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  1. I have recently acquired a 1989 Avid Model B, N300TG, and its accompanying trailer.  Unfortunately, it had no logs for the airframe or the engine, so if you know anything about this aircraft, or its logs, please feel free to share.  I was told that this plane has not flown in a while, but has been at least regularly run, on a monthly basis, from the current owner.  Obviously the condition inspection was not current.
    I was told that it had a Rotax 503, but when I went to look at it...I noted that it had a radiator....that didn't seem right.  It also had a single ignition, which I was not particularly happy with.  A bit of research later, I determined that this was not a 503, but a 532.  A 1989 aircraft, with a discontinued engine that few Rotax places will touch and around 230 hours on the hobbs.  I wasn't feeling comfortable with this arrangement.
    I have found, and ordered, a Rotax 582 with 8 hours since new and a new Kiev propeller.  I plan on treating everything else like it is out of date, such as the bungees, and catching up on required maintenance based on that thought process.
    Once I get everything up to par, I will get the condition inspection done and start dealing with the FAA, since I can obviously not prove that this aircraft had its 40 hours flown off with the required log book entry.
    The current owner was promised the log books when he bought it, but the previous owner has not come through yet.  The current owner has promised to re-engage with the previous owner in the log book search and I have promised to pay the money that I deducted for their absence if he can produce the logs.  I am cautiously hopeful.
    So I guess you could say that I have a project.
    If I believed in bumper stickers, my one for here should read "My other plane is a Bonanza", so I have included a picture of it as well.
    Looking forward to enjoying the Avid community!!!