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  1. Since I have recently acquired a 4 kit the 3 kit is on the chopping block. I would keep it for a rainy day but with a 1/2 hangar space is tight. 
    Need to clarify, the Grove gear, the Khar 9mm and the lead shot bags in photo #2 do not go with it and are not for sale., the yellow gear mounted on the fuselage is sold with it. 
    First $7,500 takes it. 
    James 813-210 one one niner six

  2. Hello, 
    Just picked up a pretty much untouched K3 kit #807. I'm the 4th owner. Controls are in the fuselage and that's about it. I plan on a 912, 80 or 100hp whichever I find at the right time. I'll also be going with a Grove gear setup. Planning on the widebody mod, 4 control system, increased area rudder & elevator, electric pitch trim and a glass panel. The covering will be Stewarts glues, Superflite cloth, Airtech primer and likely Aerothane topcoat. This is the same system Ran's uses and Randy's planes always look great. I may just go all waterborne too so who knows right now. Will have a few parts for sale shortly, 13g fiberglass right wing tank, 6g aluminum left wing tank and the bungee gear.