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  1. Trying to clean up the shop for more projects; Somebody needs these;
    Set of controls sticks and rudder pedals off "B" Avid set up for cable brakes,
    Set of control sticks and rudder pedals (hydraulic brakes) for a KF 1
    Set of lift struts for a KF I, also horiz stab, elevator, and rudder for KF i also set of tail "V" struts.
    Set of front mount radiators for Avid with brackets. Missing some grommets.
    Top section of KF I fuselage/ front and rear spar carry throughs.
    Gotta move this stuff guys or it's going to the yard.
    Bob McCaa seven one seven/ three six three/ seven five five two
    whizzers /at/ verizon /dot net
    Located in Central Pennsylvania
  2. I am looking for a replacement tailwheel for the one in the picture and potentially a new tailwheel assembly.  I just got this plane and when I got it home I noticed that the tailwheel assembly was not sitting straight, but leaning to one side.  I am guess that someone previously strapped this to the trailer pulled to one side.  Additionally there are some chunks of rubber missing from the wheel itself.  I have read that the Maule tailwheel is either 6 or 6.5 inches, but this one is 5 inches.  I have read about others replacing their tailwheel with a Matco 8" with positive results, but going from 5" to 8" seems like would be asking to land tail first.
    I welcome everyone's ideas and suggestions.