyone,
    Well, I just put a down payment on a MK IV, and will be completing my training in it -- at least that is my hope. I got a couple insurance quotes from companies that WILL cover me as 1.5 hr pilot, however there are come caveats: I need 20 hours dual instead of the FAA minumum 15 for the SP ticket (fine, I may need that much anyway), but my instructor needs 250 TT in taildraggers, and 25 hrs TT in exact make and model in order to be covered.
    Now I heard this can be negotiated to a degree, but if they won't budge on these times, I can't just find a 3000 hr tailwheel instructor out here and go flying. I'll need to find a CFI with 250 tt in taildraggers and 25 hrs of time logged in an Avid/Kitfox. (I'm sure Kitfox time could be negotiated to count since they're so similar to Avids)
    Anyone know of a CFI in Southern California that meets these requirements? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  17. Light Sport Aircraft Trailer for sale.  This trailer will haul your Avid Flyer, Kitfox, Zenith, or other Light Sport Aircraft - tail dragger or tricycle gear.  Excellent condition - almost no miles on it.  $2,500.  Located in Northern California.  Contact Lee: 707-743-2448

  18. Decent shape preferably mid to western US. Thanks..
  19. Kitfox Model IV - 1050 Project for sale. 375 hrs TTAF, approx. 213 hrs SMOH on Rotax 582 grey head. I bought this airplane last summer, but it was damaged in transport while I was bringing it home on a trailer. It needs some work before it is airworthy. Needs new fabric, and the longerons on the top of the fuselage behind the turtledeck need to be straightened. I also have a new molded windshield and clear bubble doors from LP Aero and a new clear lexan turtledeck from Kitfox. Has Grove spring gear, tundra tires and skis. Has dual 13 gallon wing tanks. Registered as an Advanced Ultralight (AULA) in Canada. • Contact Randy Engler, Owner - located Sylvan Lake, AB Canada • Telephone: 403-896-0551 - will consider trading up to a flying aircraft.

  20. I posted this on the Avid Yahoo forum, but wanted to put it out to our Kitfox brethren too since we all basically represent the same family of aircraft.
    For anyone near southern California looking for an excuse to fly your Avid or Kitfox,
    here's info for the upcoming Flabob Low and Slow Fly In, with food, planes and
    fun events. There is a (meager) website for registration and meal signups here:

    Let's see how many Avids and Kitfoxes we can get out there on short notice. Maybe we can put
    on a good turnout for the type. You can't get much lower or slower than the Avid or Kitfox!
    Be sure to go to the link and register so that they know how many meals to plan for.


    Flabob L-n-S.pdf