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  1. Post on 991CD and me in Kitfox I

    By ppilotmike, posted
    I will use this thread to document my ownership of 991CD, model 1 S/N 207. My intended use for this bird is to quickly get me back in the air so the first round of maintenance will include a very good condition inspection and repair of airworthiness items I find. I also intend to put CD on a diet. The first weight reduction is the removal of the BRS chute system, it is out of date and the webbing looks questionable anyway. Today I removed the interior and the BRS and started looking over the airframe. The first step was a wash job, boy is this plane dirty!

    BRS, rocket/chute container, 22lBS.

    All that remains is some of the webbing.

    I assume this is the infamous "Jesus" bolt. Should I modify the airframe now with another bracket or could I put that off for a winter project?

    This  area of the gear looks a little hillbilly, if you look close you can see where the safety cable has cut right thru the metal doubler inside the airframe, gotta love duct tape repairs!

    As corny as it looks, it seems to have been this way for a while. I think I will leave this for later unless it taxis weird.

    Small hole in the fabric. Having never done any fabric repair, could I leave this for later and can I patch it from the inside?

    Anyone recognize this stamping I am pretty sure it is covered with Stits as there is lots of red, what looks like polybrush inside?

    Every thing looks pretty good in the control system and there is very little slop.

    Small fuel leak, looks like someone has been chasing this before, I have some good sealer that should get me through the flying season.

    Hard to see in this picture but the spars appear to have been sloshed with some kind of primer, maybe zinc chromate. Well thats it for this episode back to work tomorrow. Mike