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  1. Folks, an acquaintance has a MkIV Speed Wing kit he bought new in 92.  The only thing that he did on it was paint the fuselage.  No engine but has the 3 blade wooden prop of the time..  Hit me up w/serious inquiry and I'll refer you.  He's not put it on the market yet but definitely wants to sell it.  Asking $6500  Located in Harrisonburg VA.
  2. I've had a soft brake issue which necessitates some speed to get the tailwheel to break over for tight turns.  I got a little impatient the other day and got a little too much speed before slamming on the left brake, causing a right wingtip strike when I tipped as I ran off the side grade of our strip.  It took about 5 seconds for it to finally tip over and bounce back (almost saved it!), but, as you can see, I damaged the last flaperon hinge, slightly bent the flaperon, and damaged the fiberglass/foam in the wingtip.
    I'd just like some suggestions about the least invasive way to repair the damage.  I've uploaded one video and two photos.  I'm guessing it requires opening up the wingtip and replacing the entire rib, but am new to fabric and thought I'd ask the experts.  Thanks for the help guys!  


  3. Anyone out there help me out? I have an Avid Speedwing Mk4 UK based. The fuel tank has rotted due to ethanol. I have removed the tank.
    Few questions,
    Does anyone have a spare tank I could buy for shipment to UK, its 13 gallon right wing (looking out when in cockpit). I could pay by Paypal if needed
    Will a Kitfox tank fit an Avid Wing, if so which Kitfox model tank? I see Kitfox have ethanol resistant tanks
    Has anyone made an aluminium tank?
    Many thanks Simon   G-BUIR
  4. Brand new unused carb for sale. Was going to use for BMW conversion on my Avid but wound up going with a Jabiru 2200 and sold the BMW. Going through my airplane stuff and found this. Bing Model 64, ID# on the web is 64/32/395. Will work good for Jabiru or 912. 
    New price $1,080.  Asking $700 obo.
    250-498-6553 Charlie or