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  1. In the manual for the mk4 it says flaperon hinges should be at a 50 degree angle off of rib tip. How crucial is this? I would like to mount the hinges closer to 55-60 degrees to get the bolt in the center of the rib like the outboard hung bolt is.
  2. Asked this in the mk4 sub forum as well but didn’t get any responses so I’ll try here. Bought and Avid Champion which is basically a single seat Mk4. It has the same stol/heavy hauler wing as the mk just a little shorter and built with lighter spars. It came with two construction manuals, one for the champion which is pretty vaugue and really only has a few pages of variations about wing construction as opposed to the mk4 and a parts/component breakdown section, and a mk4 manual that I guess you just kind of wing it and use for the rest of the construction. The champion manual may not be complete. Anyhow, my question is this, I’m to the point of mounting the flaperons and rigging everything before tear down and final paint and reassembly and if I go by the mk4 manual it says to level the wings at the rib just inside the jury struts starting with right wing because it has the non adjustable lift strut then the left wing adjusting the heim joint until the left wing is level. At that point you clamp the flaperons in place and adjust the flaperon hinge mount to be at a 50 degree angle off the back of the rib tip. The problem is when I level the wing I expected the doorsill of the plane to be level in relation to the wing but it’s not. With the wings leveled the fuselage has a very nose down attitude and even the motor looks like it has a very pronounced downward thrust line. Is this normal on the avids or should I maybe level off the doorsill instead? When I do level the fuselage versus the wing it looks a lot more like the level flight “stance” I would think the plane would have in flight. Sorry for the long post. I know most guys don’t know much about the champion. I believe there were only about ten built and this one is number nine. Hope someone can help. 
  3. Hello all.
    I am looking for float rigging plans/drawings for Avid Flyer B or C model. I want to install aluminium Zenair/Czech floats but i don`t have any rigging materials or drawings at all. I think the original rigging specs would suit just fine. The measurements and angles are the important variables to get. Does anyone have anything to share? 
    And one more think, is there any special modifications/reinforcements done one the fuselage when mounting floats?
    Best regards, Anders.

  4. Thanks to Jim, and a lot of miles on my truck and trailer, I now have a shiny new (to me at least) pair of Avid floats with the water rudders.  BTW Jim is a great guy, and has a really nice place up there in the northern midwest.  It was a beautiful drive up and back with the fall colors coming to full, but I wouldn't want to be there in January!  Jim is a hardier soul than I am!
    However, I'm fresh out of tubes and hardware to mount them with.  I have the build manual, and it has a lot of pictures so the geometry and general layout are easy, but the only dimension anywhere is that the centerline of the floats should be 68 inches apart.  The tube diameter I can pretty much get from the through tubes on the floats.  I won't know the wall thickness, but if in doubt, I'll just get one thicker than I think I need.  If anyone can give the me the length of any of the mounting tubes, or the distance from the bottom of the fuselage to the top of the floats,  I should be able to figure it out from there.