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  1. This is an assemblage of parts I have collected in the process of rebuilding several Avids. The fuselage is a later model, as it has provisions for a nosewheel. I do not know the history, nor is there paperwork.
    The wings are speedwings, with heavy walled tubing. Everything needs a good cleaning and inspection, but there is enough there to assemble an airplane. One wingtip needs repair. I have the pieces, I just didn't do it as I was considering extending the wings. There will need to be some cutting and fitting done at the horiz stab, and a new set of "v" struts made. That's all the major stuff. There is an engine mount and a rudder. I have the controls. Matco wheels and brakes.
    It is on conventional gear.  I do not have the nose gear hardware. Everything firewall back, $2500. I have too many projects and not nearly enough time to finish them. Time to thin the herd. This is still available as of May 20. I already have two flying Avids, a third about 95% done, and a stretched fuselage heavy hauler waiting to be built. If somebody doesn't get this, my daughter will scrap it when she cleans out my estate.
    Bob McCaa
    Lewistown Pa.  (Aircraft at KRVL)
    717 363 7552

  2. Folks, an acquaintance has a MkIV Speed Wing kit he bought new in 92.  The only thing that he did on it was paint the fuselage.  No engine but has the 3 blade wooden prop of the time..  Hit me up w/serious inquiry and I'll refer you.  He's not put it on the market yet but definitely wants to sell it.  Asking $6500  Located in Harrisonburg VA.
  3. Now this is interesting: